Green Bursa, or Turkey, where in the summer cool

What is the city of Bursa than good, why go there, getting on the cross?

Winter – yes. Here on Mount Uludag famous ski resort. But in the summer – is not better at sea, to Antalya, in Kemer? Few people know that the summer is wonderful – beautiful mountains, cool and fresh herbs. In addition, the Bursa Turk is not just a city, but more. This is a shrine.

To get into the Bursa from Russia, to fly some way or another will have to Istanbul: From the major cities of the country, it is located to the Bursa closer, and there is no international airport in the city.

In turn, Istanbul for Bursa can be left in different ways: by air, land and sea.

The first option (flight in Bursa by local airlines). Whether it is necessary to lay out $ 55-70 for a ticket in order to save time at airports? Another option is suitable in case of bad weather in the Marmara. When a comfortable double-decker bus, departing from any bus station of the Turkish metropolis, crosses the bridge over the Bosphorus, are heard cheering nonsmoking passengers the lower salon and smoking top. So all foreigners travelers. Despite the different attitude to the warning of the hazard of smoking for health, suldishly give out the feelings in the transition of the border between Europe and Asia. Route to Bursa continues to the detour of the Marmara Sea. Such a trip is convenient, reliable, but somewhat tightened.

However, if the sea is calm, there is nothing better than the third option. Here you have to remind you that Bursa is located in some distance from the Marmara. And although the trip is not a purely sea, but rather, combined. It in itself a pleasant stay, a real holiday for the eyes and soul. You need to get to the port of Yalov. Again in Istanbul there is a choice. When traveling to Bursa on a rented car or bus one, you need to use the ferry departing from Yarnikapi Maritime Station. The ship follows in Yalov (the road takes about one and a half hours), then the vehicles delivered there continue their own way to destination item.

Even more interesting to go on a trip without cars, with its own way. To do this, there is a cult place in Istanbul, famous in the novels of Agatha Christie and Yana Flemming. This is a huge Sirkeggi Terminal, which is simultaneously rail, sea and bus station. Hence the famous departed "Eastern Express", whose passengers at different times were Erkul Poirot and James Bond. With the schedule of sending ships, buses, trains, not only at the station, but also in tourist information offices. Caverny employees who own the main European languages ​​will necessarily help solve the problems that have arisen and will give a map of the right city or region. Naturally, all services are free.

The route of the vessel comes from Sirkeggi to Yalov, it turns out a little longer than from Ynicap. First, the ship passes the Bosphorus strait, and in the Marmara Sea, in addition it makes a stop on the printed islands. As a result, the journey to the destination takes about two and a half hours. But the princesses of the island – enough generous compensation for an hour of the path.

The archipelago consists of nine islands. The vessel stops only the four largest and inhabited. Once only fishermen lived here, monks and reference aristocrats of royal blood. from which, by the way, is the name of the islands. But today, thanks to its remoteness from Istanbul, the islands attract many holidaymakers. There is no vehicle, one horse crews.

Popular resort is famous for top-class hotels, villas, restaurants and clubs. Gorgeous beaches, green hills, swords and crowned with ancient Byzantine monasteries, pure healing air complement the picture of this wonderful place.

Parking on the islands ended, and our way continues. So Yalova. Travel to it from Sirkeggi Station is not at all roads, about $ 3.5.

Between Yalova and Bursa Great bus service. The bus in Turkey is generally very popular. Bus routes of various transport companies permeate the whole country from north to south and from west to east, tying together city and villages, mountains and plains. Convenient, fast, comfortable and fairly cheap.

In Yalov, buses on Bursa will wait for passengers directly at the port, at the maritime station.

A long-distance bus in an hour arrives at the bus station Bursa. But 10 km remains to the city. From here, already on the city bus (or taxi), each traveler goes to the right place. Ticket price, as an ordinary city route, approximately Holdollar. 15-20 minutes drive through the speed highway – and here is our goal.

The whole trip from Sirkeggi Station in Istanbul to the center of Bursa did not exceed $ 7 at the cost and took the time not more than four hours.

A few more words on an important topic about toilets. In Turkey, they are everywhere, as a rule, paid. Exception – Toilets at airports. The cost of visits varies ranging from $ 0.12 to $ 0.33.

What is the city of Bursa than good, why did you have to get there? Whether it was not better to hate to Antalya? For the Turk of Bursa is not just a city, but more. This is a shrine. And it is quite another attitude. Let’s look at the city by their eyes without closing your.

