Grenada. Recreation and sights

Grenada – Island with rugged coastline, coral reefs and large numbers Beach. The farther from the water, deep into the island, the thicker forests and a variety of vegetation. Grenada is suitable for those who want to restBey from noise and urban fuss. Before Grenada can be reached by plane: There are flights with Transplantation v London or Frankfurt. The duration of the flight will be no more than fourteen hours.

Rest in Grenada

On the island there are two main resort zones: Grand Ans and Morne Rouge. It is here that there is a significant part Beach, hotels and bars. In the town Grenville, located in the east of the state, each year is carried out the festival, Dedicated Release from slavery. In the south of the island, there are also many Beach, In particular, the most picturesque beach – Grand Ens-Beach.

Grenadian Hotels Position K calm and quiet rest, Trees, exotic and bright flowers grow everywhere. but, nutrition in hotels is not organized; preparing or Only breakfast, or food Do not serve at all.

The main types of rest are connected with the sea: Tourists can do Diving, snorkeling, Fishing, Make a walk by yachts. Island attracts a large number divers, Since in coastal waters you can see many fish, Sea turtles. Also divers can study the preserved parts Ships, who once suffered shipwreck In these waters.
Rest on the island is possible in Any time of the year. So, since Winter v Grenada often overcast and rainy, you can commit walk in local reserves. And when the weather improves, it will be possible to do Diving, snorkeling. Spring a significant part of tourists visits the capital of the state, the city Saint George. Summer has to commit Sea walking, Fishing. In autumn, vacationers will be able to have a great time on numerous Grenadian Beach, And also see Migration whale.

Sights of Grenada

The main sights of the island – Natural objects, for example, Waterfalls, National Parks, Reserves, Lakes.

Among the sights of the island can be noted as follows:

Grenada Davo Reserve

Grenada Davo Reserve, in which are engaged Breeding Grenadian Pigeon, Birds, which are National symbol of Grenada. In addition, the Grenada Pigeon is a rare and very frightening bird.

Waterfall Annandel

Waterfall Annandel, The height of which is Nine meters, is one of the most visited waterfalls on the Grenada. Waterfall can be swallow, for this here are built Cabins for dressing up. And the natural reservoir rank with lianas and rocks.

Island Jenny

Island Jenny is a landmark of among divers, Since the island is surrounded Pure waters.

Grenada. Recreation and sights

Lever National Park

Lever National Park is a house for more than Eighty species of birds. On the coast dwell Leather turtles, which are located threatened by Disappearance.

La-sagess reserve

La-sagess reserve Particularly interesting Ornithologists, because here they will be able to observe for Birds in the natural habitat. There are many in this park birds of various species. Beautiful Reef Evaluate engaged in snorkeling.

Lake Antooman

On North Grenada situated Lake Antooman, around which were organized Banana plantations. For tourists also organize Tours, during which you can try local White Rom. Lovers of birds will be able to see here representatives several types of migratory birds.

Holidays on the Grenada will suit those who appreciate Calm rest, Relaxed Atmosphere. In addition, the island will have to do with lovers diving and snorkeling, Because on the Grenadian beaches little sharks and other dangerous for a man of maritime residents. But, it should be remembered that far from the shore sail dangerous, As the larger the coast, the grain the flows are.

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