Gyumyuldur – a young Turkish resort with pristine nature

Gyumüldur – Little-known tourist destination on the shore Aegean Sea (Turkey). Small but very beautiful village, with pristine nature, azure waters, sandy and unusually clean beaches. The resort offers travelers to plunge into conditions of a serene and comfortable rest, feel pleasant flavors growing everywhere tea roses, orange and pomegranate gardens.

What is the resort area

Until recently, the name of the village did not talk about most of the tourists, but with the emergence of a huge interest in Turkish resorts, people began to learn about the village. Now from ordinary province Gyumüldur turned into Surprised direction. Recently, there are several new hotel complexes, Responding Modern European standards, began to offer various entertainment, appeared Catering establishments. It is worth noting that most locals are located right on the seashore, Many of them work on the system "All inclusive", Prices for accommodation Low.

More famous are complexes:

Club Yali Hotels & Resort – excellent five-star hotel with private beach, located near the water park and local attractions;

Dilek Otel 5* &# 8211; A good option for romance lovers, is in a picturesque place, offers standard services;

Club Cactus Paradise – Four with a closed beach, two pools with water slides and an excellent lounge zone;

Gumuldur Resort 4* &# 8211; The magnificent option for the family has equipped children’s playgrounds, a mini club, five pools, in one of which has a mini-water park;

Gumuldur Mavi Deniz Hotel – decent triple on the first coastline.
The location of the resort in relation to the air harbor and the big cities are convenient. 70 km from it is located a more famous resort of Izmir, 50 km closest airport.

Interesting activities and water entertainment

Best settlements know fans aquatic sports, especially Windsurfing, For which there are excellent conditions, as well as diving. On the territory of the resort operates International Scuba Diving Club, Where, under the leadership of professionals, you can master the dives. Scuba diving in local waters is very interesting here Flora and Fauna, Many picturesque rocky bays.
For Children on Mounted beaches There is also a mass Entertainment, Starting from Rent of Watrushek and Katamarans, Finishing Playgrounds.
The resort’s chip can be called Water Park Yali Castle (Izmir, Menderes, Sahil Cad., 47) working on the principle All inclusive. Complex small, square 19 000 square meters, but emphasized on his Amusement facilities for all ages. Login B Aquanon for kids Six-year-old Age and younger free, For guys up to 12 years old act Discounts, for Adults The ticket is in the area 1000 rubles. Regularly in the territory of the water park spend Show Programs, Animators work, it is not necessary to bored not children or their parents.

Night life

Gyumüldur This is a resort specializing in quiet and relaxed rest, so there are no loud discos and nightclubs here. From entertainment institutions can only be offered Disco Bars Spor (Ataturk, Sevgi Cad., 108) I Selfie (Seferichisar, Sahil Sok.).
Also Evening programs Provided in hotels, maximum until midnight. For the sake of longer leisure will have to go to other cities, For example on Quay Karsiyaka (64 km), in Aslandzhak (58 km) or Izmir.


For lovers of sharp emotions and extreme, except water fun, in Gyumüldur Nothing provided. But if you make a big desire to get the emission of adrenaline, then in an hour on Dolmushe Can be reached Moon Park "Koskun" (Alsancak, Konak, No: 39). Judging by the reviews, the place is distinguished by cheap tickets to Attractions.

Of the most exciting allocate:

• fear room;
• roller coaster;
• Fast Ferris Wheel.

For Fans of Shopping

Shopaholikov rest in Gyumüldur Can bring disappointment. Stores in the province not much, they all mostly specialize in the sale Souvenir, Ceramic and antique products, There are pair of departments with Jewelry decorations. Trading rows in particular are located in central part of the town and Inside hotels. Near Fish POrta works night market, Where can I buy Food and cheap clothes. Behind the big shopping is better to go to Izmir – the city, famous for its oriental Bazaas. It is there that is located worldwide market Keemelta Charshie Konak Merkez, Konak, 852 SOK., 18) where you can buy anything, no less large Bazaar Kizlaragazi Han (Hisaronu Mah. Kemeralti / konak), as well as cheaper Center for Trade Summer Pazari (109 Denizli, Urla). For high-quality clothing at reasonable prices can be reached Village Kusadasi (38 km). There the market works only on Wednesdays.
In addition to the bazaars in Izmir there are several large shopping centers, where you can buy high-quality products from leather and fur, as well as branded things.

To such a shopping center:

"Kemer Plaza" (Konak, 852 Sok., 2c);
• "Agora" (Balchow, Mithatpaa
CAD., 26);
• "Novado" (EME
Yolu Moda SK. Balova).


Gyumyuldur - a young Turkish resort with pristine nature

Local Catering establishment in Gyumuldur offer tourists to taste dishes Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine. More sought-after are considered Restaurants, Working at Five Star Hotels, as well as those open in the center of the resort. Since not all hotel complexes in the town work on the system "All inclusive»Restaurant business is well developed here. According to many tourists, the first thing, when visiting a cafe, one should order Seafood delicacies, They are always fresh and excellent quality here.

The best establishments, judging by the reviews, are considered:

• GUVERTE Fish Restaurant Restaurant;
• Pide cafe-snack bar
Kebap Salonu;
• Peple bar
• Restaurant CAN
• GENC Pizzeria

Attractions and excursions

Aegean coast It is advised to combine the opportunity to combine Rest on the excellent beach and visiting interesting places. Let be Gyumüldur It has no sightseeing, regularly departs from here Excursion buses In large, interesting for viewing the city. Among the most visited tourist routes can be allocated:

Izmir. There, tourists should look at Velvet castle, Mosque Hisar, clock tower. Also interesting to visit colorful Keemalti market.

Hilt. Ancient city B 42 km. Famous attractions like Temples of Artemis and Andriana, St. John’s Basilica, Museum of Ephesus, Zeus Cave, Virgin Mary, Maze and Mithridate Gate, Kretov Street and other architectural monuments.

Bergama. Antique city B 150 km From the village. Famous for the ruins of ancient Greek amphitheater, numerous temple complexes. Also located here Altar Zeus and Pergamon.

In 3 hours drive from Gyumüldura Located famous Turkish Spa Resort Pamukkale.


Summing up we can say that the provincial town Gyumüldur, Thanks to a pleasant climate, picturesque landscapes and purest beaches, will not disappoint travelers. First of all, this tourist destination is worth considering connoisseurs peaceful and relaxing holiday, as well as fans diving and surfing. If you correctly pick up a hotel, then I can like it here and Families with children. But youth and fans are fun to choose for vacation more promoted and known direction.

Gyumyuldur - a young Turkish resort with pristine nature

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