Guanajuato: Labyrinth City and its sights Part 2

The next day, early in the morning went beyond the city, to possession of San Gabriel de Barrera – Ex-Hacienda San Gabriel de Barrera Museum. Go there a kilometer three, you can take a taxi for a taxi, maybe even on a local bus, but we are not looking for easy ways, so we go on foot. On the way, we are passing by the regional Museum Guanajuato (Museo Regional de Granaditas), he is great, so we decided to leave it the other day, but in the end I did not get acquainted with him closer. It seems before this building was a barn.

Accidentally wandered into local markets, where all sorts of taxi, cacti and colorful grandmothers are. In general, the people in Mexico are sometimes even more interesting than sights.

Further go the shortest way – Directly, along the way, I get acquainted with Guanajuato outside the tourist reservation. In general, nothing of the row is outstanding, the usual quiet sleepy city, deserted close streets.

How long, briefly reached the target, which, if you still remember, was EX-Hacienda San Gabriel de Barrera, which is now turned into a museum and is open to visiting.

Those who are wondering what Assand is, can read about it in my article about the Mexican house in which we lived in Guanajuato.

Ex-Asshend – This is not only a museum, but also a botanical garden, because in the park with a shopping house there are various types of trees, bushes and flowers, which are organized in the form of small gardens: English garden, Spanish garden and t.D.

In the park you can find a swimming pool, statues, household buildings, the observation platform and other extremely necessary things for life.

For me, the house was the greatest interest, I like mexican dwellings, especially nonsense. All these inner courtyards, arches, curly vegetation look so cute. Interiors are also quite worthy of careful inspection.

There were quite a few tourists in the ex-comming, and mostly local. From tourists, in general, except for us no one. Children will be brought here by whole groups, some of them accompany parents who are also curious to look at an interesting place.

Having seen on the possessions of Gabriel, they nominated back towards the city center. There, in the west of Guanajuato, we were waiting for another museum, the entrance to which is strictly prohibited by fussing personnel. Fearfully?

To do to the museum again decided along the shortest path, which ran across the areas of the slums. Actually, during the day there is not afraid to walk, well, almost not scary… Somehow instinctively want to remove the camera away, but it is better not to clean, otherwise you can miss interesting frames.

Museum reached without adventure. So, those who are confident that nothing is afraid, I will ask you to stay, for the rest of Sheboldasik and Andrews are not responsible)) For the museum is not simple, but the most real Mummy Museum (Museo de las Momias)!

Well, how? You are still with us?

Where so much mummies have accumulated in Guanajuato personally for me for me, but there are really many in the museum. They say everything in special soil and weather conditions. Exhibits are not some important personalities like Pharaohs, these are ordinary unremarkable anything (well, except that they are mummy) people whose bodies have never been in demand by relatives. Some characters have names and stories. For example, cute creation in the coffin tells us (more precisely, it is written on the plate next to it): «Guides of this museum call me a Chinese girl, perhaps because of my clothes or damn face. Be that as it may, I am the only one who has his own real coffin and I am one of the oldest in this collection. I know Dr. Leroya (this is another mummy) and other important people in this room for a long time. »

Still in Guanahuat Museum keeps the smallest mummy of man in the world. Pride so to speak!

Fearless people in Guanayuato turned out to be more than enough, the museum was crowded with visitors. Probably, the principle works «The worse, the better».

After nightmares, they decided to calm down the nerves by the next contemplation of the Guanauato panorama, we liked it so much, just this time they decided to admire the city after sunset.

On the way to the viewing platform, they looked at the old Idalgo market (Mercado Hidalgo), which was built in 1910. Here you can find a great set of souvenirs, clothes, fruits, vegetables, sweets and more.

This time it was climbed onto the viewing platform on foot, but it was decided to go down on the funicular, something did not really wanted to raise the dark on the dark, leading down.

Night Guanajuato was no less beautiful and even more mysterious than the day. Although, you must admit, expected large light special effects.

By the way, in the evenings the city does not fall asleep at all, on the contrary, its center turns into a large part. In Guanayuato, there are a lot of young people, namely, students, so life constantly boils. V Garden Union going so much people that it’s hard to go. On Fridays and Saturdays, after nine in the nine in the central streets, groups of young people with musical instruments are published and whole free concerts begin. So those who are not tired of day walks can perfectly spend the evening.

The third and last walking day decided to partially spend, exploring one of the features of Guanajuato – Tunnels. As mentioned, there are many of them in the city and some are even distinguished by their special grace.

In Guanaanuato Tunnels – The full part of the transport system, they enjoy both cars and pedestrians. Pedestrian walkways and public transport stops are arranged in the tunnels. For me, the main advantage was that the roads in the tunnels are straight))

The remaining part of the day simply wandered around the city, inspecting what they missed. For example, pretty cozy Square Baratheria (Plaza Del Baratillo). It is a pity that the fountain did not work.

Central Garden Union Presented an unexpected surprise – Speech orchestra. Well, of course, there is a gazebo, and this is a faithful sign that here, as in other small towns, also sometimes Musicians are going.

We enjoyed music from the Huares Theater, where it was quiet and calmly, and still from there a wonderful view of Temple Company de Jesus (Templo de La Compania de Jesus).

Looking into a couple of souvenir shops. Some of them are almost museums, there is something to think. Mexican souvenirs – This is a separate topic!

If you are in Guanajuato, I advise you to look into the sweets store LACatrina (One of them was discovered opposite the Huares Theater, and the second on the Los Angeles Square, maybe somewhere else). It’s just a paradise for sweet tooths, I think that even those who do not love sweetly will remain indifferent. Here you will find all sorts of nuts, waffles, nuuu, marmalade jelly-joy, syrups, coconut desserts and much more. By the way, the solutions also have.

And, of course, bakery (Dulceria or Panaderia) either no one has canceled.

Ah, yes, I almost forgot to tell about the most important thing! Guanajuato – This city, known for the fact that precious metals mined and mined in it. Spaniards on which they later founded the city were attracted by the fact that rich gold deposits were found here, and later silver.

Then there, then on the streets you can see the trolley performing the role of flower.

At the end of the tradition, I propose to get acquainted with the inhabitants of Guanajuato.

Guanajuato City-Labyrinth and its sights Part 2

Here, in general, and all I wanted to tell about this wonderful city. Well, he liked him?

Pleasant to you walking guanauato, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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Olga 06.02.2016

The city is stunning. Jeanne, tell me, from the bus station Guanajuato on the usual bus to the center it is possible to get?

Sheboldasik 06.02.2016

To be honest, I do not know, but I am sure that you can, the locals are probably the buses drive. In principle, the taxi is also not too expensive and much easier, it is about 40 pesos.

Olga 06.02.2016

Thanks Zhanna! Well, yes, as they say, I’m not looking for light paths)). I am in a bubble and oakhaka easily at the bus reached the center and on the map easily found the scheduled hostel. And here looking at such winding streets, alleys.I’m afraid to dull)). And what about prices in the cafe, more expensive than in Mexico City or Oax?

Sheboldasik 06.02.2016

Olga, not so scratching damn)) I think, and in Guanuato, you will deal with, since experience there is))

As for food, if you find a comedian Corrida, it will cost about the same, in the area of ​​40-50 Pesos, however, we find the search for the usual Corrida in Guanakhato more difficult than in other cities – suggestions are clearly less (or looking bad).

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