Ground rowers

If in the summer you will get to Sweden, the sun is enough for you, and if in the winter without it you will easily do. Freshness of spring here does not pass to deep autumn and smoothly flows into the freshness of winter. It is unlikely that there are times in the light of the place where the time of the year would be so harmonized with the landscape, where pines are so organically woven the crowns into the sky and in the rocks roots, where the boulders are framed by the lakes, where the resistant smell of needle or lilac hangs over high-speed highways.

Nordic countries have a lot of common. For example, the polar circle. And sky color of light stone. And even rains, monotonous, like songs of rowers. Rutussa rowers, so called Swedes neighbors. Very similar to the name of one country that has arisen in the target of the path from the Baltic to the Mediterranean, literally in the rook of warriors, singers, shamans.

Aesthetics of civilized forest

From the sea Stockholm is easy to accept for the archipelago. So, in fact, it is. Walking around the city, it is difficult to figure out where its beginning, where the end, since two steps from the center can be found in the dense forest with wild, but good, since civilized, animals.

Near the university of the traveler will hit the hordes of the hares who behave as if they learn here. All as one thick and energetic. And no one is pursuing them for it: when students are fed, then the hares are intact.

If you move from the center to the television, then you will soon find yourself in the National Park. No fences, so immediately and it is not clear who lives here. When I’m there, in the bushes, stumbled upon an animal similar to the root, I thought that it ran out of the zoo, and began to catch him. Animal, in turn, decided that I was running out of the zoo, and, probably, it was closer to the truth.

Harmony with nature is part of the Swedish cultural ideology and their national self-consciousness. Swedish patriotism is not manifested in conversations about politics, but in endless stories about how good they have in the forests. Therefore, all the Swedes are tourists and outdoor lovers. Probably there is no such family in which one or two sleeping bags and tents would not be stored. Children are their own and size. Children grow, not soying to wear sleeping bags, so parents regularly buy new. All children, of course, scouts. That is, future lovers of outdoor activities, members of Greenpeace, fighters for the rights of animals, birds, insects and oppressable peoples. After all, a person who has grown in harmony with the world is configured for tolerant attitude to other people. National Ethics is focused on personal success, but due to the mobilization of the forces of the person he himself, its personal responsibility in front of her fate, what is felt by the Protestant tonality. Because there is a low level of crime! y and one of the highest suicide indicators in the world.

Increased demanding to itself and careful attitude towards others manifests itself in everything. Here you will not hear the cutting out of the music window. The level of household noise should not exceed the decibel. If you arranged a party to a party and swallowed, the neighbors will not bother on batteries, calling you to order. Experts will be engaged and do it beautiful. Police car first fluctuates the level of sound stream, prints testimony and only after that will present penalties.

Some compatriots from this pedantry grinds with their broad Slavic soul, and in my opinion, nothing terrible all wishes to swaps have a full right to. Sick disco.

Alas, everything is much more boring. Swedish family This is not a tricky cheerful group of sexual perverts, how many people think. And what about? Honestly, no matter how asked, I did not understand. Something very ordinary and boring, like unregistered marriage or family, where all children are from different parents. Yes, and parents themselves are incomprehensible from whom. They say, once the tax legislation was such that it was economically unprofitable to have a normal registered family. That’s all lived.

Then the law changed, and it became profitable. Maternity Swedes stimulated by significant financial subsidies for each child, moreover, many people did not interfere with neither career growth, nor elementary mobility: on any gas station there is a place for the swelping of babies, in any business institution a children’s playroom is equipped, where you can pass a child for storage, in any restaurant will be offered a children’s menu, significantly excellent and content and priced from adult. In general, all, not only the maternity hospital begins to increase the birth rate. Because at that time (10-12 years ago) there was a demographic explosion: the birth rate left far behind the country of Africa and Asia. Then baby boom began to gradually pass. Today, 50% of all children are born out of marriage. The children themselves do not shock that Dad does not live with her mother, but with a woman who, for example, five more multicolored children, and Mom lives with a no less large father: such an oral together is very fun.

