Green Lady and Maria Stewart

"We have no climate, we have the weather", – Scots assert. And this expression corresponds to reality. The bright sun can quickly change the clouds and even a brief rain, after which it looks out again. On the west coast of Scotland, palm trees grow, and in the east, on the shore of the North Sea, only coniferous trees.

Changeable weather should not confuse tourists. You can always sit down in huge fireplace halls that are in all Scottish castles. Moreover, as in other European countries, many castles here are redone under hotels, and behind the ancient walls are completely modern amenities.

True, it is worth considering that there is both ancient castles and hotels in Scotland and quite modern hotels, built in ancient style. The castles themselves are also not one year old – there are medieval structures, and castles dated, for example, XIX century. Each of them has its own highlight. This may be, for example, ghost, whose silhouette was allegedly recorded cameras, or a legend about how famous kings and queens stopped in the castle; Or belief related to the famous Scottish clans, which belonged to the castle.

For example, in the Tulloch Castle Castle (, built in the XII century, already a few hundred years lives a certain green lady. On the building they even arrange "Ghostly excursions", Talking the story of this lady, whose portrait can be seen in the big hall of the castle. And the Castle of Borthwick Castle is known in that in 1567, the Opt Queen Maria Stewart was covered in it. And it was built for more than a hundred years before this event. Owners of Dalhousie Castle ( erected in the XIII century and preserved the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, on the contrary, began to keep up with the times, building the helicopter platform and the AQUEUS SRA.

Before traveling to Scotland, many imagine castles as huge gloomy buildings. But, as a rule, it is just 2-3-storey stone buildings with towers, narrow windows and thick walls. "The number of guests that one or another lock can be taken is small, usually there are 13 or 14 single and double rooms, "says Vsevolod Malyshev, General Director of Trinatours. – Therefore, a very popular holiday in castles from Corporates or large companies that celebrate any celebration. First of all we are talking about weddings. A small bandwidth of the locks allows their owners to pay attention to every guest".

Green Lady and Maria Stewart

Room rates – from $ 100 and above, it depends on the condition of the lock, size of the room, the situation, amenities, additional types of service, season. Since the official classification of hotels on the stars in the UK is not, to determine the category of the lock can be approximately. Usually it is coming4 * or 3 *. Obviously, this is due to the fact that the features of medieval architecture do not always allow the needs of the modern tourist. That is, the locks are certainly equipped with everything necessary: ​​air conditioners, hot and cold water, but, for example, they can also have very narrow corridors that are no longer rebuilt.

Scottish locks can offer a number of entertainment characteristic of this region. First of all, it is, of course, shinding shows: Scottish parties with traditional boils, folk dances and whiskey. By the way, near the castles are often located Viscocurneys (they are called their specialists), so that you can order an entertainment and instructive program with tasting of this drink. One of the most popular entertainment in the vicinity of the castle – Hunting. Instructor-hunter will show how to handle trained falcon, hawk, eagle, and even the owls – these night birds are also sometimes used on the hunt.

Rest in Scottish castles is becoming increasingly popular with Russian tourists. Scotland can be considered one of the most interesting regions. It is a combination of untouched nature, almost perfectly preserved ancient architecture and at the same time developed modern infrastructure. In addition, we have a lot of common with the Scottled. For example, Scottish holidays are the same bright and rampant, as well as Russian. Yes, and we have a ridicule attitude to poetry. Robert Berns Birthday in Scotland – Public holiday, like Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin’s birthday in Russia.

Green Lady and Maria Stewart

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