Gunnibal entertainment park

Hannibal Park in Port El Cantaui is one of the largest and interesting parks of attractions in Tunisia. This is a great way to diversify your beach holidays, several dozen rides will delight both children and adults.

However, the park Hannibal has its own characteristics – you need to pay here with special tickets, I often do not have cautors at attractions, and sometimes they simply refuse to roll visitors. Read our detailed instructions for using Hannibal Park.

Prices and other information in this article are updated in March 2020.

How to get

From the resorts of Al Kantaui and Sousse, the easiest to take a taxi. Tell the driver of the phrase "Ganibal Park Port of Cantaui", he will definitely understand where to go. The cost of the trip will depend on the location of the hotel – from 2 to 10 dinars. About prices Read our article "Taxi in Tunisia". You can drive by a minibus for 1 dinar per person, read this in the article "Minibilities in Tunisia".

Once in the port, the park find easy. Two Towers of Amusements "Free Fall" and "Space Plan" can be seen from afar (see them in the photo next, click on the photo to increase). Some hotels in El Cantaui can be reached by Hannibal Pawn Park, focus on these towers.

From the resorts of Skanes (Monastir) and Mahdia can be reached by train, read this our article "Metro Sachel". But is there any sense? The last train leaves from the souss of 19-50, to travel to the station to the station you need to 19-20, and Hannibal Park begins to work fully only at 17-00. If you decide, go by train to the souss, and then by taxi (instruction above).

From Hammamet and Yasmin Hammamet, no sense to go. First, far and expensive. Secondly, there is an entertainment park here, read it the article "Carthage Land".

Of the hotels of the rest of the resorts of Tunisia, there is no sense to go any – too far and too expensive.

Opening hours

Park opens early in the morning, and closes after midnight, but attractions work only in the evening. The first of them include about 15-00, everything is already working for 17-00.

Ticket price

Entrance to the park Hannibal free. Only visiting attractions is paid.

The overwhelming majority of attractions are paid by special tickets, see the photo below, click on the photo to enlarge. 1 ticket worth 1 Tunisian dinar. Actual course, see the article "Tunisian Dinar".

Tickets can be bought at the ticket office, look for booths with inscriptions "Caisse" and "Tickets".

When buying 50 tickets at once, the cashier does not break off every ticket from the root of the stack, but gives a pack right away (see photo). I remember the phrase from the famous comedy "Who takes tickets a pack ……".

We don’t recommend buying at once, we do not pay back tickets. Tickets are valid for a long time – about a year. If not spent, you can come to the park on another day and use tickets.

On some attractions, tickets do not accept, you need to pay dinaries. This is: "Point", slot machines, trampolines. If you want to make a photo with a camel or buy a photo from the rides, then you need to pay dinars.

Important features

– Tickets are of different colors – Yellow, Blue, Gray. The difference is only in color, no more.

– In Tunisia, a serious problem in repairing any equipment. You will understand this already at the hotel, where they will definitely not work or outlet, or refrigerator, or light. Repairmen are not enough, tunisians are weakly dealt with the technique of a weakly, the problem of national scale. Do not be surprised that some attractions at the time of your visit will not work.

– Some rides will not run if at least 3-4 people are not recruited. Often you have to stand and wait for other people who wish to ride.

– Near some attractions there are no staff. Do not be surprised, just one person serves 3-4 attractions at once. Need or stand and wait, or look for it somewhere nearby. Park staff are easy to find out in red tennis with the inscription "Hannibal Park Operator" (see photo nearby, click on the photo to enlarge).

– Officially restrictions on age or the growth of the riding no. If a child wants to ride on the attraction, then the caretaker himself "on the eye" determines whether it is possible to ride a child here or not.

– Initially, the park was stylized under the theme of ancient Carthage, but now (approx.: The article is updated in 2020) there were dozens of statues of pirates, monsters and other characters. Now the park Hannibal looks like cultural and historical Elash.


In the park Hannibal over 30 attractions for any age. Over each written its price in tickets. We will consider them, starting with the most extreme.


The most terrible and extreme attraction. Represents huge swings, visitors are searched in a circle. Swing make all 360 degrees, and also twist visitors around the axis. Describing difficult, it is better to see the photo gallery below.

Price – 7 tickets.

In the evening in the dark, this attraction looks very beautiful.


This is a huge boat, swing up to 90 degrees in both directions. Outwardly, it seems not terrible, but this impression is deceptive.

Price – 7 tickets.

But the worst here is a photographer that right during the movement comes closely to the gondola and almost worst inside to take a picture of enthusiastic or frightened faces of visitors. Photographers here violate all the points of safety, a visual example of how thirst for money wins the instinct of self-preservation. You can then see your photos and if you wish, print for 5 dinars.

See a small gallery below:

At the entrance on the attraction "Viking" stands a pirate statue. To the "full parade of idiocy" there is not enough aliens or astronaut. By the way, astronaut is on a nearby attraction.

Roller coaster

They have no name, at least there is no sign with the name above them. Small roller coaster, but very extreme. There is a dead loop and a few cool turns.

