Guine Canyon Travel Guide or Alien Lake Powell Lakes Part 2

This is the only way to move between the villas and the option of hitting the backed lake Powell. In addition, it is necessary to take into account that in the Dangling Rope area you can only get on the water.

Between Bullfrog and Halls Crossing runs steam.

By plane

Have airport in Page (PGA code). Charter flights from Page and Salt Lake City to various parts of Glen Canyon. BullFrog, Hite and Escalante have their own runways. In addition, 16 km from Halls Crossing there is another airport – Cal Black Memorial Airport. On arrival there is an opportunity to rent a car.

Rules, Tips and Recommendations

  • Due to the fact that Glen Canyon – «Water Park» and in it a lot of actively used boats, it is strongly recommended to stay away from the rear parts of the boats, the space for which is called «Zone death». Why? Because carbon monoxide is produced and poisoning is possible.
  • Do not forget that jumping and scaling from rocks and other formations are very dangerous, and in the park are also prohibited, in any case, if the height exceeds 4.5 meters.
  • Drunk it is forbidden to manage not only a car, but also a boat.
  • All gathering in «the open sea» Prescribed to wear rescue vests, even experienced swimmers.
  • In view of the fact that in the high season in the Glen Canyon is very hot, do not forget about the danger of dehydration. Nausea, dizziness, headache can be his signs. Ideally, you need to drink at least four liters of pure water.
  • Do not forget about the headdress and sunscreen.
  • If the thunderstorm comes, it is better to hide in a room or car.
  • Be careful by setting a tent in a lowland near the lake. As one compass told us, if the rain will go at night, possibly a sudden flood. He finished a warning with the words: «…And you will die».
  • Guine Canyon Travel Guide or Alien Lake Powell Lakes Part 2

Additional advice and recommendations are common to all parks, you can read in a separate article. America I do not open there, but some important moments can simply fly out of the head.

What time is it necessary to inspect: It is enough difficult to answer this question. Andriusix personally were only in one part of the park – Wahweap. If you add all the time we spent on acquaintance with her, it will turn out about noon, maybe a little more. But it is worth considering that it was a very runaway inspection: we only rolled on Scenic Drive (details below), looked from the side of the dam, covered in the center of the center and on a couple of overview sites and all. We did not take any tours, did not take a boat for rent to swim on the lake, did not go to the trail. Considering all this, it will take at least one or two days for a fullest visit. It’s only one district! Generally, Powell Lake – This is a place where people come and live weekly, enjoying the beauty and atmosphere of rest. Usually choose some one district and do not twitch))

Seasons, weather

The weather in Glen Canyon is different: in the summer in the daytime it is very hot (sometimes up to +40 degrees), while in winter it is very cool – +5-10 degrees (at night and up to minus 15).

Spring weather is unpredictable, not uncommon – Busty wind. But in the fall all quietly and calmly: the weather is warm, and the flow of tourists is declining, it means that you can spend great time.

Rain is not frequent phenomenon, although in the summer and autumn there are rain. For example, our visit fell in mid-August and we witnessed rains and a gusty wind, literally knocking down.

Useful Applied Information

Housing in Glen Canyon: There are campgrounds, hotels in the recreation area, you can also rent «houseboat» – moored boat.

  • Organized Campgrounds are available in the areas of Bullfrog, Halls Crossing, Lees Ferry and Marble Canyon, Wahweap.
  • Primitive Campgrounds can be found in Bullfrog, Hite, Lake Powell Shoreline, Lone Rock.
  • RV Campgrounds are only in BullFrog and Wahweap.
  • Civic housing in the form of hotels It is worth looking for in Bullfrog, Halls Crossing, Lees Ferry and Marble Canyon, Wahweap.

Details about housing in the Wahweap area, in which we stayed, read here.

Where to eat:

  • If you have an idea to spend a night or somewhat in camping, you can purchase food in advance in some big supermarket and cook food yourself.
  • In some areas of the park, such as Antelope Point, Bullfrog, Dangling Rope, Halls Crossing, Lees Ferry and Marble Canyon, Wahweap There are restaurants and snack bars.
  • In the city of Page you can find many options, ranging from shops, ending with restaurants.

Refueling: In the areas of Bullfrog (plus 10 miles from him in the city of Ticaboo), Hite (not always served), Lees Ferry and Marble Canyon and Wahweap, as well as in the city of Page.

Where to look for the Internet (Wi-Fi): We enjoyed in the lobby of the hotel Lake Powell Resorts.

Rent a Car: It is more convenient to move through the park, and in general, in the state as a whole, of course, by car. You can rent a car in advance at an attractive price on the site priceline. Other options can be searched here.

Guine Canyon Travel Guide or Alien Lake Powell Lakes Part 2

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