The town of Growa is a small settlement that is located on the territory of Pontevedra. Because of the territorial features and a similar location to the sea, rich in fish, this settlement has long been considered a good fishing town. This feature affected not only that the main part of the inhabitants are busy in this field industry, but also in the fact that all sorts of gastronomic festivals are constantly carried out in the territory of Growa. Especially for such events in the territory of the city, sellers of seafood are moved not only from neighboring cities, but also from European megacities.

For almost ten days, the city covers a real enjoyment of fun, which includes concerts, performance of a variety of ensembles and other entertainment, between which local restaurants feed all fresh sea delicacies.

Also, Grove is famous for healing mud – it seems one more feature of the settlement, which is so manitis of travelers and all lovers to spend their holidays with health benefits. Today, Grove, which is located on the peninsula and washed by the waters of Ria de Arosa, is rich in various natural landscapes, it amazes with his sea landscapes and fascinates with sunrises that open from almost any point of this settlement.

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What is interesting to see in Grove?

Top attractions of Grove

Beach A Lansada


La Thai Island

Grove: Excursions and events

The most popular excursion in Grove is a tourist introductory tour, in which a group of 6-8 people on a comfortable bus goes to the path of the most beautiful places of the peninsula. By time, such an excursion takes about eight hours, with its cost depends on the number of people and the day, for example, on weekdays it can cost 60 euros, and on weekends the price for one ticket can reach 85 euros.

It is noteworthy that the tour of the excursion is negotiated in advance, by the interests of the tourists themselves. For example, one of the groups can pay excursionally exclusively by beaches and natural attractions, and the other will cover the visit to religious and other buildings in their tour, which are regional.

If the choice of excursion programs in Grove is not so large, then the holidays on this island are spent quite often and with a big sweep. The most visited and most bright consider the seafood festival. This event is carried out for more than five decades, it invariably starts the 6th October and the 14th day of the same month is completed.

During the week, all visitors to the festival can taste the most unusual, delicious and very exotic seafood dishes that create real masters of their case. Oysters, mussels, lobsters, crabs, shrimps, lobs and a wide variety of fish varieties attract more than five thousand visitors to this festival. Today, this Meparization is considered one of the largest and most significant events in the field of cooking in all Spain. In addition, during the festival, all visitors are charged with a large number of positive emotions, because it is accompanied by daily dances, songs, competitions and marine delicacies.

History of Grove

Climate in Grove

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Moderately warm climate is dominated in the territory of Grow. It gives a rather roast and sultry summer and a cool winter with precipitation. The characteristic feature of weather conditions in Grove is the frequent fogs, which are tightened by the peninsula and the territory of the town in the morning, however, closer to the middle of the day they do not resemble anything.

The average air temperature in Growa in the summer reaches +26°C, in winter the thermometer column is lowered to the mark +14°C. Sometimes, in particularly cold days, locals celebrate the fall of the column up to +10°C. Due to the fact that Grove is a city on the peninsula, it is worth noting that regardless of the time of the year in this settlement there is always cloudy and high air humidity.

Grove: Entertainment and Activities

Entertainment in Grove is not so much. One of the most popular entertainment sites of this city is a big and rich oceanarium, in which, today, more than a hundred different Ocean representatives live. The biggest and interesting for many visitors is such a representative of the oceanarium as a bull shark and a sandy shark. They live in a fascinatingly large aquarium, which accommodates more than two hundred and fifty thousand liters of water. In addition to the simple observation of these fish and other representatives of the underwater world, in the oceanarium, you can touch the history of evolution and their development, as well as swim in a small, specially designated pool for this, in which peace-loving inhabitants of the seas and oceans float.

As for the active recreation, it seems here the opportunities for tourists are a little more. Pretty good popularity among guests enjoy walks on yachts and boats, usually they only make a circle around the island, but if you agree with the organizers, you can stop at the beautiful, and most importantly by the little beach.

Of course, in Grove, many people like sports such as surfing, windsurfing and kitessurphin. In order to catch his wave to all those who want to rent an inventory and equipment. This can be done both in the city itself and in special tents on the beach.

Transport features of Grove

Public transport in the city is represented by bus messages that run on seven routes. Daily bus starts walking at 07:30 in the morning and finishes at 23:30. The fare is fixed and amounts to 1 euro.

It is worth noting that the city itself is compact and all important places and attractions are located next to each other. That is why locals prefer not to expect transport, but move to the point of destination on personal cars or bicycles. By the way, the latter can be rented by the urban embankment or in the central part of the city. The cost of renting a bicycle per day is 12 euros, with 10 euros need to be left in a deposit, which is given back when the bike is returned during the deadline.

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