Green dancing men

The Emerald Island of Ireland, where collected, probably, all the world’s shades in the world, for the general Russian public, almost like a threestened kingdom: as low as low and mysteriously. But as I Irish Like! And externally, both in character, and love for alcohol drinks.

Back, in history

Irish still can’t forgive the UK four hundred years of occupation. Terrorist outcomes of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) – just a consequence of this centuries-old hostility.

In the 1840s, the 8 million people of Ireland decreased by 30%. The reason for this was the disaster known as Irish potato hunger (Irl. An Gorta Mor, English. Great Famine). Drop price for bread after cancellation in 1846 in England "Bread laws" And the diseases of potatoes, which was the main culture in the Maver-earth Irish peasants, led to terrible hunger in 1845-1849. Died from 500 thousand to 1.5 million people, about 1.5 million people went to America and Australia. Trucks of cargo ships were clogged with refugees who were hundreds of daily swimming in the Australian continent.

If in 1841 the population of Ireland was 8 million people, then by the beginning of the 20th century – approximately 4.5 million people. Until now, the country lives "incomplete composition" – 4.2 million people, although in the United States, for example, the Irish diaspora rushed to 40 million.

Potato disease spread over other European countries, but nowhere has no longer caused so catastrophic consequences. Therefore, the Irish wins not so much a phytoofer as the British who conducted the economic policy extremely disadvantageous for local peasants.

I happened to visit the 90th anniversary of the Irish Revolution, which occurred in 1916. Irish revolutionaries were from the intelligentsia. Irish "Lenin" – Poet Patrick Pierce (Patrick Pearse, 1879-1916) was born 9 years later than our leader of the proletariat, but for a year earlier "Born" revolution and became an example Vladimir Ilyich. At the beginning of the last century, revolutionaries were quite alone in their desire to free themselves from the 700-year-old blowing of Britain, only their death (the leaders of the uprising were shot by the sentence of the Military Court) served as a detonator of the folk explosion. In support of the revolution in Dublin Pisulin, the ship – exactly as our "Aurora".

For the past 30 years, no mass celebrations occurred about this, because they feared that it would be for an aggressive configured Ira for another reasons for terrorist attacks. Last fall Ira went to the world, and in Dublin decided to arrange a parade for the anniversary of the revolution. It participated in 2500 military, aircraft and ground equipment.

The Irish themselves were surprised at how modern and serious army now from the country. Service in Ireland is optional. The army is a contract, it serves 22 thousand men and women. By the way, on a fleet of 6% of women! Until now, the military perceived as something decorative, even frightened over them. Thanks to the parade, finally, they were imbued with great respect. Some even fastened from pride. Already the next day, commercials were transferred on the radio with a call for contractual service: "Come to us and the routine of everyday life will leave your life!".

President Mary Mcalese (Mary Patricia Mcalese), which wears the clothes of exclusively domestic designers, and colleagues managed to turn the triumph of the nation. But still memorable times when there were signs in some English public places "No dogs, blacks and irish".

Ba, familiar all persons!

When Bernard Shaw (George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950) asked where he would prefer to be after death, in paradise or in hell, this world-famous Irishman replied: "In paradise, of course, the climate is good, but in the hell – such an interesting society!" Society of Irish celebrities really wonderful. Among Writers, except Show, Oliver Goldsmith (Oliver Goldsmith, 1730-1774), Oscar Wilde (Oscar Wilde, 1854-1900), Samuel Bekket (Samuel Beckett, 1906-1989), James Joyce (James Joyce, 1804-1920), Sisters Emilia and Charlot Bronte (Emily Bronte, 1818-1848; Charlotte Bronte, 1816-1855), Poet William Butler Yeats (William Butler Yeats, 1865-1939). Among the actors – Liam Neeson, Maureen O’Hara (Maureen O’hara) and one of the pretty James of the Bonds of the last century Pierce Brosnan (Pierce Brosnan). Among the musicians – the legendary group U2, Chinted O’Connor (Shinaid O’connor), Egnia (ENYA). By the number of winners "Eurovision" This little country surpasses others – seven times in the history of the competition. By the way, on the same "Eurovision" The world discovered Riverdans, a dance style, which in just ten years conquered all the continents thanks to the same ensemble.

Irish ancestors have the most famous US presidents – Richard Nixon (Richard M. Nixon, 1913-1994), Ronald Reagan (Ronald Reagan, 1911-2004) and Bill Clinton (William J. Clinton). John Kennedy (John F. Kennedy, 1917-1963) In addition, he became the first (and today remains the only one) in the United States president, baptized by Catholic ritual.

Say words "American whiskey", And the Irishman immediately crumplely wrinkles: "They are only machines wash!". Your domestic whiskey (Irish words "Ishka Baga", British converted by British "whiskey" translated as "Water of life") is not appreciated as an example above. The best varieties – "Black Bush" and "Jameson". Russian ladies adore the Irish liquor "Baileys" And punish friends traveling abroad, buy a bottle in the stores Duty Free.

In the capital of the country, Dublin in 1759, Mr. Guinness founded a brewing company and quite succeeded in his business: almost 250 years later, his dark-colored foaming goods are bought out in different countries of the world, like hot cakes. By the way, Irish "Guinness" Otherwise, how kvass is not called.

