Greece, Zakynthosle island

This Greek island has several names in the Ionian Sea, and an explanation of a simple. Imagine that the Greek girl first adopted Italians, they would call her Maria. Then Russians Mulius would dill, And the British reeddied to Mary. And this island in different centuries belonged to Venetians, French and British.

But also remember the Russians here. Two hundred years ago Zakynthos entered the republic of seven islands. Despite the name, as if from the "Game of Thrones", it was a completely real state. True, it existed for a long time, from 1800 to 1807.

In general, at the turn of the XVIII-XIX centuries on the Mediterranean, these games of the thrones were played out that there would be better not to come up with any screenwriter. Judge for yourself. Zakynthos in those times belonged to the Venice Republic. In France, the revolution turned randed, Napoleon went to his first hiking. Captured Venice – and the islands in the Ionian Sea also moved away the French. Here in the storyline appear Russian and Ottoman Empire, which after Russian-Turkish wars became allies – and it was friendship against France. Russian squadron under the command of Fyodor Ushakov (Chin Admirals The famous Flotodets received just for this campaign) I knocked out the French with Corfu, Zakynthos and the neighboring islands. There was a Greek Republic with a very democratic at that time by the Constitution, under the Protector of the Turkish Sultan and the Russian Emperor. According to the Tilzit Treaty 1807 France returned their rights to the islands.

At Zakynthos about this story remember. W Church of St. Donia In the capital of the island there is a bronze bust of Fyodor Ushakov – a par grant, by the way, the Orthodox Church to the Famine of Saints. The bust of the Russian admiral was installed at the temple of St. Dionysius in 2013. The inhabitants of Zakynthus had an idea Build a temple with the chapel, consecrated in honor of Ushakov but not yet implemented.

In the Republic of Seven Islands included ITAKA – That island, Where with the adventure returned Odyssey. Homer writes about Zakynthos: the inhabitants of the island fought in the Trojan War, and twenty noble islanders asked for Penelope’s hands in vain, Truly waiting for husband-navigator.

The capital of the island is called Zakynthos. Local residents often say "choir" – in order not to be confused where the city, and where is the island. Choir miniaturn, here Lives less than 10 thousand people.

Central Square of St. Mark, Ayos Marcos, his name recalls about three centuries, when Zakynthus belonged to the Venice Republic. On the square go to church St. Mark and the Museum of the Poet of Dionisos Solomos, the author of the words of the National Anthem of Greece. Comes from Zakynthus. And a tree under which the anthem composed is the most notable exhibit of the museum.

From here it is logical to go to the area named after the same poet of Stomosos, where there is a church of St. Nicholas – Single building in the capital, Built during the Venice Board, in 1561, and established during a powerful earthquake of 1953.

Ayos Nikolaos is built on the money of local shipowners who have asked for St. Nicholas and Protects and Protection in Sea Travel. In the church, at the same time served Dionysius Zakynthos, then another monk.

Right here – Byzantine Museum Zakynthos. If you have a little time to acquaint me with a choy, dedicate it to this that this museum with a very decent collection of icons, paintings and sculptures of the XII-XIX centuries. Especially impressive whole altars, Saved from destroyed earthquakes of temples.

And if the time is a little more, be sure to roll from Solomos Square to Psaron Street. Look for a small shop with Signboard Mantolato Zakynthos: There is guaranteed delicious almond nougat mandolato (traditional island sweetness), hospitable owner and antique coffee grinder for entourage. Here you have another thread, Binding Island with Venice, – In the Italian city, also make mandolato. Almonds, honey, some sugar and egg protein – that’s all the ingredients of Mandolato. Try also Almonds in caramel and a local raisin grade, it is called Corinthian.

And now – along the sea towards the port, in the main capital Temple Ayios Dionisios. Saint Dionysius Zakynthosky – Heavenly Patron Island, Monk and Bishop. He lived 400 more years ago. And wonders, they say, continues to create so far. When they open the silver cancer with the relics of the saint, it turns out that his slippers are all in the sand and earth. For this saint Dionysia nickname walking holy: Like, walks around the island and helps people.

