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Carriedized citizens in free from the main work time of private excursions on alternative attractions of their cities. Leveling Petersburg, Detective San Francisco, Florentine Fashion, Secret Salsa party in Barcelona, ​​Digger Moscow. "My Planet" recommends that local guides search services – for those who do not want to follow the ski stick with a flag or an umbrella in the crowd of tourists.

The site, conceived as a travel planning site, allows you to celebrate the route and your previous and future travel on the map, find travelers, catch special offers from airlines and hotels. And most importantly, he connects local residents (Russian-speaking) who have something to tell about their city, with those who want to learn about this city.

Creator Tripster.RU Alexey Melchakov:

– In the fall of 2012, I was freed from various cases, I was able to stop and think about what I would be interested and important to do what I could truly engage. And here at the junction of my interests (communications, ensuring understanding and interaction of people, travel) and the ability to build Internet products have appeared such an idea – give people the opportunity to know the world and fall into different subcultures, Meeting and communicating with passionate citizens.

– The service works cool, small, not very public team and, of course, amazing people around the world: Alice from Reykjavik with a shark buried to the ground, Sasha from London with walks on the undeveloped gallery, to which the chef editors of the Moscow publications, Denis, a jazz musician from Frankfurt, Tatiana, living on the Finnish island distant from civilization and the name of all to themselves volone, rest from cities and help restore the house, – It is very in demand, feels, accumulated in people fatigue from civilization.

– Our plans – explain to all, What cool thing we did, and all among themselves to put pressure on the world. We will increase the number of proposals, expand geography, we will translate from Russian to English and other languages ​​- a lot of plans.

– We do not work in the format of excursions – rather dating, walking, joint pastime and enrichment. Mass consciousness should still change a little and adapt to the presence of such opportunities, we see how it all gradually happens right before our eyes.

– The benefit of the "Tripter" is that we take a small commission from the cost of each walk – in perspective, we think we will have enough of this to contain yourself.

– We are very young and while small, we have several dozen orders a week, but gradually we grow. The monthly turnover confidently exceeded for € 10,000, but it is rather evidence that our whole idea is really in demand.

Price: € 72 per group

Duration: 2.5 hours

Organizer: Alice Kalyanov

– I did not have the desire to drive tours, until I suggested a friend. It seems to me that this is a great idea, because you believe or not – from your beloved city too tired. Everything seems to be the same: and the mountains are the same, and the sea, and when you show your favorite places to tourists, friends and just random people, you begin to feel everything in a different way.

– For your tour, I chose not quite a classic topic. Since I am a photographer and in service I have to shoot food and restaurants for reviews, I know where and what is now served that they love to order and what is usually prepared. In my tour I will tell everything I know about Icelandic gastronomic traditions. We will walk around the city, let’s go to a couple of shops, for example in Bónus (this is such an analogue of the Russian "Pyaterochka"), I will show what they are here and how they are prepared from. D., And at the end I will invite guests for dinner to my home.

– My excursion is a bit more expensive than the average in Europe, but this is because it includes a light lunch from Icelandic snacks. I have not yet received any suggestions, but I think that someone will respond this summer.

Walk to Fashion Glory Florence places combined with shopping and mini lecture on how the Italians dress.

€ 72 per person / 4 hours / Katerina

"I will help to dress in Italian. It means that men will look like just descended from the yacht and already open the door of Lamborghini, and women – like their companions or owners of their own business with the figures of Monica Belutchi and Bianci Baltic, from which the Spirit is capturing ".

Big Tour at the best places in the city where Flamenco dance, Latino-American Dancing in Square, Secret Beach Salsa Parties.

€ 36 per group / 1 hour / Alexandra

"If you never tried, it does not mean that you are not born for dancing! I will give you a few lessons that will allow you to dance with any partners and partners and feel confident. And if you wish, we can pass a whole course of social dance with you, and then you can become the king of the dance floor ".

Numerous walk in the footsteps of the heroes of the film Noir "Dizziness" (dir. Alfred Hichkok) and a police detective "Bullith" (dir. Peter Yets) dedicated to the mysterious atmosphere of the city.

$ 96 per person / 12 hours / Stanislav

"San Francisco – a decoration city and a city actor, he lies you and at the same time prompts the truth. Little films are removed here, but almost all of them determined the laws of the genre for decades ahead and gave rise to many imitation ".

While Sputnik works only in three cities – Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev – and specializes in unusual excursions dedicated to one epoch ("All power to the Council!"), Hipster (" Hipster Moscow "), walks on the roofs (" roofs of Peter "), literature (" city of Joseph Brodsky "), separate districts (" Combusha: Old Worker ") and even buildings (" House on the Embankment " ).

