Greek islands

Crete – the cradle of two oldest civilizations, the place of the famous labyrinth.

Corfu (in Greek called Kerkira). Symbol of hospitality. Even Homer Odyssey in Alkina Palace on Corfu had a warm welcome. The monument to the hero Achillu is installed here. Reference of the Venetian period. 19.02.1799 surrendered to Russian paratroopers.F.Ushakov during the Mediterranean campaign. The famous Palace of Achilleia, built by Empress Elizabeth, from the genus of Habsburgs, is now converted into a casino. Children’s years of Gerald Darrell, English Zoo and Writer passed on Corfu.

Paxa and Antipaxi – 2 island with a territory of just 19 km2 with thick subtropical vegetation, prosperous resorts.

Lefkada – Here is the magic port of Catus – one of the best coasts for a simple rest.

Ithaca challenging Lefkada and Kefalonia The right to be called Motherland Odysy. You will be shown here "Grotto Nima", Where Odybe hid his treasure after returning from Feaaki and Monuments of the Mycena.

Kefalonia, which in prehistoric times managed the subjects of Odyssey. In 1744. It was captured by the Russians then by the Turks and the British, who passed Her Greece in 1864.

Zakynthos, which Homer called "woodist". Received the current name by the name of the son of King Troy Dardan, founded the city in 1500 g. to N.NS. Today here is the most significant place of reproduction of the sea turtle. And in antiquity, the first silver coin VII in Greece has shown here in Greece. to N.NS., depicting the sea turtle. Also famous for blue caves.

Caitera – famous in antiquity cult Aphrodite. The island is included in T.N. "Eptanis", T.E. 7 islands, along with Corfu, Paxa, Lefkada, Ithaca, Zakyntos and Kefalonia. In Starina, the Phoenicians got a pearl. In the Middle Ages, there was a base of pirates, later – the Venetian fortress, preserved to the present day.

Alonisos – the only inhabited island in the ensemble of the Marine Park. Marine caves on the island are the last refuge of the sea seal in the Mediterranean Sea.

Skopelos – famous place of reference in the Byzantine Empire.

EVBEY, lying on the strongest tidal and tidal flow in Evinos, is famous for its 3rd place in the world in hot springs (28-78C), which were used by the Roman emperors Sulla Adrian, Mark Azeri and the Byzantine emperors Konstantin, legalized Christianity, and Feodosius. On the island was also a school of one of the disciples of Plato. Here is the church complex of St.John Russian, the soldier of the army of Peter I, who affected the faith in Turkish captivity.

Skiros – a former pirate nest, then one of the best citades of the Aegean Sea, used by the Byzantines and Venetians, today is famous for its carnivals (in March-April), the predictive Great Post to Easter.

Islands in Attica

Salamin, was busy with Athenians in 600 g. to N.NS. At the insistence of Solon, and during wars with Persians served as a refuge in the residents of Athens. In 480 g. to N.NS. The famous sea battle occurred in the Salaminian Strait, in which the Greeks defeated many times superior to Persians.

Eagina was the first table / Icea of ​​Greece after the revolution 1821. Famous for the temple of Athens Afiah 5 V to N.NS., The best-mandatory temple, preserved in Greece. the name of his aneagina received by the name of the girl in which Zeus fell in love, kidnapped and brought here.

Poros of Slary Monastery of Panatia and the ruins of the temple of Poseidon.

Idra is just a find for the artist. Port, spread by the amphitheater on the slope of a mountain, replete with marine taverns, restaurants, souvenir shops. VC. XIX B. Fleet Idra was the main sea force of Greece. With XV B. The island settled Albanians.

Keos where, by menandra verses "There is between Keostsev custom beautiful, fania: bad should not live, who does not live well!" With these words, the ancient keosters took place in the bloody years.

Syros, which Homer called "Sirinin", And now the island is called "Nymph of the Aegean Sea". In antiquity there was a observatory, called "Heliotrope".

Milos, previously called Melos. From here, secretly stole and taken to Paris a finded statue of Venus Milos. Here are the most significant catacombs of early Christians (1 V.NS.), after Roman. Represent a labyrinth of 294 rooms decorated with frescoes. Also known a phapafranga phasmagoric cave.

Paros – marble produced here, the great masters of Eldlaces used to create their masterpieces, today decorating many museums of the world. Here was born sculptor scas, author "Melame" and poet satir archives. On the island there is a village titled "Cave Nymph" And the ruins of the temple of Asclepia. In 1937. The island was captured by the Turkish Admiral Warvaris, which to sell the entire population into slavery and on the galleys, and from children did Yanychar. It is also famous, also rocks in Kombitres, an unusual form resembling modernist shapes on the sand.

