Guatemala – modern and colonial

Department Guatemala – the brightest and cosmopolitan Central America, with modern buildings and business centers of the capital, in contrast to which the city Antigua Guatemala It is a romantic colonial city, which is a mixture of ancient structures, customs and traditions.

City Guatemala – An ideal place for holding congresses and conferences, all conditions for golf lovers have been created here for relaxation and medical procedures. Historic center Guatemala has 200-year history, Cathedral, iconic buildings, churches and museums, reflecting the historic evolution of the country. There are also points for entertainment and recreation, such as Zone Viva, Where exclusive hotels, restaurants and nightclubs are concentrated.

Very close to the capital, in Panchoy Valley, There is a charming city Antigua Guatemala, pearl Spanish colonial Heritage. Antigua is surrounded by three majestic volcanoes and mountains covered with coffee plantations. Ancient cobbled streets, the incomparable buildings of the city exuded the spirit of religiosity and romance, no wonder this place is popular for wedding ceremonies, socio-cultural events and Easter colorful processions. Its best monuments are Palacio de Los Capane-Heneleles, Palacio del Noble Isauntamatento, Palacio-Arsobspal, Monastery and Church of La Mercedes, Church of San Francisco, Ruins La Recolekson And many other city facilities.

Museums, historical sights, objects of colonial architecture Guatemala form a panorama of contrasts between modern buildings and shopping centers that attract the attention of guests with proposed products of folk crafts – cotton tablecloths, traditional ceramic dishes, various types of candles and candlesticks, pyrotechnics, tin chandeliers, lanterns, candelabra, silver Clock, earrings, rings and bracelets.

One of the attractions of the capital is National Zoo Aurora, 5 minutes from the area of ​​Zone Viva and 2 minutes from the airport. Zoo is surrounded Green holiday zones with apple trees, And in his center is located Tea house, Built in the 20s of the last century in French style, and Italian statues. Also on the territory of the zoo are preserved original Stel Maya. Animal world is presented 70 species Asia inhabitants, African savanna, rainforest.

Museum Popolo Offers tourists a unique walk deep in Guatemalan history illustrated with one of the best collections of Dupispan and colonial art. This museum is a scientific institution, the purpose of which is to preserve and study the archaeological and cultural heritage of Guatemala.

Guatemala - modern and colonial

In the administrative center of the city, on the spot that once occupied Fort San Jose, Built cultured complex Miguel Angel Asturias. Its shape, imitating the ship stands out against the background of the surrounding buildings. The complex consists of Opera Theater, Chamber Theater, Open-air Theater, Rates for rehearsals, seminars and conferences, and Museum of ancient weapons.

In the central and craft markets, Guatemala, as well as in the Antigua market, in addition to basic goods, you can purchase Products of folk craftsmen: from leather, wood, cotton, metal, candles, paintings, jewelry and other traditional national products. In the markets are equipped with handicraft workshops and exhibition premises, and you can taste a typical Guatemalan cuisine.

35 km from the city of Guatemala is Lake Ammatitlan, possessing a rich natural diversity. In the north of Ammatitlan is located National Park Unidas with recreational wood zones. May 3 marks the day of the lake, a distinctive feature of which is the sale of multicolored wooden handmade boxes filled with sweets.

60 km from the capital, at the junction of the KICC departments, Chimaltenango and Guatemala, is located Archaeological complex Mishko-Viejo or Hilippecé Vieho. It was one of the few Maja settlements, lively and functioning during the Spanish conquests. The settlement appeared in XII or XIII century and served as the Economic Center of the Valley River Motagua, which passed an ancient trading path.

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