Price: 1650 USD for man

Duration: 3 hours

Organizer: Daniel Davydov

– In ordinary life I am Moskvist, Locrad, Digger, guide. Excursions in Moscow, near Moscow and Moscow – this is so the only look of earnings. Besides telling, I don’t know how to do anything else. That’s why Full bid of the guide – this is mine.

The idea of ​​driving excursions under the ground Vitala in the air since the 90s, but none of the diggers did not seriously do. And in 2004 I received a proposal from the company selling "Impressions", prepare an underground route. I took and prepared – and became the first.

– The tourist route is laid on one of the collector systems of small rivers Moscow. For three hours, people learn a lot about our city, and still rise to waterfalls, struggling with the current, see underground springs, stalactites and generally turn on excursions in real diggers.

– Earnings depends on very much: Season, Promotion, Weather. I don’t have to talk about stability. It happens, two weeks there are no orders, and it happens, for a few days so much the people will call that they work without days off, but "Mercedes" C-class afford, of course, I can not.

– My excursions – This is the author’s implemented project, and afford to something to sculpure is simply impossible. The benefit also in self-development. After all, when you live something, you constantly find out something new and replenish the luggage of knowledge, feel in your place.

Not very useful for health, but it is a very cognitive study of the disappearing type of peetic establishments – a glass, in which it is necessary to overturn a stack behind a stack and argue about the destinies of the country.

500 rubles. per person / 3 hours / Timur

"Wasy – this is a place where people drink and eat. But this is not a familiar modern bar. Skinny – it’s interesting and drunk. In a glass, you will discover the world of beautiful and surprisingly cheap alcohol and pre-revolutionary, and Soviet St. Petersburg ".

Hike at the work block of the beginning of the 20th century – a lamp plant in a neo-neutic style and a DC, in which all prominent rockers of the Soviet era played.

350 rubles. per person / 1 hour / Paul

"Major Lane," Professor Dowel Castle ", Factory" Wool and Sukno – 1916 "," Gothic Cathedral "- Between the stations" Semenovskaya "and" Elektrodskaya ", a miracle has been preserved by fragments of another old Moscow with its wooden houses, old factories and curves Lanes with their amazing history and no less amazing legends and bikes ».

Cultural and architectural tour of the typical Petersburg courtyards. Elegant front with marble stairs. Round yard, Finnish courtyard, Bania Rasputin, Rotunda and exemplary profitable.

500 rubles. per person / 1.5 hours / Yaroslav

"The courtyards-wells are gloomy, majestic, long-standing symbols of St. Petersburg. How people lived in them 100 years ago, without elevators and refrigerators, and often without electricity? How many paid for the apartment and was the mortgage?"

A huge base of tours and excursions in the most different corners of the world: from skiing in Iceland to dating penguins in South Africa and travel to Hawaiian volcanoes. ToursBylocals suggestions, although it is sensitive and varied, but also come across banal options (for example, a sightseeing tour of Rome). Excursions can not be filtered in the language on which they are conducted; Most guides are fluent in English. Russian-speaking guys a little, almost all the tours they lead in Russia.

Language: English, Japanese

Price: $ 183 per group

Duration: 4 hours

Organizer: Kenzo

– I left my last job to become a guide for English-speaking people and show them your favorite city. Most of all in this profession like to watch people fall in love with Kyoto And, what is there, in me, and get acquainted with representatives of other cultures. Usually a week from two to five excursions, but the frequency depends on the season. For half a day, you can earn about 15,000 yen (about 4000 rubles.), and for the whole day – 25 000 (about 6500 rubles.).

Long walk through winery, watching beautiful landscapes and, of course, wine tasting, received not one international prize.

$ 640 per group / 6 hours / English, Dutch / Mich

"The walk starts and ends in one of my favorite winemons, which is located on private land, and therefore beautiful species that are opening from here are most often hidden from prying eyes.".

Leopards, antelopes, black rhinos, elephants and other animals that you will not see so simple without anywhere, here are diluted with views of Kenya mountain and beautiful landscapes of the National Park.

$ 675 per group / 3 days / English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese / Rosabell

"The measure was one of two areas where George Adamson and Joy Adamson worked and where they raised Elza, then became popular thanks to the book and the film "Born free"".

All major sights of Cork: the port, from which "Titanic", whiskefish and a stone of eloquence in the blarni castle.

$ 602 per group / 9 hours / English / Ray

"Kiss the eloquence stone, and you can always find the necessary words".

Resource with excursions for those who came to the city for a while and want to inspect everything at once: and secret places, and binding sights. Discover Walks Guides show only San Francisco and six major European cities – Paris, Rome, Barcelona, ​​London, Prague, Lisbon; Soon to add to them St. Petersburg. Formally excursions are free, but voluntary guide remuneration is welcome.

