Guadalest. Museum of Salon and List

Museum of Salon and List in Guadaleste (Museo de Saleros Y Pimenteros) made an excellent impression on us.

In addition, we had an adventure there, but about it next.

Rising from the lake, we drove into Guadalest – a village with a population of 160 people., with fortress and family museums. Seven museums are the data of the Ineta, in their number it is unlikely to include the gallery of the artist Hoan Vidal (Joan Vidal) and some more interesting places.

Despite the winter season, tourists there are, albeit a little. In the center – municipal parking, if we correctly understood, paid. Parked we are free of stores. Town streets, mostly pedestrian.

In the Museum of Salon and List, we get through a large souvenir shop. Girl at the store checkout Sales and tickets to the museum. Photographing there is not prohibited.

We pass through the store.

The museum presents a collection of solonok and the list of different eras – from the 18th century to our time. Total in the collection about 20,000 exhibits. The owner of the collection – Andrea Ludden collected it for 30 years. The family helps her – Rolf husband, son and daughter. There are only two such museums in the world – in Guadaleste (Spain) and in Tennessee (USA).

Exhibits are exhibited by themes and materials, separately – wooden, glass, plastic, vintage. Topics Diverse – Vegetables, New Year and Christmas, Owls, Frogs, Crocodiles, Docks, Furniture and More. Even there is a salt mark in the form of a figure of John Kennedy. But I seem to be in the frame did not get. On the walls – photos from the history of salt production and growing pepper.

On my photos you will see only a small part of the collection. All pictures are made through the glass.

From plastic and metal.

Porcelain and faience.

From glass. There are many ancient.

These are such earrings "all your wear with you". They are very small.

Few of them vegetables, so also caterpillars.

We walked around the exposition twice, I really wanted to consider more. Not far from the output – the book of reviews and the card, next to the buttons are, of course, we wrote to the book, and the button in your city jackets (seems to be the first of Chernigov). While we went, played soft music, and of course, we did not suspect any trick.

We go to the store – the cashier on the spot is not, we are to the door to the street, and they are closed.

Siesta girl began at 14 o’clock., and will end in 17.

Guadalest. Museum of Salon and List

We look at the street through these glass doors, but we can not say anything. Let’s go back, shout "Senora!". Passed the museum, there were no doors there, in the store one door opened – the warehouse of goods. (On these doors hanging a page in Russian about the museum.)

"Senora! Senora!", And Siegor is not.

And the cold doggy, degrees 10-12, worse than on the street, there at least a sun shines. I rose to the mezzanine, where the pictures are exhibited, – and there are no doors.

All paper, type of accounting books, several stationary phones lie at the cashier, and the girl forgot about us. There is no phone on the advertising booklet.

And there is already hunting, and snack – in the car. And time is a pity.

Decided to call your daughter to Ukraine so that the museum site found a phone. Only we told her about our "captivity", She also responded did not have time, as some, slightly dense elderly uncle opens the door from the street.

We are happy, thank and rzhem both. From what he said we understood "Perdone" (sorry). All we lost there about 20 minutes.

Well, we immediately – in the next cafe to warm up, ordered "Cafe Kon Lechera" ( coffee with milk). And portion decent, and the price is low, as for a tourist site 1.2€.

Near the cafe stood a box with persimmon and the price of 0.75€ per kg, calculation in the cafe. Well, as not to buy, it turned out to be very tasty.

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