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There are several Russian-speaking schools on Bali. There are also international. The first will provide you with the service in Russian, the second – in English. In Russian-language schools, there are instructors from Russia, in international schools – Rod from Indonesia. Most often they speak English well in English. As the analysis showed, training in international surfing schools is cheaper. However, before happily go to the lesson to the local, make sure that your knowledge of English is above the level of Intermediate, since the development of the theory of surfing you have to do in English. It’s not as simple as it seems at first glance. If in your knowledge of foreign language you doubt, it is better to pay for $ 20 more in a Russian-speaking school and be sure that you will be understood everything.

To master the surfing on Bali, a newcomer on average, it is necessary 6 lessons in a group or 4 personal lesson with an instructor (cheaper in the group).

What do you learn during this time?

1-2 lesson

• Light the theory of riding on the board and equipment
• Get the first experience of skating on the foam – the wave crashes by the shore

3-4 lesson

• Do you learn where the waves come from, what is the reverse and etiquette of the sief
• Learn to catch small waves, rotate during riding and go along the wave

5-6 lesson

• Go to a new place of skiing, where the situation is analyzed
• independently be on the board and take small waves

Between classrooms, it is recommended to take a break for holidays 1-2 days, since the surfing is a serious load for the body. Each lesson lasts an average of 2-3 hours. As a rule, 6 lessons are stacked in 10-14 days of vacation. With a good coherence of natural circumstances and your desire for 6 surf lessons, it is possible to actually succeed in riding on the board. It is recommended to limit the use of alcoholic beverages on the eve of the lesson.

For full immersion in the atmosphere of surfing on Bali we advise you to come to the sirf camp. Almost all schools on the island are organized by the sirf camps. The program usually includes trips on the island, acquaintance with the culture and nature of Bali. The beauty of volcanoes, waterfalls and beaches amazes. In the camp you will be surrounded by like-minded people, training will be twice as interesting. On the personal experience of the author in the sirf-camp on Bali you are guaranteed 100% adventure.

7 Budget Schools of Surfing for Beginners in Kuta

School rating with the cheapest training (price for 6 classes):

  1. Windy – $ 190
  2. Guide to budget schools Cute
  4. SURF SEASON – $ 204

1. Windy Sun
International Surfing School, has been working for 6 years. Russian and local instructors are taught here, who have developed their own learning techniques "SURF LAND TRAINING". Six surfing lessons will cost you $ 190, three lessons – $ 95. For groups from 5 people there is a 10% discount.

2. Odyssey Surf School
International School Surfing. Instructors come from Indonesia. Six lessons will cost $ 200, three surf lessons – $ 95. Group training is massive, be prepared to engage in the company 15 people.

3. Surf Season
Fully Russian surfing school on Bali, classes are conducted in their native language. School is located on the basis of the villa, where there is a swimming pool, yoga lessons are available. Taking into account the 15% discount six surf lessons will cost you $ 204, three lessons – $ 115. Please note: SURF SEASON offers the best price for the camp Surfing program – $ 349 for 10 days.

4. Pro Surf
International Surf School, there are Russian-speaking instructors. Six classes are $ 210, three classes – $ 135. The school is based on the Hard Rock Cafe beach club, yoga lessons are available here, as well as a bar and restaurant. Placement conditions Maximum comfortable. You can get a discount on learning by sending a letter to Admin @ Baliforum.Ru.

5. Easy Surf
One of the first Russian surfing schools on Bali. Developed its own learning methodology "On Wave". Six classes will cost $ 230, three lessons – $ 190. Here it is advantageous to buy the lessons of surfing plus accommodation based on the school.

6. Endless Summer
Russian-speaking school on the beach in Kuta, teach surfing Russian and local instructors. The price for 6 lessons is $ 260, for three – $ 180. Photographing is organized, based on the analysis of students’ errors. The Endless Summer school has Surf Cafe, here are parties, watching a movie about surfing and other events.

7. Surf Discovery
One of the oldest Russian-speaking schools of surfing on Bali. Six classes will cost you at $ 275, three – $ 195. Surf Discovery is located on site Bali Bungalow. The school has a swimming pool and boards for initial Surfing learning.

All of the mentioned schools you can find on the map of Cute (compiler Baliforum card.RU).

Experience shows that it is cheaper to buy lessons or a place in the cutting camp online on the school website in advance (at least a month before arrival). If you are interested in maximum savings, you can always hire an Indonesian instructor directly on the beach in Kuta for $ 30 / Lesson. Of course, the quality of service is different from the surfing schools, but the full immersion in the local culture is provided.

Most importantly, remember: the development of the surf is possible only with regular training. Surfing takes a lot of strength, but in return gives even more. You will define on the board and take your first wave, good luck!

Guide to budget schools Cute

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