Millionaire reserve

60-year-old generation remembers hard need: as in the USSR after the war, there were only one pair of shoes in many families for 7-10 children, and the daily diet was limited to potatoes with fish. Agrarians and fishermen, the Irish were unusually enterprising businessmen and at the end of the last century committed an economic miracle.

Ireland today is the second richest nation in the world with more than 30 thousand millionaires – these are the results of a study conducted by the Bank of Ireland in 2005. After the country’s entry into the European Union, Irish skillfully took advantage of investments from there, and now have a better network of roads, thousands of enterprises in their "Free economic zone", are world leaders in the production of software and pharmaceutical products.

At the same time, they are not "Money making money", Unlike Americans, the business Irish must "lie on soul" and be in pleasure, otherwise he will simply do that.

Anthony O’Reilly (Anthony O’Reilly) began a career in the rugby team, now he is General Director of the World Holding Heinz. Tony Ryan founded the world’s largest low-budget airline: "Ryanair" Allows people to go to Europe and even over the ocean.

Mighting about how they had an hope for themselves, Irish is extremely tolerated to emigrants, regardless of race. They willingly give the work to foreigners, only Polyakov for the last year in Ireland arrived around 180 thousand.

According to Irish, now they have another problem: where to give money? They build houses – more, buy cars – more expensive, become "Shopaholic" – buy a bunch of unnecessary things, resting the whole family abroad and, alas, more and more drink.

Green dancing men

National Sports

All Irish – Passionate Sport Fans. It doesn’t matter whether to participate himself, will you cheat for the team at the stadium, worry in the car at the radio, at home with a TV or with pleasure to peck out sports faults in the newspaper. All this is an integral part of the national culture, which the state encourages, financially supporting stadiums and the creation of children’s teams in the smallest village.

In priority equestrian sports, golf, rugby, football and exclusively Irish sports ball games – Hirling and Celtic football (in teams there are 15 people).

The latter are cultivated with special care among male and female, children’s and adults. Celtic football is similar to a mix of rugby and "OUR" Football. I can kick the ball, throw hands, run, pressing it to the chest. Hurling (Hurling) is the fastest in the world and, probably, the same dangerous game with the ball on the grass. Russian man will perceive Hörling as a cross between hockey and lapto. The stick is wide down, in this "spoon" put the ball, the size of the tennis, and try to run on, without dropping it. Then the ball throws up and beat on it. In the gate, it is very difficult to get, but, waistly to the right and left with a highly loophole, you can easily "Capture" His or someone else. Therefore, Hörling players put on hockey helmets.

KROK PARK (CROKE PARK) – the most famous stadium for Hurling and Celtic football – is in Dublin. It was founded in 1884, and the name of the archbishop about. Thomas Croke, 1824-1902) is already wearing almost 100 years. In his history there are both bloody pages: in 1920, right during the Hirling match, British militia broke on the field and shot all the players right in front of the public.

After re-equipment, the stadium accommodates 85 thousand instead of the previous 90 thousand people. Adult ticket here costs 35 euros. Before each period, the field is beautifully squatting and plays the oven orchestra. There are a lot of viewers, but no excesses and fights do not happen.

Sport kings – so-called horse riding Irish. They are terribly proud of their horses and jockeys. The most important runs in Britain for several years in a row won the Irish horses. Racing – Typical family pastime. Here and the food, and children’s entertainment, and the toting nerves tote, and the opportunity to show itself – among women there are competitions. The most elegant, fashionable lady gives a prize. It is impossible to get it without one important detail – Hats. With such a number of original caps, you feel like a royal reception!

In August, an equestrian festival is held in the town of Galway (Galway). For seven days this year, only according to official data, Irish launched at the rates of more than 30 million euros. Tote and bookmakers in general in Ireland always win. Over the windows of tote, monitors are hanging on which races in other parts of the country and in England are broadcast. Making a bet, you can virtually participate on these runs. Interestingly, big lovers play a tote – priests.

Lowish little things

In cities, Melch Dublin, people greet on the street and often throw a pair of phrases about the weather, because this topic for discussion is a constant leader, who has leaving the honorable second place. But what you definitely do not meet on the street, so this mouth. Snack and smoking on the go not in fashion, buses generally annoying Irish. They are not slow, but even urgent work they somehow manage to do calmly and measured. And if the work turned out, let the smallest, absolutely naturally considered to praise for it: "Great. Well done!".

In the evenings and in the weekend you will strike you the number of dads walking with the wheelchairs and broods of the kids (3-4 children – this is the norm here). Where are moms? Options are possible: Mom has other affairs; She went with girlfriends to sit in a pub or, on the contrary, she has training in the gym, pool, jogging in the park.

For the Irish Pride for their country is as natural as lambs on the hills or Sunday Mass in the nearest temple, like flowers and palm trees in the courtyards or summer musical festivals. Their men on a par with wives care about the house, their women are confident, their old people write memoirs and are actively involved in public life. Idyll! But about something they dream? It turns out about the same thing as we want to be happy and ensure a decent future to children. Is that on the way to his dream, they still overtake us ..

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