In the country with such a high standard of living, a woman can easily grow independently not one child. In the light of Protestant ethics, the nordic temperament and the propagated feminism, this is not preventing nor burdensome from a psychological point of view. Only grows the level of suicide. Apparently, the excessive wiping of a woman’s career does not pass without prejudice to the children’s psyche. Reverse example of a Norwegian family in which a man retains a traditionally dominant role, and the woman is traditionally more mother and the hostess than the social and politician: the level of suicide for neighbors is four times lower as in Catholic countries. Therefore, family planning is engaged in seriously and at all levels, in order to maintain a high level of sexual culture and sexual freedom. Still, how to be with the notorious Swedish family? Did the family in which not two, and more spouses of different sex only the fruit of the inflamed imagination of a foreigner? No, it was the social reality of the seasons of the sexual revolution, after which the satisfied society rushed back to traditional values. The pendulum swung in the opposite direction: today, none of my numerous familiar Swedes lives in the Swedish family and has a very vague idea about this form of marriage, not to mention the absence of my acquaintances such familiar.

The house should have a style, and this style must express a certain philosophy. If the dwelling does not reproduce space in it there is no architecture. One familiar Danchanin somehow noticed with a sigh:

Now, I thought that when I was fifty years old, I will have a house in Sweden, and in it I will read Dostoevsky’s bright northern evenings in the script. And here I am fifty, the house in Sweden is, but I didn’t learn in Russian.

Traditional Swedish houses are impregnated with some special charm. This is the charm of the forest, rocks, lakes all that makes up the Scandinavian university and calling it to dissolve. Inexperienced meditation deems this boredom. In this place you can turn on the TV.

The charm of nature is Swedish philosophy embodied in their dwellings. This philosophy has a simple name: Harmony. Equally harmonious Nenets Chum, Tuvinskaya Yurt, Russian hub Yes, any home for life on earth and under the sky, and not between the seventh and ninth floors.

Swedes traditionally paint their homes characteristic dark red-brown paint, made on the basis of iron ore. For its production there is a special factory. Platbands on the windows, doorway frames and other creating the image of the house are also very simple framing, and all. Paint in white. Curtains on the windows are available, but they are considered indecent. And maybe in this just the cult of light, peculiar to all of Northerners.

And Northerners are inherent in the cult of all natural in the house. Therefore, in the interiors a lot of unpacked wood, since it is a little more beautiful. The cult of nature in the civilized consciousness is refracted of the very idea of ​​civilized forest. Therefore, all forest creatures, in local ideas, should live in their Swedish houses with white platbands. At least a birdhouse, and a house for ducks, and a coneer for a dog Swede will make as a reduced copy of his home. And all forest creatures there are happily live and honestly pay taxes. Children, like other creatures, exactly also have the right to their own house they play there.

Naturally around houses, lawns. Naturally, stripped. Unlike each house the state flag, and in each it should be necessary. On holidays it should be hiding. Near the houses set another remarkable symbol, the scandinals beloved for no less state. This is such a globe of light wire structures with an arrow instead of a normal axis. The tip of the arrows sticks out of the North Pole from there, where the compass arrow indicates. This is a symbol of the polar circle. The farther north, the more often.

And another symbol of the Swedish house: fire. So love live fire can only those who are better than others know what is cold and damp. Torches on the water, candles in the snow in them are acquired by the good spirits of the North.

Ah, what breakfasts there! One Russian hippie admired, the weeks in a Swedish prison for some prank.

No, such a prison should not be, the local pastor argued, confessing healthy asceticism. Our prisons look more like a holiday home than to the point of punishment, and this is bad I think so.

Many members of the flock with their pastor absolutely agree and already as an anecdot tell the story of one lonely old man who has become a seasonal recidivist.

Late in the late fall, when the wind in the fireplace pipe will so much that even in the loop I climb, and the waves of the bay call the desire to be drowned, especially if you are at that age in which, besides you, no one knows, you are still still living today? There is an idea to commit a terrible-pretty crime. It originated from our hero.

