Haad Salad Beach on Ko Pangan

White Striped Beautiful Beach Frames Haad Salad Bay on Ko Pangan. Thanks to coral reefs and shallow water, once this place was a shelter for pirates and smugglers, t.To. did not allow to come close to the bay of warships. Hence the name of Haad Salad Beach – that translated means ; Pirate beach ;. But pirates have long gone, but a beautiful beach with fringe coconut palm trees and coral reef remained.

Sunset on the beach halad salad. Photo Credit: Aly McKenzie, Flickr

Haad Salad is perfectly connected with the infrastructure of the island. It is good and bad at the same time, t.To. He rapidly loses the charm of a secluded place. But, nevertheless, the beach still remains the perfect place for a lazy passive recreation, when anyone, even the most insignificant, body movement in itself is already an event). There are no active noisy entertainment, parties and parties, but there are beautiful sunsets, massage salons and food).

Beach Haad Salad . PHOTO CREDIT: Salad Beach Resort, Flickr

For those who are completely tired of lazy, still occupation. For example, yoga, kayaking, diving and snorkeling in the coral reef area, as well as rides on the bike in the surrounding area.

From the beach of Haad Salad is very close to the Moto-Baita to the Diet Caloclum and the Beach Malibu, as well as to the neighboring Haad Yao, to the beautiful oriental beaches run boats-taxi. Read more about Pangan Beaches Read here.

If desired, you can go to the famous party of the full moon (Full Moon Party). It passes in the southern part of the island. Getting to the place of taxi (400 baht / person, the car can be ordered at the hotel).

Also swim in the popular among lovers of jumping into the water, Wang Sai waterfall (north of Haad Salad) or relax in the shade of trees at Lake Laem Son (south of the beach). Only here, from swimming in the lake is better to refuse, t.To. Its bottom is devoted to plants in which it is easy to get confused. You can go to the north of Pangan, to the chaloklum area and climb to the Chinese chinese Temple temple from where completely stunning panoramas opens.

View of Haad Salad Bay from the Bungalow Terrace. Photo Credit: Amy Fischer, Flickr

Restaurant on the beach. PHOTO CREDIT: Paul Bond, Flickr

Beach features

The main advantage of the beach is 600 meters of white small sand and crystal clear turquoise water. But, in places, sand is mixed with corals and therefore you need to follow, so as not to be hurt when bathing or at low tide. In the northern part of the beach, corals are less likely, so it is more pleasant to swim.

In Haaad, Salad is tangible tides and flow, although not as critical as on the central beaches of the west coast. Swim best in the so-called high water period, which is accounted for by the interval from November to April. Level 1+ is already acceptable for swimming. But, but in the season of ties – this is the perfect place to relax with young children.

Since the bay is open to the sea, in the period of monsoons on the beach can be a storm. The rest of the time the sea is calm. When it is better to go to Ko Phangan Read in the guidebook.

Haad Salad Beach on Ko Pangan

Beach Haad Salad. Photo Credit: Mickye, Flickr

Beach Haad Salad. Photo Credit: Josh Ambrose, Flickr

Beach Haad Salad. Photo Credit: Mickye, Flickr

Where to live

The whole line of the beach and the nearby hills are littered bungalows. From simple rooms with cozy chatting hammocks to more major resorts with landscape pools and tropical gardens. In general, here you can find quite good placement in compliance with good balance ; price quality. View options and prices here.

How to get to the beach halad salad

Haad Salad (Haad Salad) is located in the northwestern part of the island of Phangan, just above the beach of Hada Yao. It will take about 20 minutes to get to the beach on a taxi or a motorbike from the port of Tong Sala (Thong Sala). The roads in the western part of the island are almost everywhere. But some of them require repair and it is worth considering if you go to the beach on a motorbike, and not by taxi.

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