Guine Canyon Travel Guide or Alien Lake Powell Landscapes Part 3

As you already probably understood, the heart of the recreation area Glen Canyon – Artificial Lake Powell (Powell Lake). It appeared as a result of construction in the middle of the twentieth century a huge dam height under two hundred meters. The reservoir formed as a result of cunning manipulations was called in honor of John Wesley Wesley Powell, who studied the Colorado River (which, in fact, filled the canyon) in the second half of the nineteenth century.

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The scheme at the beginning of the article shows that the recreation area Glen Canyon is a big and consists of several independent parts. Andriusix and I visited only one (Wahweap), but the impressions were taken away extremely many and were extremely positive.

Having stopped in the park with the only mercenary purpose – spend the night, literally stunned from seen beauty. Absolutely did not expect to see anything like! It was immediately decided to stay and inspect the neighborhood of at least the part of the Park part, for it was necessary to go to others or a long time to go, or swim, and we were not laid at the time for this park.

The next day, the weather made their own adjustments by providing our stay on the lake a frowning sky and periodic rains, so the surroundings of Wahweap examined urabs. As we planned to visit the famous Canyon Antelope (Antelope Canyon), requiring special weather conditions, it was decided to experience bad weather on Powell Lake. By the way, we didn’t get to the antelope, maybe I will write more about it in more detail so that you are on the difference in our situation.

So, I share what we saw in Wahweap. This is noted that this area is geographically very small and drive around its land part can be literally for half a day, if you do not go to the remote point of Alstrom Point, to which, by the way, on the usual passenger car can not get. But this is a completely different story.

What we saw?

Glen Canyon Dam (Glen Canyon Dam)

I have already written about the dam, actually, this is enough. You can only mention that this is the second largest reservoir after Lake MID. Before that, we have already seen the Hoover Dam with Andrews not far from Las Vegas and she did not differ much from this.

Landscapes along Scenic Overlooks Drive

To assemble a collection of pretty species of the UWAEP, just ride «Road of picturesque species». Types in Glen Canyon Actually what needs!

Panorama give birth to the spirit of freedom due to wide expanses. Lack of trees and in general, any greens, gives terrain a few alien appearance.

Lone Rock Beach Beach

Lone Rock Beach We visited only because I looked at the camping in this area. The place turned out to be absolutely charming and extremely. I will only say that in the end we spent in a wonderful camp, spread right on the shore of the lake, three days. Yes, they were detained mainly due to bad weather, but there was no big zeal to leave, with pleasure and a couple of days would take. I write in detail in detail in another article, but for now I’ll just show a photo of a lonely cliff, towering in the midst of water. It was she who attached a special piquancy to the local landscape.

In addition, on the territory of Glen Canyon there are described by me in a separate articleHorseshoe (Horseshoe bend) and Bridge Navajo (Navajo Bridge).

Well, here such treasures we managed to grab. In addition, in the park as a whole and in «ours» parts in particular Pedestrian trails, which we have tried attention. You can read about them on the page of the official website dedicated to Glen Canyon.

Also read the details about other numerous interesting and beautiful places:

Organized tours and excursions

How it is not difficult to guess where there are tourists, there are agencies who wish to help them in the organization of leisure.

A couple of companies offers visitors Boat tours On Lake Powell, and if you did not come to the park with your own boat, you can use their services:

  • Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas (ARAMARK), details here;
  • Lake Powell Northlake Special Charters (offers tours over the top of the lake).

Second type of excursion – Tours on Damb (Glen Canyon Dam). They are organized by Glen Canyon Natural History Association. Keep in mind that in order to get inside will have to go through the metal detector, so remove in advance from the pockets is all too much. It will also be impossible to pass with a bag, food, drinks in glasses (in bottles you can).

Prices and timetables for dams on the dam:

In addition, you can rent a boat, kayak, kayak, water skiing and a great time.

Guine Canyon Travel Guide or Alien Lake Powell Landscapes Part 3

Park Score

nine from ten. Park-surprise, from which I did not want to leave and in which I really want to return to explore it. If there is an opportunity, it is definitely going to stop, and apparently, it is not particularly important, in which part, since each there is something interesting, and the types of everywhere are excellent.

Acquisitive pastime in Glen Canyon, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

Bonuses for our readers!

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** Instructions for working with the service and our reviews read here

Glen Canyon Park Cards

Our map

  • Red dots – Attraction
  • Black – Accommodation (Campgrounds, Hotels, Lodge)
  • Yellow – Filling stations
  • Green – Shops, Cafes and Restaurants
  • Raspberry – Visitor centers (visitors’ centers) and the nearest strategic cities.
  • Blue – pier

Cards from the official site here, plus an interactive map. Wonderful visual wikimapia.

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