Before going to work, he spent the entire day for the calculator, caring something and mumble. Then he strongly looked at the clock, and the watches struck the time! The hero got up, wrapped in a black cloak, pulled black gloves, pulled his black hat on his eyes, picked up a black cane and went to rob a supermarket. For some time he circled around the quarter, finding out if there was no tail, then rapidly broke into the trading hall, put the trolley with products and went to the exit past the cash register.

Excited imagination already sees it running along the quiet streets of the provincial town, pushing in front of him a deafening brush trolley in the direction of the Norwegian border. But. Alas, some doubts prevent him from leaving the crime scene, and he freezes at the exit.

Arrived police outfit arrest him with political. An old man without resistance surrenders the law. The heart of the judge does not know pity, and his mind action. Half a year in prison! Half a year. Floor. of the year. Half a year not seeing freedoms, with her cute ear we will make a fireplace pipe, with her kind eye on the spruce of lead waves, with her rising tone by communal accounts, with her snowy drifts around the house, with her mountain forever unwitted dishes. And here the burden of educational relaxation: because you do not need to do anything. How to survive a boiler! I do not even wash the dishes. She will wash taxpayers. And they will look after the inclemenious Halup, and the tracks around from snow will be cleaned, since the sociable tracks will never allow society! And it will do everything, if only lost his blame and returned to the world in the spring with a worthy person.

And here is spring, and free with a clean conscience. And there in the bank pension something accumulated! Crowns are neuroded and unimbursed. And the old man in Thailand flies, straightening the health who has undermined in conclusion, splashing with secret in lagoon. And when and there it becomes a flabby body, it means to go home. Rob supermarket and to kich. Until next spring.

. And which in Swedish prisons are people! Good and responsive. Always listen to a lonely person with participation, at least on the debt of the psychological rehabilitation service. And the house that my fortress can generally sell. Less things less worries.

On the sixth season, police arrested a markedly loyful old man in the same supermarket, with the same cart like an old buddy.

Well, what can we do, they said, we must detain it. We know why he does it, but the law is the law.

The law is the law, but not all prisoners in prisons are sitting, so to speak, on the neck of taxpayers. Many have shocks there at the construction sites of the Swedish national economy, if they are difficult for them for some reason it is difficult to work. They say that some Russians used the administration of the colony by the reputation of people of decent and workers. They just needed a job and fought in it with genetic memory of the first five-year plates, drummed and reached freedom with a clean conscience and with round sums on bank accounts, for which they strained. Even refused to liberation still wanted to work. They said that they were not enough.

What kind of work there? What do you want. Work at least a programmer (unless, of course, you are sitting for hacking bank accounts). What you do not know how to teach everything if the term allows. In addition, you will also get a certificate of education. Our compatriots, parting, sobbing, and, they say, in the hope of returning coins in Paras. Especially if they have something to compare. The wandering musician Sasha Sukharevsky (name and surname changed) once played in Hamlastan on Volynka, leaning around his bike near the wall. Past young people who stay in a clearly altered state of consciousness, stopped and began to write on it, and with an emphasis on the first syllable. (On him in the sense of bike, not to Sasha.) Sasha forgot that he was in the very humane kingdom, and hit the peak-writer man first. Hit the knightly above the belt. That is, in the face. Started international conflict, passing into a fight. There was a police and called on everyone to a peaceful settlement, causing both sides in handcuffs. In the site it turned out that the beaten of Sasha Guys (Swede and German) carry in its large sports bag with a dozen kilogram of marijuana. Police licked. Still would! Take three European countries with political drug bands, and even directly for the height of influence. Three days that spent a stray musician in a single chamber of the Swedish prison were the most brightened days of his recent travels. It washed him, fed, drank, put to sleep, color TV turned on, fresh gave newspaper. And kidney never! Finding out that he is no drug trap, sincerely apologized. And Sasha not only from drugs, even from alcohol far. That is at all any bad habits. Only green tea. Soul man. He with warmth responded about the Danish, Germanic, Swiss prisons, said that British and Canadian, too, nothing. But in Spanish advised not to fall.

