Thematic Zone Grizzly Gulch in Disneyland Hong Kong

This article dedicated to the GRIZZLY GULCH area is part of a large guide to Hong Kong Disneyland. In it, by analogy with other zones, we collected all the information about this part of the park: attractions, cafes, entertainment, many photos and emotions. If you write about all the rides and a cafe with a single post, then it will be an endless Longride, which no person (except the author and the site editor) will not fully read. Therefore, we decided to break all this information into a number of small articles, which are convenient to read and, in which you can find any information you need. For navigation, it is very convenient to use the table of contents that is immediately under the first photo. So, ready to meet the mining villages of Northern California? Then we went.

Grizzly Village Glanch in Hong Kong Disneyland

What is a grizzly gulch zone in Hong Kong

Grizzly village One of the smallest thematic areas of the park, she opened its doors for tourists in 2012. This zone is a small option for the Frontierland zone, which is in other Disneyland. It is an unusual mining town from Northern California. It was founded on the happiest day of the most happy month of the most happy year in the opinion of the Chinese 08.08.1888. The population of the city is 108 people, but no one thought about the number of bears of Grizzly, about it right at the entrance to the zone. The endless fields of geysers partially destroyed the settlement, but the city got a great success when the family of bears led one of the intelligence officers to the mine with huge stocks of gold, as a result of which the Mountain Company of Big Grisli was founded. Bears were declared a happy mascot of the city and received a protected status, despite the fact that their activities sometimes interfered with work in mines. What interesting visitors to Hong Kong Disneyland will find here? Let’s see what is here.

Miner’s village GRIZZLY GLUNCH

Attractions in the Grizzly Glunch zone

There are very few attractions and entertainment park in this part, so most guidebooks and tourist portals strongly advise not to spend time on it, and go to more fun Tomorrow Land or Fantasy Land. With this in the root, I do not agree, if only because it is one of the most worked zone of Hong Kong Disneyland, which looks very authentic and here is pleasant and interesting to be. Unfortunately, its small sizes do not allow to post a lot of entertainment here. Site Poka says they are here three, but for fairness it is worth saying that they exaggerate percent by 33%. There are only two attractions (although we will also tell about the third.

On the streets of the village of Grizzly

American Hill Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

If you think this is an ordinary American slide in the trolley, what worldwide thousands, then you are very mistaken. This is one of the best slides on which we had to be. And the point is not that she is terrible, the spirit excite from her and other charms, about which they write before entering, the matter in its implementation. This is a stunningly beautiful and more detailed attraction. You get into a real gold mining mine and go to the journey at the mining trolley, and then you change the directions of movement, turn over, rushing with a huge speed and sharply brake. This entertainment is valid, it is worth spending time on line and ride at least once.

Street part of the attraction

One of the few extreme attractions in Hong Kong Disneyland

But on such a trolley you go on the road

Children can also ride on the hill, but there are limitations: growth above 112 cm. Opened attraction daily from 10:30 to 20:00.

Water attraction GRIZZLY GULCH

The next attraction is a water entertainment system united in a single attraction. The main role here, of course, occupies the sea battle. In two rooms, which are opposite each other, placed three water guns with a pump. The faster you swing, the stronger the water jet. And now your tasks pour the team opposite the water from the legs to the head. Fun to the impossibility, and the most fierce battles go between spouses, children did not suspect that their parents are capable of.

Strengthening one team

Bunker other team

Made everything in the same style of the mining town. Props can be viewed as in the museum

The next part is a gigantic barrel, which is filled turns over. The intrigue is that water pressure is constantly changing, which means the time for which the barrel becomes full every time changing. On a hot day there are a lot of people who want to cool. Our child decided that it was boring, took an umbrella and offered everyone to stand under the flow of water at the time of tipping, five minutes later there was a queue from Chinese children.

Giant mining souls

Well, the third part is a geyser of desires. Everything is simple and completely safe here: you make a desire and wait until Geyser starts to erupt. When the desired does not appear, but everyone is actively coming up.

Photowon in Grizzly Gulch

Well, the last attraction of this zone, although it is difficult to call the attraction, it is a photow look in the style of the Wild West. Go to the local prison, put the head in the hole in the wall, and your companion makes photos. That’s all, now you are in the list of the most wanted people of Hong Kong Disneyland. There are no people in the photo, but on the eve of the evening it was built to prison for 5-10 minutes to take pictures.

Grizzly Prison Glanch

On this entertainment of this part of the park end, although not all. There is still a free show.

Schedule of the show and heroes of the village of Grizzly

In this part of the park you will not meet the heroes of Disney cartoon, which is rather an exception for Disneyland, but here there is a GRIZZLY Gulch Welcome Wagon Show. This is the presentation of street musicians who play in country style. It includes music, songs and even master class on dancing. Unfortunately, the show has no fixed time, but you can ask about the start time in the restaurant Lucky Nugget Saloon. By the way, about food.

GRIZZLY GULCH ZONE IN Hong Kong Disneyland

Cafes and restaurants Zone GRIZZLY GLUNCH

In this part of the park there is a restaurant Lucky Nugget Saloon, on reviews of tourists – this is one of the most budget places to eat in Hong Kong Disneyland. Unfortunately, useful food you will not find here, but Nuggets, Hodogogov, Classic Fish & Chips and other snacks there are excellent. As for prices, the fish with potatoes costs 50 HKD ($ 6.4), at the same amount will cost the version with shrimps or chicken.

Restaurant Lucky Nugget Saloon

The second option to buy something to eat, even less useful, this is a GRIZZLY Gulch Popcorn Cart truck. How clear from the title, sell popcorn, ice cream, sweets and water here.

Our review or who will be interested in the GRIZZLY GLUNCH area

Despite the fact that in this zone there are only two attractions, we liked this zone most. Stunning study of parts and stylish decoration of this thematic zone made it our favorite. We even came here again on the second day of our small tour of Hong Kong Disneyland.

On the streets of Grizzly Glanch

Free toilet, it is just a typical American motel

Our family found a unique combination of pleasures for everyone here: Parents endlessly rolled in the American slides, and the child splashed in the water, jumped on the puddles and enjoyed, no carousel led him to such a delight as the possibility of a water war. Parents with kids here may seem boring, especially if you are not a fan of high-speed attractions. Lifehak will be useful to everyone: while one parent leads a water battle with a child, the second rolled on the hill.

Day on the streets of Grizzly Glunch is also very cute

Even on a cloudy day, this zone looks great

After visiting this town, I wanted to visit the present Grouse Glanche that in the mountains next to the city of Salt Lake City in the US

We had 6 priority passages, so when the queue was long, we used them. If the waiting time was 5-10 minutes, then calmly stood in the total stream. As a result, the parents ride, probably, with a dozen times, and Max to take up to the thread, but was happy. Personally, we really liked it, so if you are a fan of fast driving, then do not listen to guidebooks that you say that you can skip this zone of Hong Kong Disneyland, boldly go and enjoy.

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