Guzel Izmir is beautiful in summer

Turkey for most Russian tourists is associated with two cities – Istanbul and Antalya. The first is famous mainly as the center of shopping tourism, although there are many attractions. But the Russians are loaded on them just lacking time. The second is the most popular Turkish resort.

What is in this country and other wonderful holiday destinations. This summer is expected to be a big influx of Russian tourists to Izmir and the resorts of the Aegean Sea near him. Many of them are likely to use the services "Vnukovo tourist company", which organizes tours in this, still a little known in the Russian Federation of Turkey.

In antiquity, Izmir called Smirny. This is the only ancient city in the Asian shore of the Aegean Sea, which flourishes and nowadays. How old is he, now nobody can not say now. Ancient Izmirtsy believed that their city founded the legendary king Taltal approximately in the XV century BC. NS. Modern researchers tend to believe that it was made from Ephesus about a thousand years later. The city was famous for its wealth and culture. Already in the ancient era, he attracted eminent foreigners. In Smyrne "lived and worked" Homer, Alexander Macedonian, Cicero.

Different versions exist about the origin of the name of Smyrna. Maybe she received her name in honor of the goddess Artemis, which early Greeks called Samorina. It is also possible that immigrants from Ephesus called the new settlement of Smirna because it was so called one of the quarters of their hometown. The Turks also called the city of Guzel Izmir for the exceptional beauty of these places (Beautiful Izmir).

Hyne Izmir – the third in the meaning of the city of Turkey after Istanbul and Ankara. His habanding together with suburbs is about 2 million people. It stretches along the bay by almost 30 kilometers.

Izmir, especially his central part, looks like a completely European city. True, in his heart itself there are several quarters with colorful oriental shops and Turkish cuisine restaurants. But there is no spirit of the bazaar, which literally twists, say, above Istanbul or the same Antalya. Hickto you lack your hand, does not shout in Russian: "Hey, hello, let’s go", does not drag forcibly to the store and does not impose your goods. On the streets and the embankment of Izmir, you can walk quite calmly. By the way, most foreign tourists under Izmir are French, unlike Antalya and its environs that the Germans occupied tightly.

Hotels and Beach Clubs located around Izmir are as sophisticated as Antali. But, unlike the pebble Turkish Mediterranean coast, on the Aegean Sea, a lot of sandy beaches. One of the most popular places here – Kusadasi. This small town is standing on the shore of a cozy bay, along which hotels, tourist complexes, restaurants, bars, casino, discos. Many shops work until the deep evening and do not close even on Sunday.

Almost every hotel provides maximum pleasure for guests. Young Mass Mass Turks are constantly entertaining people on the beach. Games around the pool, water rides, marine motorcycles and bicycles, "Bananas", Flights on parachute over the sea, cruises on the yacht – all this is here.

Kitchen in hotels and Beach clubs – mostly European. For fans of Eastern culinary exotic, special bars are provided, in which hezlima is served (a large cake with cheese or lamb) and pour anaran – a fermented milk drink, similar to our kefir.

Naturally, for part of tourists, rest consists not only from hiking on the beach. Excursion lovers waiting for amazing routes.

North of Izmir are legendary Troy and Bergama (Pergam). About three no need to tell a lot, but Bergama became famous for the fact that the famous Altar of Zeus was discovered in the German archaeologists, which is now exhibited in Berlin Parchum-Museum.

It is less interesting and the southern direction where one of the most visited tourists – Ephesus. In the era of Antiquity, Ephesus was the largest and most significant city of Malaya Asia. It was here that one of the seven wonders of the World was the majestic temple of Artemis, who settled the mad heostrate. Later, the temple was restored, and it was finally destroyed during the invasion of the Gott.

Guzel Izmir is beautiful in summer

Five kilometers south of Ephesus in the picturesque mountains is a modest stone house, now turned into a Christian church. In him, by legend lived and Deva Mary died. Four years after the crucifixion of Christ, she together with the John’s apostle arrived in Ephesus. The last years of her life passed here. Apostle John also died in Ephesus. Had His grave in the VI century erected the basilica preserved to this day.

Walking along the marble bridge of ancient Ephesus, you can see a huge amphitheater, designed for 24,000 spectators, the palaces of noble specimens, the floors and walls of which are laid out by mosaic, temples, fountains, market square.

One of the main attractions of Ephesus is an almost completely preserved majestic facade of the Library of the Roman Governor of Malaya Asia Celsius. There was an antique house of tolerance from which the culture of the culture was located, from which several dilapidated "Numerov". Until now, scientists argue about when the ancient residents of the glorious city of Ephesus visited the priestess of love: before or after a hike to the library.

By the way, in modern Turkey (despite its belonging to the Muslim world) in any little, a considerable city can be found a brothel. They are located, as a rule, on the outskirts, away from the mosques. The service personnel consists mainly of the local population. Dachshund for session – $ 20.

Has East from Ephesa deep into the country leads the freeway, moving along it can be hit in Pamukkale (translated from Turkish "Cotton Fortress"). Photos of this place are in all tourist prospects about Turkey. At the entrance to Pamukkale, a fantastic view of the limestone mountains. Hot mineral springs from their surface formed unique in their beauty terrace, each of which is a lime bath. Turkish retirement and Western European tourists retirement in these natural baths. Water in sources heals from rheumatic, renal, heart and other diseases.

Apparently, these qualities of water are valued and ancient. Near the sources there was a fairly large antique city, from which only the majestic amphitheater remained today. According to legend, one of the leading actors who spent here was a teacher of opera art from Emperor Heron.

Guzel Izmir is beautiful in summer

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