The ancient temple of St. Dionysia was Destroyed during the earthquake of 1953. The current erected in the middle of the 20th century, seismic resistant, beautiful, with a 40-meter bell tower in Venetsian style, luxurious paintings of walls and mosaics. Take a look at the museum at the temple – for magnificent embroidery, rich robes of priests and precious utensils.

Temple Ayios Dionisios – very convenient landmark for tourists. Next to him stop buses going to Laganas, and the bell tower is visible from any end of the city and helps not get lost. Twice a year – August 24 and December 17 – on Zakynthos celebrate the Day of the memory of St. Dionysia: his power is removed from the temple to the procession.

Greece, Zakynthosle island

The Venetian part of the journey in Zakynthum can be continued in the fortress on the hill of Balkhali, from where panoramic views of the capital and the Ionian Sea. In the village of Balkhali, look at the Razi perfumery factory, where they make natural perfumes from growing colors on zakynthere. And you can complete the excursion already on the other edge of the island, the Venetian Tower in the mountain village of Volima. Next to the tower and two ancient village churches Sell ​​olive oil, wine and cheese, and looks all this absolute pastoral.

But enough history and museums. The main attractions for whom on Zakynthos and travel from around the world are still ahead. From the tired Sun village of Volim’s hand to file to The most beautiful beach Islands – maybe Europe: bay Navajo enters all beach ratings and lists. 90% of Zakynthos photos that you will see in Instagram, removed here. Cool cliffs, blue sea, white sand and graphic rusty vehicle. Get to the beach can Only from the sea. There are neither stairs or paths from above, but there is an observation deck, where the beach looks painfully. And next to her – Monastery Ayos Georgios Silnon XVI century.

The history of the ship’s remains is not romantic. In the early 1980s, smugglers brought cigarettes from Turkey to Italy. Night storm thrown out rocky. Miracle none of the sailors suffered. And on the island there was a new attraction, which quickly eclipsed all the ancients.

To date, the Bay of Navoo was investigated in all details Geologists at the University of Athens. In the authorities of Zakynthus there were doubts whether tourists there are at all. It seems that it is impossible to close – the most photographed place on the island. But terrible: in September 2018 A piece of cliff collapsed on the beach. In general, we decided to open the central part of the Bay and the Beach – geologists confirmed that there is absolutely safe. At the edges, closer to the rocks, access is closed.

Another place for which it is worth spending on a maritime excursion – blue caves on the north coast of the island, at Cape Skinari: Limestone arches in sun glare and all shades of blue. Ride a boat and swim from the mask at the blue grottoes skinari better early in the morning – in the dawn rays they are photogenic.

And be sure to visit Laganas – the most crowded and noisy club resort of the island. Generally, at Zakynthus not less than two dozen beaches. The longest – 9-kilometer Laganas, next to which the airport is located. However, the first laganas’s long sandy beach was not at all tourists from all over Europe at all, but Sea naked turtles (They are Loggerhead, or Caretta Caretta) – large, up to meter long, smoothie, comfortable and cartoon. In DNA, the turtles, obviously, the information is incorporated that, of all the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, the best – on Zakynthos: Laganas, Daphny and Gerakas. And it is here that it is necessary to postpone the eggs from which the turtle will hatch.

An important process is happening in season holidays, in summer and autumn. Turtle hatching at night and together run to the sea in the sand. Worry about what: Loggerheads and the whole process of their reproduction are under guardianship Marine National Park. In the tourist center near the beach of Daphne, visitors will tell about Logger Heds in all details.

The beaches of the National Park are open to holidaymakers, but with several conditions: take the garbage with you, not approaching the turtles closer than 15 m, Walking and sunbathing a maximum of 5 m from the surf line, Because further – place for turtle layers. Castles from sand, built by children, before the occurrence of darkness should be destroyed: the turtle will not be able to overcome the obstacles on their first in the life of the path to the sea. And the main rule is leave the beach after sunset. In the dark, the turtles make their most interesting things. Maybe that’s why there is such active nightlife in Laganas – so that tourists also have something to do?

Greece, Zakynthosle island

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