Gulkhan Park – the oldest park of Istanbul (Gülhane Parkı)

Gulkhan Park – one of the most visited parks of Istanbul. Still – after all, this is the oldest and largest park. It is located next to Topkapi Palace and St. Sophia’s Cathedral, And it makes it very affordable for all tourists. After all, it is impossible to come to Istanbul and not see Topkapups and Sophia, well, at least outside. &# 128578; Entrance to the park is free, but for the entrance to museums located on its territory, will have to pay. In Gulkhan Park, a few entrances: the main located on the street Alemdar Caddesi – the stop of the tram Gulhane (Gulkhan), another entrance is located in the north-east of the park near the monument ataturk on Kennedy Caddesi Street, you can also get to the park from the first yard of the Topkapi Palace. As for us, we, as often happens, got into the park almost through the "hole in the fence", or rather, through a small gate, which was almost opposite our hotel Sirkeci Mansion.

The park is separated from the city of Sultan’s wall (SUR-ı Sultani), which stretches from the shores of the marble sea to the bay of the Bay of Golden Rog, its main function – to separate Cape Saraiburn (Sarayburnu – Palace Cape) from the rest of the city. This wall is well preserved by Taya Hatun Street. At the time of the Ottoman Sultanov, Gulkhan Park was part of the Topkapi Palace, and only the Vizier himself and his court could walk along his shady alley.

The word "Gülhane" is translated from Persian as "House of Roses", and this name appeared due to the fact that the park grew a big amount. Nowadays, there are still many colors in Gulkhan, even in the New Year in the flowerba, you can see the blooming bushes of forget-me-not. In the spring there passes the festival of tulips and eyewitnesses say it is very beautiful.

What to do in Gulkhan Park

In the park Gulkhan is worth come only in order to visit the observation deck of Cape Saraibun (Palace Cape). If you were in the Palace Topkapi, then most likely were able to enjoy the view that opens from this Cape. The observation deck in the park Gulkhan is located almost there, but just below, under the walls of the Palace.

But, firstly, there are much fewer people here, and secondly – it will be completely free, because for the entrance to the park you do not need to pay. Very convenient for budget tourists, and the view of the bay is no worse. &# 128578;

In the warm season in Gulkhan Park, there is a cafe in the fresh air, where you can drink a cup of Turkish coffee and eat something delicious. In January, cafes were closed, and his tables were chosen to tourists and local residents.

If you carefully look at the photo with views, then below, at the water itself, you can notice the ruins of the fortress wall. During the construction of the railway and Sirkeggi Station In 1871, the urban walls at Cape Saraiburn were partially demolished, only minor fragments remained, which can be seen from the observation deck.

In addition to the observation deck in the park there are several museums. For example, in the western part of the park there is an Istanbul Historical Museum of Islamic Science and Technology (İstanbul İslam Bilim Ve Teknoloji Tarihi Müzesi), which was opened most recently, in 2008. The museum is located in the building, where royal stables were at the time of the Ottoman Empire.

The Museum of Science and Technology in Istanbul is open every day except Tuesday from 9:00 to 16:30. Another museum is located almost the central entrance to the park in the pavilion Alai. In 2011, a literary museum and library Ahmed Hamdi Tanpınar (Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Edebyyat Müzi VE Kütüphanesi) opened here. But there is in the park and free attractions – for example, Gothic Column.

Column is ready – the oldest monument of Istanbul

Gulhane Park (Gulhane Park) - Stambula Vintage Park

It is believed that "the Column is ready" – one of the oldest monuments of Istanbul. It has survived to this day since the time of the Roman period, and at the same time is almost not damaged. Some scientists say that the age of the column can be even greater, as the column could well build more ancient Greeks, who built it next to the Athens altar in honor of the victory over the pieces. It still has to prove historians, and so far for the most reliable version it is assumed that the 18-meter monolithic column was established in honor of the victory of the Roman emperor Claudia over Gotami. The main proof of this version is the inscription in Latin: "Fortunae REDUCI OB Devictos Gothos" ("With the victory over Goths Fortuna returned to us").

From the Park Gulkhan, it opens a completely familiar view of the Pavilion of Chinili (çinili Köşk), which houses the Museum of Ceramics (part of the Archaeological Museum of Istanbul). The building was cleaned very unusual and is an architectural monument, on the facade of which you can see the excellent collection of Turkish testers of the Inik.

Of course, all beauty is represented on the front facade, which can only be seen from the yard of the Istanbul Archaeological Museum, but the back wall looks very colorful.

What else can you do in the park, if you have already looked at the Golden Horn from the Saraiburn’s observation deck, they drove tea in one of the street cafes, touched the column ready and looked in museums? Of course, walking, enjoy the fresh air, silence and tranquility.

To do this, in the park there are all conditions: shady alleys, benches, playgrounds, fountains and everything else that can be seen in any other park of any city.

That’s just the unique Istanbul atmosphere in any other city of the world you will not find. After all, it was for the special spirit of Istanbul that people from all over the world come to the former Constantinople, and left from here, dream of at least a couple of days.

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