Nakhcos was known for the marble deposit. During the war with Paros, the poet of archives. The main city of island – typical medieval architecture. In 1207 g. The island seized Venetian Mark Sanudos and assigned herself the title of Duke Naxossky, becoming cruel tyrant. Today Naxos is famous for a special citrus drink "Kilotrako".

Tinos, to which from Mykonos is only half an hour on the ferry. Center of the Greek Orthodox Church. Known also buildings of dovers who have no analogues in the world. It is famous for its flowering laure – unexpected decoration of golden sands.

Mykonos – the famous world importance resort, which was visited by Jane Foundation with Terner Terner, Jacqueline Kennedy Maineis, Claudia Cardinal, Valentino, Thierry Mweler and others. Robert Ladlam chose Mykonos one of the places of action in his famous thriller "Conspiracy Aquitaine".

IOS on which you can see the gravestone Homer.

Dilos – famous Delow of antiquity. The birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, the former "Floating island", Wear from Sicily and stopped by Poseidon at the request of Zeus. Czyodnia Dilos is a huge cluster of the ruins of antiquity, which remained from time when the detachments were a religious, artistic and shopping center of the Ellinism era.

Greek islands

Santorin – volcanic eruption on this island in 1450 g. to N.NS. split it into parts and destroyed civilization on the island of Crete. Jacques-Yves Kusto and other scientists believe that it was Santorin that is a mysterious Atlantis, which is beginning to confirm the finds made on the island in recent years. The first name of the island in antiquity was "Callist", What means "Parest". The current name is from a distorted pronunciation by foreign sailors "Sant Rini" (St.Irina).

Amorgos – one of the most beautiful islands of the Aegean Sea. Here with the Byzantine times there is a female monastery "The appearance of Our Lady" With miraculous icon.

Thassos – Fully green island, the large archaeological museum in the open sky, on this island, the former constant apple of discord between Athens and Sparta, was born a polygnot artist who was committed, in the opinion of the theofora, a coup in painting. Tasos named after the Son Poseidon, the Phoenician Tsar.

Samotraki – Motherland of the famous statue of the Nickie Samofraki, adorning Louvre. The island is known to the waterfalls of the Fonih River, which translated from Greek means "murderer".

Lesbos, called Mitilina, was the birthplace of Pittak, one of the 7 wise men of antiquity and Tirana voluntarily refused to power. Thanks to living here, the poetess sapof we know and lesbian love. On Lesbos is the warmest natural source of mineral water in Europe, and in Yerez there is a unique miracle of nature – "Petrified forest". In g. Mitilene is developed sea parachut.

Chios – produces chewing gum in Greece, and famous for its wine. Black day in the history of chica was 10.03. 1822., When the Turks staged a bloody massacre among the local population. This event was dedicated to his picture "Massanie on Chios" (now in the Louvre) French artist Eugene Deauworkrud.

Ikaria – on behalf of Ikara, Grandfather’s Son. Beautiful pine groves and medicinal dirt.

Samos when tyranana polycrat had his fleet, minted his coin and conducted water pipes in VI to BC.NS. Pythagoras was born here, the author of the notorious "Pants". Today is popular with a winery, open to visit tourists, where grapes are varieties "Muscatel" Make famous selfish wine.

Patmos – place of reference during the time of ancient Rome. Being in exile, Evangelist John wrote here the famous "Apocalypse". Collection of ancient manuscripts on Patmos famous worldwide.

Kalimnos, where the best lips of sponges in the world. Races are held on boats of sponge catcher almost to the shores of Africa.

Kos – in the coastal waters of which fishermen caught a tripod with the inscription: "Mudsee" and belonging to Elena, the culprit of the Trojan War. Chasty rulers of the braid, choosing Prakkitel Aphrodite from two statues preferred dressed nude. In the sanctuary, the great doctors of Eldlant – Hippocrat, Praksagore and Gerond worked. Here is the famous Hippocratic Platan – an older tree in Europe, girth of 12 meters.

Rhodes rose from the sea as a gift from Appolon and received his wife’s name. The island has been populated in Neolithic era, but he became famous for his colossus, one of the 7 wonders of the world. Also one of the famous 7 wise men, Kleobul, was Tyran Linda on Rhodes. Solar island was built on the project of the famous architect of antiquity of the hypothe approved.N. "Hippodamov grid". Was in the middle of a century by the island of crusaders-temples and knights.John. The Palace of the Grand Master has survived to this day. The island is famous for its alley of butterflies, where thousands of butterflies are fluttered at the same time (from June to August), as well as deer delivered here for the extermination of snakes.

Karpathos, where late spring is held a celebration of horses of beep and locals under the sounds of folk music invite all guests of the island to the tables.

Greek islands

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