The first impression is usually the most sharp and sure. Trust Him. An old well-kept city, drowning in greenery, spread out at the foot of Mount Uludag. That very much that in antiquity was called Olympus Vhyphic. According to legend, with her vertices, the gods were watched with interest in the course of the Trojan War and helped one one, then the other side. Uludag is a whole mountain system. Not in vain in translation from the Turkish name means "big, holy mountain". In the second century BC.NS. The foot of the Holy Mountain was laid the city of Prus. Then his name was transformed into Brus and Bursa. Turks in Word "Bursa" Make an emphasis on the last syllable.

This city was read at all times. From 1326 to 1453 (up to the capture of the Turks of Constantinople) Bursa was the first capital of the young Ottoman state. Here are outstanding monuments of early Ottoman architecture. Bursa is the cradle of modern Turkey, its source.

Uludag, whose height is 2543m. From December to April is covered with snow. This is the largest ski resort of countries with developed infrastructure. But few of the foreigners know that in the summer in these places is wonderful, not worse. than winter. With overgrown with dense forest, the mountains carries a cooling breeze cool. Therefore, the climate in the city is dry and soft, there is no wet heat, like on the coast.

It is impossible to resist the temptation to climb somewhere higher to the mountain. From bursa to ski center 23 km on endless serpentine, squeezing uludag tight rings. The cableway carries to the slope of all those wishing to enjoy mining beauty and panorama bursa. Intermediate station is located at 1250 m, the top – 1635 m. At the first stop, the summer is the picturesque curtains and the bright carpet of the Alpine meadows, where the well-groomed cows graze. At the second stop, the beginning of spring and other types: huge boulders, dark fir, under the legs of some fog, then you understand that it is clouds. Flowers, flowers, flowers – everywhere different. This beauty is an open call to Switzerland!

Green Bursa, or Turkey, where in the summer cool

About service. A 10-15 minute walk from the cable car stations are hotels. Pension and T.NS. If you want to eat (and in the mountains it is often required), take in a restaurant meat, chicken, vegetables and head towards the brazier. All the work – a little place on the grill slices of raw meat with tomatoes, peppers and remove them in time to avoid scorched. A real treat that is best washed down with ayran (diluted yogurt salted). The local yogurt – a single song. Taste, texture, aroma, but what to say! Now about the prices: there and back to the upper station – 5.7 dollar, to an intermediate half the price.

Summer tourists in Bursa bit. Come by bus from Istanbul on the day and in the evening leave. But in my opinion, Bursa is necessary to devote at least a week to get to know at least the main attractions of the city. These include rare works of early Christian art, and especially the Ottoman period.

Not far from the hotel "Artych" It is the most famous architectural monuments – mosques and tombs (tomb of). First of all, it is a complex of Sultan Orhan, Bursa otbivshego from Byzantium, the son of Osman – the founder of the state, named after him, and existed as an empire for 600 years. The tomb of the father and son are opposed to each other. There is also a mosque, madrasah, a kitchen for the poor, a sauna and an inn.

Great Mosque (Ulu Cami) occupies a special place in the art of Bursa. Built by Sultan Bayazid lightning speed at the end of the XIV century, it is the ancestor of monumental Ottoman mosques mnogokupolnyh.

Green Mosque is considered to be the main attraction of the city. I built Çelebi Mehmed I in honor of his victory in the civil war.

Other interesting monuments of the epoch: the complex Murad mosque and tomb of Emir Sultan, Cem Sultan Tomb, tomb of Shah-zade Mustafa complex Ishakpashi.

Among other cultural objects can be called, of course, museums: Archaeological, Turkish Islamic Arts, Forestry, Ottoman House of the XVII century and Ataturk.

The locals are friendly, calm and tactful. Quiet in Bursa, it obeys the laws of life, unknown bustling metropolis. A solid turn is drawn to city parks, passing one in another. Plates, chestnuts, beech, cypressions, unprecedented number of colors. And where else can you see snow-white blue-eyed baths with a short tail, those most. who love not only water, but also swim? In the Bursa in the local zoo.

In Bursa, excellent conditions for recreation and treatment, thermal springs with healing water. Five Star hotels to one, Hostels, Pension. Clean, tidy, inexpensive. And twice cheaper than in Istanbul.

Green Bursa is a fairy tale, another word do not pick up.

Hotels in Bursa and Uludaga Star of hotels comply with standards adopted at the resorts of Turkey. There are also bungalows and cottages.

Green Bursa, or Turkey, where in the summer cool

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