Guyana: Golden Fever

In the XVI century, Spanish conquistadors, returning to Europe from South America, told an amazing story. Locals told them about the city, hidden far away in the jungle. Once a year, a fantastic ceremony took place in it. His ruler snapped his body with golden dust. Then he wrapped on the raft until the middle of the nearest lake and bought to wash off the gold dust. And the inhabitants of the city threw gold and jewels to the gods to the gods. Spaniards called the ruler of the ancient city of El Dorado – "GOE". Four centuries Travelers from all continents tried to find this city in Brazil, then in Venezuela, then in neighboring countries. And no one could. Nowadays, when we look at Earth from space, when it would seem, every block of land, legend about Eldorado is still alive. But it is looking for him only the most desperate brave.

Our hero – Maxim Luber. Lives in Moscow. Married, raises three children. True, there is one but. He is ill gold fever. He found a country where it is still all sick with a gold fever, and decided to become a gentleman of good luck.

– Three years I sat in the jungle. In an absolutely wild South American country Guiana. Thug up two excavators. On average a day, I mined 10 g of gold, but this was enough only to maintain the production process. But the goal was very close. It is necessary to just find a cool layer, the deposits of nuggets to immediately remove the Kush. But Silenok was not enough. In addition, there were several force majeures. One excavator drowned, the other fell from the cliff.

Max returned to Moscow, to the family, but the dream of gold does not let him go. He decided to make another bitter to new intelligence, and most importantly – he wants to return at least part of his funds. Through the mediator he sold his repaired excavator, but never received money for him. In the center of Guyana, mining gold with dump trucks, and somewhere there works its sold excavator. Max wants to find a debtor – he found out that his name is Elvis. We went with him to the wild and distant Guyana to find out what the gold detector dream is what kind of gold fever.

Arrival. Georgetown

Few of the Russians were in Georgetown and hardly hits, so tourists get here, then these are extremals, devoid of instinct of self-preservation ..

Near the adjacent store for miners (gold miners) loads truck. English military truck "Badford" stayed in Guyana from colonial times. This is the most popular vehicle of gold miners. Rides slowly but stable. He will get to any wilderness, at the same time brings with me from the city equipment for the search, provisions, fuel, as well as the prospectors themselves. ORDERS The gold kits are made using the signal tower, because there is no connection in the jungle.

This is Simmo Kilberg. We met him in Georgetown the day after arrival in Guyana. It is difficult to imagine, but once this man weighed 100 kg and was a successful Estonian entrepreneur. Today, he lives in the hotel in debt, it is afraid to go outside, because there are many people who are trying to kill him, he has no passport, there is no money and in general he agreed to interview only because we promised to feed him.

If this disappearance person still believes in his dream, it can only mean one thing: gold fever – chronic and for many incurable disease. And they get sick not only alone, but also whole corporations. Here is a confirmation. In Georgetown, we found a company that our compatriots from Krasnoyarsk hold. Head is called Fedor. In Guyana, he has been five years old. A long time settled, brought my wife from homeland, takes off a good house, dreams of buying his. His children were born here in Guyana. They go to a special kindergarten for expat. Five years ago, the company Fedor went to the case with a scope. I bought 118 sites at once, on which, according to Gayansev, there are 100 tons of gold. But in fact they spent $ 20 million and do not know what to do next.

Much of the budget of Guyana is gold mining. And of course, laws in relation to prospernels from other countries loyal. Numerous geological commissions issue permits, sell areas with alluvial, i.e. lying on the surface of gold, with deep gold and t. NS., and people pour money here and waiting for results. Vicious circle.

Having stayed in Georgetown a couple of days, we did not see anything that would give this place as a country where a lot of gold. Where are all these people? Where residents of real eldorado?

Maxim found conductor named Philip. Philip promised to deliver us to the most distant and dangerous village of Camper gold kits. The conductor knows a little debtor Max, at least knows that his name is Elvis. So it’s time to move from Georgetown.

Barticky: the last stronghold of civilization

When we got into the boat and floated along the river Essekibo, I suddenly felt all the madness of our adventure. We do not know what awaits us ahead. Will we be able to get to the village of Camper gold kits? Will we be able to go back? Will Max of his debtor? Ahead of a solid frightening unknown.

On the water, we got to the city of Bartik – this is the last point of civilization. From here go to the jungle gold kits. If in Georgetown people are cut by gold, then only those who are directly engaged in.

Guyana is not easy place: I can die tomorrow, you can die tomorrow, he can die tomorrow, because terrible people live here, who will kill you for a piece of land, for our gold. And you know what gold is? Gold is power! Everyone gets gold in this country to have power

Dominic, former gold killer

Guyana Golden Fever

I imagined Bartika a wild city, on the streets of which crocodiles run. However, everything is quite civilized, everywhere the mass of the office, buying gold. Our task is to rent suitable travel for jungle travel.

Taxi driver taking us to a factory where gold bars illegally treated. We did not believe our eyes: At the distance of an elongated hand on the table lay a fortune. So, gold in the jungle is, and we are on the way to it. I saw Max’s eyes tanned again. It seems that he decided for himself that he was not mistaken, returning to Guyana.

Immediately from the repository of gold bars we went to the people who promised us transport to the jungle. On a small barthik, rumors have already crawled around that the Russians arrived in the city, so the mediator in solving a transport question, was the only Russian-speaking Gianka Sundra in the city. She came to the meeting together with the driver of the Hindu named Marlon and tried to dissuade us from the trip, frightening malaria.

But since we still decided to go to the kingdom of malaria mosquitoes, Sundra proposed to take advantage of Marlon’s transport. By her assurances, Marlon is the coolest and fearless driver in Bartic, and he will deliver to any hell. True, after we announced where we need to go, the fearless driver was wildly frightened and he knew his head. Only when the trip was proposed by astronomical for local standards, about $ 700, he reluctantly agreed.

After booting into an ancient SUV, we went to the very heart of the golden and full dangers of the jungle. Our conductor Philip was hammered into the trunk, where the reserves of drinking water, food and spare parts for our Kolymagi were laughed, which reluctantly turned around the bumps and ughabras broken through the jungle road.

How to mining gold on the river

Draga stood in a small bay. This mechanism sucks the golden sand, lifting the ground from the bottom. We were asked to be allowed to climb to drag. To our surprise, we were allowed.

Seven workers are constantly duty here. Envy us, they hid around the cabins. Only brigadier remained. This hellish car never stops. Sometimes a boat fits and brings diesel fuel for its engines. Metal tentacles Draghi absorb everything that comes across the bottom of the river. All living and non-living. Special filters roll out microscopic gold sand from ground ground. Gold immediately hide from prying eyes, especially from such curious, like us. All our tear requests to show us a despicable metal from the bottom of the Mizuruni River were vain.

Guyana Golden Fever

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