Army with a human face

Somehow I watched the scratching scene at the post of the Royal Palace. There is a digring, leads, at first glance, shift. All in the foot marching, as it should be. But shift in hands instead of weapons two packages, like a supermarket. In packages thermos, mineral water and even milk. Suitable to post. Stone! Once. Two. And the clock that, in theory, neither, nor drink, nor the natural need to send in no case, takes these bottles and applied to them! And then again in his booth, further to guard and defend your post. Here they have the army. None of them and deprivation.

However, this is, of course, the most prominent of the very soldier. Therefore, the degree of magnitia of national armies is not in their magnitude, but in the desire of a soldier to serve in it. Oddly enough, in Sweden, fully wanted to sleep from the certificate obligations that refer to all kinds of dubious beliefs. Although what, in fact, in the Swedish army and do not serve? First, eight months not two years, and weekends at home. Secondly, no one puts the soldiers after a penny in the pose of a crocodile, he does not break through the Faner, the demobilian fairy tale to read the grandfather for the dream to sleep. Well, the point, it is necessary to believe in each barracks with Swedish plumbing. Do not drag it. And since it is not necessary, to be honest, it is not clear how they serve there. Perfume drags. Bardak in the army!

Hymn Swedish Sugond Handam

Political economy theorists have long noticed that the engine of the productive forces is the irrational human needs, dictated by no common sense (considerations of the functional utility of the thing), and the fashion and prestige. As a result, the mass is morally, but not physically obsolete things fall into the discharge of rhyladdes and fall into the Chulans. But industry works, and Chulana has to clear from time to time. And then a person can get sick, for not everyone under the power to throw new things into the garbage, because the toad, as they say, she does not dormant. Here, in the salvation, people are the great principle of humanism, proclaiming the slogan Folk Till Folk: people for the people. This principle saves the people donor from the toad, and the people of the acceptor from unnecessary waste. All like hobbits.

Ground rowers

In pre-processing, things include not only its disinfection, but also its sorting and evaluation. The price of the thing varies depending on the price of its new analogues. But from time to time these stores in order not to suffocate in the stream of things, it is satisfied with the type of type today all for 15 kroons, which means that 15 kroons (1.5 dollars) will cost the jacket, and tie, and socks, and shoes.

I must say that these places are wonderful not only by our prices, but also assortment, because there you can find what you can not find anywhere else. For example, the jacket of piece production of the sewing courtyard of His Majesty, King Sweden, with coat of arms on gold buttons. Your Majesty! How I sobbed into this jacket for 15 kroons, being unable to acquire it, for, judging by the size, it was asked on the court poodle.

The flow of transport in Sweden differs from our. First, they have very few Mercedes, and six hundredths are the impression that there is no. Secondly, every Swede Cyclist. Small children of dads with mothers carry on their great, equipped with special corset seats. At the same time, you can take two on the frame in front and in the seat behind. If you have a crowd children, and you need to go, then the industry produces special carts of all sorts of models and structures. In them, children are socialized and, growing, transplanted in the saddle. Among the Swedish sayings there are one and this topic when you want to emphasize the simplicity of any task, it should be said: it is as easy as a bike. Will be very in Swedish.

Even the soldiers of the Swedish army together with the tablet weapons are given a bike of khaki and tank power. This so that he drives out on it in places of deployment and rushed into battle with the warlike guy of the Berserker’s warlike manifestation, if, God forbid, tomorrow. In the meantime, the enemies are slow with intervention, surpluses these armored bikes.

In the country, the mass of cycling tracks, and they should be known. Movement on them is carried out according to the rules and with their traffic lights. We must not forget that the movement on them is bilateral. On the steering wheel of some old bikes there is a letter resembling: right side! so that the cyclists do not forget which side to go. The fact is that until the 1950s in Sweden, there was a left-sided movement, as in England, and this sign of a memo, which can enjoy the one who is still not used to, or visiting England, or Japanese. Yes you never know who has a left-sided movement.

By the way, these ancient bikes will give odds to any supermodic bike. I do not know from which alloys they do and what these alloys are lubricated, but still no mechanism for me is notated with the provision of such a feeling of lightness and comfort. It’s just a sofa, flowing like a broadcast.

