Guarani: People, Language and Monetary Unit

Paraguay travelers from Russia are attended by infrequent. So far from our countries from each other and so weak their political (not to mention economic) communications, which, despite the formal availability of diplomatic relations, Paraguay does not have its embassy in Moscow, and Russia – in the Paraguayan capital Asuncion. The economy of the incomplete and underdeveloped Paraguay is focused on the neighboring economic giants of Latin America – Brazil and Argentina. It has the most direct impact on the country’s monetary circulation situation.

The national monetary unit Paraguay is Guarani. Guarani is the name of the Indian tribe, whose representatives make up most of the population of Paraguay. Language Guarani, along with Spanish – Official language of the Republic. In the field of public administration and business, it is used little, but on Paraguayan money, some inscriptions are made to Guarani. They are made in the same font as Spanish, so foreigners who know Spanish, but far from Paraguayan realities, sometimes wondering why, let’s say, SU Guarani is written on a banknote in 1000 Guardi (that is, "Your Guarani" Spanish). As if it is not clear that the banknote that you have, at the moment – your?! In fact, SU in Guarani language — "thousand".

Why arriving for a while in Paraguay, local money can not be seen. "Hevidimkov" they make two circumstances. First, the currency is unstable: its course in relation to the dollar is steadily declining. Last week at the official rate, the dollar cost almost 2.000 Guarani. By the way, therefore there is no metal coin in this country: inflation has long been rejuvenated from circulation.

Secondly, Paraguay largely lives due to the fact that he announced his entire territory of duty-free trade. Brazilians and Argentines come here to buy goods (including those made in Brazil and Argentina) are much cheaper than they could do it at home. Foreigns with them bring foreign dennaunas: American dollars, Brazilian Reals and Argentine Pesos. All these currencies now feel incomparably better than Guarani. Peso and Real after monetary reforms who spent the neighbors Paraguay, became even more resistant than the dollar.

Paraguayan population frankly prefers foreign money with its own, and liberalism (or rather, the complete absence) of currency control in this country allows each wishes to pay in those money, in which it seems more convenient. Has East Guarani countries have disappeared so much from the appeal, which is only your special request for a store cashier, maybe it will delete one or two molecular papers at the checkout. In the capital Guarani and foreign drugs meet approximately equal frequency. More or less strong positions Guarani hold only in the small-populated northern regions of the country – simply because foreigners will raise there extremely rarely and put out foreign money there simply no one.

Guarani people, language and monetary unit

By the way, since several currencies immediately appeal here practically on equal rights, the exchange of money is not a common operation in Paraguay. You will have to resort to it only if you for some reason brought with you German stamps, British pounds or some more exotic for these places SLE. Local traders course of these currencies are weakly weak, so they are not allowed to change them in private. You will have to search for the bank, and, by the way, the search for it can submit some difficulties. It is easiest to find it in Asuncion. If fate brings you into the forests and deserts of the North Paraguay, then there may not be one hundred kilometers around. Change money without leaving the capital.

Paraguayan banks close early. Normal timetable: from 10.00 to 16.00, except Saturday and Sunday. If you are in the second largest city of Ciudad del Este, then for the exchange you may have to go across the bridge to the neighboring Brazilian territory: the border is open, and the exchange points on the Brazilian side operate until late evening.

Paraguay – Cash Country Country. Different innovations of the type of credit cards and traveler checks here have not yet received. They can be paid in the few metropolitan high-end establishments (hotels, restaurants and shops), but the vast majority of the country’s population knows only the money: paper bills.

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