Price – 8 tickets.

To compensate for the small length of the track, visitors ride for this price two circles. The photographer walks before the start, it turns out full of casual photos.

See the gallery below:

American ridges roll from 4 visitors. That is, often you have to wait for others.

Free fall

This is the only one in the park Hannibal an attraction on which there is a stand with safety instructions. It is impossible here: children under 12 years or growth of up to 1.2 meters, drunk, pregnant, suffering from cardiovascular diseases or spinal diseases.

Easy attraction. Visitors raise up on a gondola on a high tower, then the gondola falls down. See the gallery below.

Price – 10 tickets.

This attraction is gaining visitors for a very long time. If you have to wait, then there is a cafe with delicious baking and coffee.

Flying saucer

This is a harmless attraction. Visitors sit in a large cabin, which slowly and without sharp movement rises to height. It turns out an observation deck on the city of Sousse, the resort zone of El Cantaui and the surrounding.

The main problem is a muddy glass, through which little is visible (see the photo gallery below). You can see through the clearance between this glass and the roof, then everything is visible wonderful.

Price – 7 tickets.

Attraction run already at 2 visitors. But wait still a caretaker who does not sit here, but only comes once in 5-10 minutes to check whether.

Baby American Gorki

Not all terrible small roller coaster. Ride already two visitors. Children must be accompanied by adults. The trailers are small, but the chief editor of our site in this was fitted, and he height 1.9 meters and weighing almost 90 kg.

If you are high, be careful. At the entrance to the dummy of pumpkins, you can hurt his head. Do not wait your hands, you can hurt the neighboring designs.

Yellow car

Very interesting attraction, in Russia we have not seen this. The car rides a big arc and spins around his axis.

The attraction is launched even for one child, no need to wait.

Room of fear

Very scary! Almost all the lights inside the long ago burned, the new ones were not put, and there is nothing inside. So afraid to crash into the wall, touch something, stumble and fall.

Our chief editor saved a camera with a built-in flash. They first did a photo with an outbreak, and then by photographs on the camera screen were determined where to move. Please note that the photo below is made with an outbreak, without it in the premises it is dark and nothing can be seen.

Gunnibal entertainment park

Do not go to this attraction, in vain spent 5 tickets!

Really one terrible moment on the script. A wolf rushes to the visitor. But for the sake of this moment you pay 5 dinars no sense.


Popular and we have an attraction where you need to ride a boat-opener with an electric motor. Excess comments.

Price – 5 dinars (tickets are not accepted here)

3 minutes give a trip for a trip, but the staff does not particularly follow the time, you can ride all 5 or 10 minutes until you kill.

Crazy Carpet

Big Gondola with visitors rotates. Very simple children’s attraction. Sleep comments, see the photo below.

Cheaper begins if there are at least two.


We will not talk about the rest of the entertainment in detail, this makes no sense. Let’s say briefly, and in the gallery below you can watch one photo.

7D cinema. Interesting the fact that visitors are sitting here in individual swing chairs. Price – 10 tickets;

Slot machines. They are about a dozen. Paid to the tokens that can be bought from the pavilion employee;

Wedding carousel. Price – 3 tickets;

Prize Tir;

Bumper cars. Familiar to the Russians attraction. Price – 7 tickets;

Bamper children’s bumpers. Reduced version. Price – 4 tickets;

Batutu. There are several of them here, there are inflatable in the form of a castle, there are real trampolines. Paid by cash dinars – 2 dinars in 5 minutes;

Baby Ferris Wheel. Very small attraction. Price – 3 tickets;

Water American Gorki. Price – 7 tickets;

Children’s carousel. They are here 4 different sizes. Price – 3 tickets;

Driving school. Entertainment with small electrical machinery on which children must follow traffic rules. By the way in Tunisia, I will have trouble, you will never be forgotten about it, read our article "What is impossible in Tunisia". Price – 4 tickets;

Photo on camel. Costs 5 dinars. Includes a photo session on a real camel and a printout of one picture;

Photo on attractions. After skiing, approach the improvised photo studio nearby, watch the photo and, if I liked, ask Print for 5 dinars.


As you can see, the range of entertainment in the park Hannibal is worthy. Prices are lower than in Russia. If you can relax in the Sousse or El Cantausi, be sure to look and run.

Useful advice

– Only dinars take at the box office. Change money in advance. But if you forgot to change, then go to the entrance to the port, where there is a currency exchange point. The course in this exchanger is acceptable, although not the best. Read our article "Where and how to change currency in Tunisia";

– If you want a full day of entertainment, then in the morning, go to the ACQUA Palace Water Park, after lunch to the park Hannibal, and in the evening with the onset of darkness, see the El Cantais Fountains;

– Some tourists continue fun and further, the benefit from the entrance to the port has Magasin GENERAL. If you do not know what it is, then read our review "Magasin General". About the prices and restrictions of trade alcohol read in the article "Alcohol in Tunisia".

Merry entertainment in Gunnibal Park, and read our interesting articles about Tunisia (Links below).

Gunnibal entertainment park

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