Well, naturally, everything is riding regardless of age and social status. Because they live long. Although they could live and longer. Purebred Swedes More than other Europeans are prone to cardiovascular diseases, and their ancestors of Vikings, who loved to marry the nearest relatives, were to marry the next relatives, the genuine.

But each Swede is not only a cyclist, but also a motorist. Probably, this country is no less automated than the same America, and differs only by the abundance of volv and sabs on the roads. Only a pedestrian from this is not easier. Therefore, traveling here hitchhiking today has become much more difficult. The car began to be perceived as the same inalienable attribute of the farms of respectable Samaritan, as, say, Toothbrush. Will a respectable Samaritian become intelligent in the car of another respectable Samaritan right in the middle of the road? The stump will not be. How will not try to lend a toothbrush. Here are the car rental and die out, and the remaining are increasingly surprised to look out than bring.

To everything that is connected with the road, the Swede is with great responsibility. Partly because this is a question of ethics, in part of common sense. Well, indeed, if you pay one hundred dollars for an unused belt, very soon the habit of fastening the belt will become a conditional reflex.

The most common cause of road accidents in Sweden are deer. The result of a typical Swedish accident not only a ton of first-class scrap metal, but also valuable fur with halftone diet meat. Therefore, mesh fences are stretched along all highways of the country. As deer through them penetrate, the mind will not attach holes tear off, or what. By the way, deer here is also transport, but not all of the inhabitants of Sweden, but only in its aborigines of the people of Sami.

Ideas about domestic manner on the streets and in general the Swedes are somewhat different. Bright example attitude towards bottle collection. We have a bottle of understanding who: the low-income part of the population.

Not so in Sweden. Here, by the way, they take any bottles, right up to plastic. The main thing is that to collect their occupation is not dumb, but a noble reason for a number of reasons. First, the collector cleans the landscape and feels the Savior of Nature for future generations; Secondly, he earns money, since the collateral value of some types of dishes comes to salvory; Thirdly, the society respect him for it. But you would have thought, learning that your kids are industrialized bottle? Something could think. In Sweden, this occupation is mainly for the deposit of children and is given. Adults are encouraged as education with socially useful work and do not take money to drink themselves. Although some maybe take away.

The success of the bottle business is transient. But in case of failure, as it was once with me, you can always be consciously conscious of the nobility of the environmental mission.

. Gloomy dawn found me part of an unfamiliar northern town. In search of a quiet lawn, wherever I could sleep twitter, I came across something the opposite, surprising me to the depths of the soul: Polyana, completely covered with empty beer bottles. It was all the more surprising that in this country an ordinary garbage is a big rarity, and then there is a fortune. Apparently, some company walked well at night, and the Sanitars have not yet woke up. Crawling on the grass and the surrounding bushes, feverishly assembled bottles, I represented what I scream, passing them in the nearest supermarket. In the most modest calculation, four hundred crowns. Thoughts about the virtue of the unfortunate came later.

Bottles were not placed in a backpack. I had to free the case from the guitar. And he soon filled. And all the bottles did not end. Maybe it’s a dream? Glitch? delirium tremens?

I am pleased to be flexing from the severity of the wealth of wealth, descended to the store. In it, the container takes the machine. Clockwise rotates drum, the irregularities of which determine the type of bottle. After each, in theory, its price should be displayed on the table. But this monster swallowed my precious bottles one after another, and there was zero on the scoreboard. Still do not know what happened. Jokes of hackers? The phenomenon of evil rock? Elementary system failure? And only the last few bottles, distinguished in the form from the rest, issued a figure of 8.

. Enough on Rogalik. He was very, very tasty.

Everything is clear with them. One thought I am still oppressed: what kind of my balca I had to return the state as an income tax?

I love Sweden and more than once in it. For what I love her? Certainly not for the advancement of civilization. Rather, for the fact that civilization here does not swallow the force of the Earth. For harmony of rocks, lakes and pines of this country with her cities. For the fact that in cities besides people live other creatures and also consider the cities of their. For the philosophy of space, turning the wanderer in the philosopher.

Seeing the Islands in Stockholm quarters, it is easy to imagine Atlantis. Such cities are easier to leave the sea.

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