Greenland: Icebergs

Greenland — This is silence, icebergs and whales. Not every traveler will get to this Giant Cold Island. But thanks to the Panorama of Airpano, his beauty can be seen in all details

Greenland with an area of ​​2 130 800 km² — the largest island. Its shores are strongly cut by deep and long fjords, reaching the edges of the ice shield. The territory of Greenland began to glare in the anthropogenic time (the geological period, which began 2,588 million). Now the glaciers are covered with 1.834 million km² Islands, and this is the uniqueness of the Greenland landscape.

The east coast is washed by the Cold East Greenland flow and almost throughout the year blocked by floating ice. The water of the northern coast does not open from ice year-round, and relatively warmly only on the south-west coast due to the warm Western Greenland flow.

The first feeling from Greenland — Very quiet here. Unusual, even wind no. The fog even more enhances the feeling of silence. The loudest sounds — My steps yes Sound Camera Shutter. Sometimes the quiet conversations are heard: this in the hundred meters someone has passed. Occasionally drives the car. And again — Silence, rare bird cuts, and quiet rustle waves. This is how Greenland meets us.

The name of the town of Ilulissat with Innitsky translates as «Icebergs». And icebergs here really a lot. The city itself stands on a stone plateau, but a huge glacier is in a pair of kilometers from him. Large from him, Ice boulders float in the sea. Icebergi, and even whales — Here are two main attractions leading to this town tourists from all over the world.

Fjord Ilulissate filled with icebergs reaches 40 km long, width — 5 km with ice thickness at the bottom of about 150 m. The list of UNESCO World Heritage List It was introduced in 2004. In addition to picturesque icebergs, the fame of Ilulissat is its native, the famous ethnographer and the Arctic Researcher Knud Rasmussen. The city also has a unique cold museum.

Polar day long, but still, the best time to shoot — These are sunsets and dawns. In August, the sun rises at the beginning of the fourth in the morning. Not so simple it turned out to persuade someone to go out into the sea. «So early? Yes, you are abnormal!» — Normal answer. However, after some time, we found Captain, ready to make us a company in such an early hour and take us on board.

His red wooden ship afloat is more than half a century. At dusk, slowly go to icebergam. In cutting heat, smells fuel and coffee, and outside the cold wind is closed for a collar. The ice floes are floating. Soon the low sun rises from the horizon. Icebergs ring the blue, over them scarms, low northern sky. Nothing foreshadowed trouble.

Greenland Icebergi

And on the next outlet we drowned the copter. The device, making a dead loop for goodbye, fell into the ocean. Depth in this place — 200 M. Back to the port went silently. To break heavy silence, the captain told the story.

A few years ago, a helicopter with a German film crew crashed in the same place. The operator accidentally blocked the foot lever, and the helicopter could not get out of the peak, fell into the water and fell apart. The pilot was saved, and the helicopter drowned, and the body of the operator could not find. The captain witnessed the resulting. «Probably, — Said Captain, — He needed your cameras».

After examining the Ilulissat Glacier from the air and from the water, decide the next day to go to him through the Tundra protected by UNESCO. Need to go on special wooden pares. On the way, pass «dog village»: On the outskirts of the city there are several dozen booths in which driving dogs live. In the summer there is no work for them, so they rest in the sun. Most of the time sleeps, but sometimes going to «Khor» And in a friendly spell. For example, the ringing of the church bell awakens their vocal talents, and then over the tundra there will be a lot of hundreds of dog voices. A few kilometers in front of us open ice spaces. Here is the boundary of the glacier. From time to time they will be informed as if the grumbling grommet rolls: Somewhere Onsberg broke. We go down the granite rocks down to white blocks. I can not deny yourself the pleasure to break down a piece of ancient ice and try it to taste.

The amazing nature of the Arctic, the unhurried life of people on the edge of the ocean, the midnight sun and the smells of the tundra will remember me for a long time. Particle of these impressions we will try to convey to you in our photos.

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