Guanajuato: Labyrinth City and its sights

For dessert, we had a town with a not very tempting name Guanajuato, the third in the account among the colonial cities visited by us, which is located north of Mexico City.

On the very first day, Andriusiks dubbed him «City vertical», And all because it is located on a hilly area, fastened the slopes of low mountains. This is perhaps the most important difference from plain coherero and not so embossed San Miguel. Walk through Guanajuato – this is a whole marathon, and it is not clear what is easier, constantly climbing up or go down. Some streets – it’s just one long staircase.

More than one distinguishing feature of the city was born from the features of the relief – Tunnels that have been given the whole city. But these are not the tunnels, where the cars fly at the speed of light and there is no more place to go anyone, the pedestrians can safely walk along Guananyatsky underground roads, for which sidewalks are made. Some tunnels are not even just a means of movement, but a whole landmark, but about it a little later.

I think you have already understood that externally, Gunahuato is very different from previous towns. Streets here are some unimaginable cycle, there is no sequence, about perpendicularity and parallelism, it does not even go, real maze. Many residential streets – Pedestrian because they are so narrow and cool that there are no place for cars on them.

Well, with features figured out.

Attractions Guanajuato

As with any other city, Guanajuato has its own list of attractions, for which tourists go here, so, friends, put on hats and go for a walk.

On the first day on the winding street panoshka under the blue sky and the hot sun we reached Art Museum Olga Costa and José Chavez Morado (Museo De Arte Olga Costa – JOSé CháVEZ Morado). It turned out to be very small, deprived of tourists and very cozy, perhaps the whole thing was in the filling house and courtyard classical music.

On the first floor – Fully preserved atmosphere that reigned during the lifetime.

On the second, the dispensation of the exposition of their paintings. Creative was family.

From the Museum of Aqueduct led us towards the center. How often it happens, closer to the outskirts the city looks bad enough and sir.

But it is worth only to cross the invisible feature that divides the central part of the city and the outskirts, like it – Mute in all its glory.

At home in Guanajuato, places resemble multicolored boxes, compiled by a careless hand in non-stroke rows, it seems to endure the bottom and all the others will collapse.

Suddenly, because of the houses it seemed Theater Cervantes (Teatro Cervantes), and next to him – Inseparable, known, couple – Don Quixote and his faithful satellite Sancho Pans.

What does Don Quixote do in Guanuaato, you ask? The answer is: many years ago, one of the fans of Cervantes introduced the tradition to rendet the author «Don Quixote» In the form of all sorts of artistic creations, that over time he turned into annual festivals «Servantino». And you say, do not coordinate the idol…

The closer to the heart of the city, the more and more often you get into the arms of small cozy areas surrounded by houses and necessarily equipped with a fountain. The first brought us Mexiamore Square (Plazuela Mexiamora).

Through the saint of guanahuati architects on the street FUENTE DEL CAMPANERO I got to Church of St. Francisco (Templo de San Francisco). I think you will not be surprised at all if I say that there are plenty of guanauato. Somehow, it happened, that we don’t even look at them to look at the interior decoration, because it seems that it constantly pursues the feeling of debt, almost all on one face.

But we were happy to spend time in the two-steps of the church Kiheot iconographic museum (Museo iconografico del Quijote). Andriusiks almost abandoned him to visit, seeing in the title a terrible word «iconograph», which neither a drop of enthusiasm not settled in him, but did not resist my pressure, which was later very happy.

The museum is dedicated not to icons, as can think when reading his name, but a thin brestle with the injustice of Don Kihot. This senor in Guanajuato is very and very popular. Judge for yourself – statues around the city, images on buses, whole museum and t.D.

In the latter, we found many paintings with the image of a famous hero in a variety of techniques and variations.

The most central king of the city – Garden Union (Jardin de la Union), that’s where life constantly boils: Tourists and locals woven in an unstable dance, restaurants call visitors with magic smells, and grandparents sing funny and not very mexican songs.

The Teatro Juarez Theater is almost a bit, you can simply admire from the side, visit as a museum or go to the performance.

Literally on the next street – one more – Theater Princal (Teatro Principal). Amazing city This guanahuato. Such a small one, and as many as three huge theater (and these are only those that we have seen). Apparently, it loves here the people culturally conduct leisure.

That looks like «Centro History»: Theater, Museum, Church, Area, Church, Theater, Area, Museum.

Guanajuato City-Labyrinth and its sights

And again multicolored cobbled streets. I wonder how mexico looked now, if not the Spanish invasion and domination, tightened for three centuries? After all, it is the Spaniards who set the love of the rideward palette of flowers to local residents.

Guanajuato turned out to be the first city in which the alley acts as an independent attractions. For example, Alley Arok (Calejon de Los Arcos) – Very tiny, squeezed between two lively streets, cozy and cute quiet corner.

At the exit from the arches of the arches before the eyes appears the main attraction of Guanajuato – Bright, elegant and huge Basilica Our Lady of Guanajuato (Parroquia de BasíLica Colegiata de Nuestra SEñOra de Guanajuato), which, perhaps, is a calling card of the city. Before Basilica – La Paz (Plaza de La Paz), completely miniature, but elegant.

For me, for me a separate landmark of Guanajuato, buses, such a beautiful public transport I have never seen anywhere else.

With inexhaustible energy, we continue to absorb guanahuatian interest, agree, here there is something to see. On one of the streets we slept another church – Church of St. Jose TEMPLO SAN JOSE).

And for her – huge University Guanajuato (Universidad de Guanajuato), on the thresholds of which students constantly hang out, which, apparently on inertia, circle around the repository of the granite of science and can not get together with the forces and go home.

Fucking streets get even to one alley attraction, which I really wanted to look.

So manifes me his name – Pereulok kisses, Calejon del Besos. Romance, and only. Such as I am romantics, in the alley turned out more than you could imagine, so I had to be content with the contemplation of other couples in love, which, in general, is also very much in the spirit of Mexico.

At the end of the day, the Renaire was blocked in front of our units of Square: Los Angeles Square (Plaza de Los Angeles) for her Garden Reform Jardín reforma), Square San Fernando (Plazuela de San Fernando) and finally, San San Roke (Plaza de San Roque).

Completed the day by contemplating the magnificent panorama of the city. To be honest, did not even expect it to be so beautiful and spectacular. Great when reality exceeds all expectations.

All the main attractions of the center are perfectly visible from above, it is interesting to look at them in an unusual perspective. It seems to me that all churches from the height look completely different, because all of their elegant vaults are not visible from the earth. For example, Church of St. Francisco (Templo de San Francisco) completely transformed.

Immediately there is a monument to Shakhtar on Mount El Pipila, This warlike man became a hero during the war of independence. He is now threatening to shove enemies and opponents.

So, a long and rich first day approached the end, if you are still interested, then tomorrow will continue.

Guanajuato City-Labyrinth and its sights

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