Alexander Gurevich, creator of the site Discoverwalks.COM:

– We have created a website in 2009 and wanted our excursions to be fun, complete enthusiasm and that guides did their job just because Love, for example, Paris and want to infect their love. After all, there are quite a lot of boring and instructive excursions. Our goal is to make people talking to each other, exchanged opinions, and not just stood and listened.

Guides in place

Many guides have another job: Documentary Products, Musicians, Students, Town Plants.

– Fixed prices for excursions we do not have – Guests pay as much as we find it necessary at the end of the walk.

– Great to change the route depending on the audience: Paris, for example, very Russian, and very interesting to show Russian Russian Paris. My favorite route is the area around notre-lady, because I grew up there, this is my district. And so with many guides – They will lead around the places of their childhood, by those who know best.

The tour covers the oldest bars of San Francisco, the quarter, as if transferred from Naples, and places where you can easily meet Francis Ford Coppol.

Free / 90 minutes / English / Group of enthusiasts

"Little Italy is an excellent example of liberalism, diversity and inexhaustory energy of San Francisco, and now it is a unique area in which almost all places are interesting both to local and tourists.".

The city district where the president lives, from where Vasco da Gama went to the sea and where bake cakes with the most secret recipe in the world.

free, but medium tips – € 12/5 hours 40 minutes / English / Group of enthusiasts

"During the excursion, you can find out what Cararalas were, and why they were truly great, and why the president loves to live here (the correct answer is because in Lisbon is very green!) ".

Excursion to those places where the royal family is generously accompanied by history stories of the royal yard and the habits of Sir Winston Churchill.

£ 12/5 hours 40 minutes / English / Group of enthusiasts

"I wanted to know why the police would not last if they would meet a pregnant woman? Why you can not die in parliament? How to find out if the queen is at home? All answers – on this excursion ".

EXCURSIOPEDIA has tours in more than 1,200 cities around the world (in Russian and in the language of the country where the tour is held): Along with sightseeing excursions (by Seatla, Vladivostok, Omsk, etc.) There are also specific (from Wicklow Parks to Cameroon Carnavals and Wine Mine Australia).

Price: € 170 per group

Duration: 3 hours

Organizer: Marina Sorina

– I spent the first excursion by chance, year in 2007. In Verona University, where I studied in graduate school, the international conference of Slavists took place. I was asked to help in conducting an excursion for them. I was preparing all night. And not in vain – All 45 people listened to me by opening my mouth. After that success, professional guides began to invite me to the substitution. Then I sat for textbooks, prepared for the exam and in November 2012 itself became a licensed guide.

– Verona is an intersection of all roads since Roman times. To trace the layers of different crops, tell the little-known legends, look into the parks or churches, which open to visitors once a month, enjoy cozy alleys and gentle chapels, and not noisy central streets – I find it all for people who are not familiar with.

– Home Benefit – I myself am my own mistress. No one says that and when to do, no one must report. After many years of work in offices, it’s just fine.

– I hope that my customers will change over time and I will increasingly work with people who have a certain preparation and already well-known ITALY. Such people take a guide, not because they cannot find themselves on the map where we have: they want them to show not the surface, but what is hiding behind her.

– Tariffs for excursions in our city are about the same. Russian-speaking guides in Verona with a dozen, and native Russian has four of them, so we are quite a bit compared to a huge stream of Russian groups and individuals.

Machines in the context, the history of the concern and the subtleties of production.

€ 95 per group / 2 hours / Russian / Svetlana

"Excursion to the BMW world in Munich – imbued with a miracle of engineering and designer thought from the very first BMW motors in the museum to the most modern technologies in the BMW exhibition hall".

Tulips fields, of course, is better to look during their flowering, when 32 hectares planted on the initiative of the reigning family are painted by all the colors of the rainbow; In addition to tulips, hyacinths and daffodils are grown here.

€ 150 per group / 3 hours / Russian / Asya

"There are several cafes-restaurants in the park in the park, a souvenir shop, selling bulbs (for season), plant seeds and plants in gift wrapping. You can also order a bulb with delivery in the autumn season for landing in your garden ".

A crazy weekly gastronomic tour, threatening to pour into the Rabalazian feast, suggests, besides kebabs and other disgusts, tasting brandy and visiting a rather large number of castles and temples.

$ 1335 per person / 8 days / English, Russian, French, German, Italian / Avelet

"The Choir of the Virap is considered one of the holy places of the Armenian Apostolic Church. According to the legend, it is here that the deep pit, in which, at the order of Tsar Trudat III was thrown by Gregory Announcer for preaching Christianity. From here a beautiful view of the biblical mountain Ararat ".

Guides in place

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