Gynecocracy holiday

In the north of Greece, an hour from the Dayssalonikov, there is a small village of Monochemia, and nearby – one more village, Nea Peter. Residents of these villages – Refugees from East Frakia, which is now located in Turkish territory. For many generations, they store the ancient rites in which the pagan and Christian motives are bizarre.

Frace – Earth Legends. Hence the singer Orpheus, who was humming with wild animals, who went down to the underground kingdom, to rescue his bride by Eurydik. The gods told him not to look around when he would lead Euridic to alive, but Orpheus showed weakness and therefore lost his beloved. Maybe this legendary fact has somewhat undermined the attitude of Thracian women to men, because it was in Frakia that the first famous history of Emancipation happened.

Wild mountainous country inhabited by severe and cruel people who believed in "Male" Gods and living in patriarchal orders, succumbed to the cult of grape vines brought by Dionysis. He taught Thracians to drink wine undiluted, for which he was recognized by God. Women became the first victims of the cult, they were indulging in the most unfastened orgies, and then went to the worlds of magical dreams, saw the gods and learned the sacraments of death. Crowds of happy vakhanok killed men who tried to return them to "laws of ancestors". As a result, Frace was rapidly Hellenized, and female deities came to her land.

Military-friendly Amazons settled here, who mercilessly cut off their right breasts, so that it was easier to pull the tent. Men they considered the tribe weak and lazy, so only once a year, in the spring, converged with the neighboring male Gargarese tribe. Two months old men and women stood a joint camp on the top of the mountain, indulging in love joy. Amazon girls born gave themselves, and the boys attributed to Gargarei.

In modern Thracian selets, Nea Peter and the monochess in our days there are organizations that would correctly call "fevents". In Nea Petra "fevent" called "Amazon", In the monochess – "Licorate". Lico – a character is no less known than Amazon. This is the heroine of the comedy of the ancient Greek playwright of Aristophan, which presented his tribesmen not to allow her husbands until they stop meaningless and bloody war.

Once a year, obeying the ancient calendar rhythm, "Feedles" Organize unusual holidays, which are no analogue in Greece or in other European countries. For several days – during the local holidays of the club and Babo-Gün – the power in these villages goes into the hands of women. Above the entrance to the village, a transparency hangs on which the gynecocracy is written in large letters (to understand what this word is, you can remember the words Gynecology – "Science of women" and democracy – "People power").

On the club, the men walk to the rank – sing and dance under the door. They sing traditional songs by playing on their accordion, guitar and triangle. Body goal – to collect money for evening feast. The women of the dancing and singing men are combed and sprinkled – some are sprayed slightly, and some will share water from the legs to the head, and someone as lucky. It is impossible to evaporate: "Neophropy" Do not have the right to participate in the future celebration. Which, however, is a conventional legitimate breakdown. Some folklorists believe that the club is formally connected with baptism, others believe that its real roots – in the cult of the ancient Thracian goddess Cotito, patroness of orgies and sexual pleasures.

In sexual pleasures, as the Amazons knew well, there are consequences – in the form of birth of children. The following holiday is connected with childbirth, Babo-Gün. "Babo-Gun" – Name Turkish, exported from the previous habitat. It can be translated as "women’s Day", and can be like "Dan Babo", So in the old days they called the Overweight grandmother, midwife, one of the most important personalities of any village. Now Babo is just a respected elderly woman. On Babo-Gun, women are going together to celebrate and interpret about their female affairs. And the men, on the contrary, dress up in a female dress (at least – the alarms are obsessed) and are accepted for traditional women’s affairs: they are following the children, they clean the house, cook lunch. If someone breaks down the routine and goes out, – will be obliged by the eared ice water. On the main square of the village in a police uniform and with a rod stands the most beautiful local girl and manages the movement – this is also a tradition.

Gynecocracy holiday

At noon, women go to Babo. They bring her gifts, among which the jug of water, towel and soap are mandatory – attributes of obstacles. With the songs they wash Babo’s hands, and the old woman sentences: "Let the baby rushes out of you as easy as soap pops up from my hands".

And in the evening the holiday again goes into a folk walk and a fun boiler. But only for women! Men here there are no places, except for musicians make an exception, otherwise who will provide a female holiday dancing. Songs and stories that sound during the feast, according to rumors, would make blush to the ears of any guy.

Women from all over Northern Greece come to celebrate gynecocracy. A pork with stewed cabbage is served on the table, baked chicken with cheese, olives and souls and, as a crown of a holiday – a huge cake. At the end of the lady, hugging each other for the waist, Dance Vasilicuda – Greek round.

The season of holidays of modern Vakhanok ends with a civilized day androgino – the holiday of her husband and wife. Spouses make each other gifts and collect guests on a simple and calm rustic treat. The power of women ends.

Gynecocracy holiday

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