"Grenos" and "Brown" on the field

It’s hard to believe, but there is everything in Dubai! Even if something does not turn out – be sure to build. Artificial islands, luxury hotels, huge entertainment complexes and year-round ski resort in the middle of the desert. Sand lands of the Emirate is not an obstacle even for golf connoisseurs. The prestigious world resort of the highest level has become a place for the construction of the largest golf clubs.

Golf is played here for more than 30 years. Since most of the tourists in Dubai make up very secured citizens, they can afford such expensive entertainment, because the content of the golf club, especially its green "Oasisov", requires huge costs of owners. For example, the grass is fresh and the golf course did not turn into the desert, it is irrigated by millions of liters of desalinated water every day. Thanks to careful care and design, herbal fields of almost all Dubai golf clubs correspond to the class of world championships. There is a club with a sandy field – Dubai Country Club, the very first in Dubai, created in 1971. Here the lawns with wells are not called "Grnei", that is "Green" (herbal), and "Brownum" (brown), and each player carries a piece of artificial turf with him (renting $ 10), which is used to strike with Fairway.

Dubai call today the Middle Eastern Golf Cap. Large tournaments with world golf stars are held here. In the Emirates Golf Club, which was built in 1988 on the field of Majlis, recognized by professionals as the best in the Middle East, the Dubai Desert Classic tournaments are held annually – one of the key stages of the European PGA competition, the Association of Golf Professionals. In 2006, Dubai Desert Classic with a prize foundation $ 2, 4 million. Passed on February 2 – 5.

Professional golf clubs in Dubai about ten. Everyone has their own style. Architecture Emirates Golf Club imitates White Bedouin Tents, Main Building Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club is similar to the wind stretched by the wind, and the 18-hole field of the NAD Al Sheba Club is designed in the Scottish style. All clubs have unchanged attributes that emphasize the professional level of golf sites. Fields mainly 9- and 18-hole, with mandatory interference in the form of lakes with sea or fresh water and bunkers. Most Dubai golf couplings are partially or completely illuminated, so you can play at night. At the disposal of each self-respecting golf club there are at least one electric car, the rental of which will cost about $ 14, and baskets with training balls – $ 5. With many clubs there are shops with inventory that can be rented or buy (clubs often spend sales with discounts up to 50%).

Of course, clubs are designed primarily on professionals or experienced lovers. If the administration for some reason doubts the player’s skills, it can be offered to make several trial blows on the ball and pass a mini test for knowledge of the rules of the game and golf etiquette. However, beginners can get to the golf course – with many clubs, the game is being learning and there are some schools and courses (for example, the service of the NAD Al Sheba club is very popular "Learn golf over a week").

One of the rules of all golf clubs is a special clothing form: pants or long shorts, shirts "polo" and no tracksuit or beachwear. Watching world tournaments on TV, you are unlikely to have seen untidyly dressed player, and here – everything must match the professional level. Those who do not participate in the game, on the field to be prohibited. True, it seems, it seems only to people: in the club Club Joumana, for example, the proud peacocks are clouded freely.

Greens and Browns on the field

Another indispensable condition – in Dubai for eight years not used on the fields Metal stands for balls, as well as the spikes on the shoes that are replaced here for free if the player did not. The possibility and priority of participation in the game is determined by each club individually.

Those who are not ready to comply with the above rules and conditions makes sense to practice outside the golf club. For example, on entertainment margins for golf, which in Dubai are built, as a rule, at hotels. Here to try your hand in golf can anyone. Training fields are usually smaller than standard, but also they have the necessary aquatic interference to the wells. And you can play "crazy" Golf round using 18 holes for all rules.

Order Golf club game can both its permanent members and one-time visitors (in some establishments there are separate days and hours "only for club members"). If you are not a member of the club, you can recommend to reserve the game at least a week (Emirates Golf Club) or on a specific day. It is very convenient to use a unified system of orders through the organization Dubai Golf (bodies. +971 4 390 3931, www.dubaigolf.COM). This is something like a cashier for all clubs that are in Dubai. Here you can learn about the conditions, the number of wells, the levels of complexity and T.D.

The cost of the game depends on the membership in the club and the day of the week. Membership in UGA – Arab Emirates Golf Association, which gives a lot of privileges. Take at least the cost for adults – $ 56 and for young men under 18 – $ 14 per year. An annual contribution to UGA guarantees big discounts on games and golf lessons and many other benefits. Prices in clubs are usually assigned to rent a field on certain days of the week, however, for example, in Dubai Country Club – for one game ($ 234). Al Badia Golf Resort Club field costs from $ 1278 to $ 1764 depending on the day of the week. This is the youngest club, its gaming space is designed by the famous architect Robert Trent Jones II. About the same price category There are clubs The Desert Course, Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club (the most expensive days in this luxury club – $ 1890). Day game in Emirates Golf Club costs $ 1890. Quite high prices and in the club The Montgomerie – from $ 1530 to $ 1980, but there is a discount of UGA members – respectively $ 306 and $ 396. Lower prices in Club Joumana and Nad Al Sheba clubs – from $ 774 to $ 1170.

Greens and Browns on the field

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