Head in Andalusia: options are possible

Dazzling white houses on a clean blue background – Here is the first impression of Andalusia, where sunny days a year 325, on windows and balconies are required flowers in pots, and the streets paved by large tiles are mocked by mop, like the floor. In architectural monuments mixed most different styles. Carthagean, Phoenicians, Iberians, Romans, Vandals, Goths, Arabs left their mark here: Roman Italik and Muslim Alcazar in Seville, Alhambra fortress in Granada, ancient mosque under the dome of the Christian Temple in Cordobe.

Costa del Sol, Sunny Beach – the most resort place of Spain. Twenty five years already go here "middle class" all over the world. As for Russian tourists, they master these fertile places for only the second year and, I must say, quite actively. In this direction there is a travel agency "Euro-Asian line" and his spanish partner "Spanish-russian journey".

For tourists, Spain begins in "Sheremetyev-2" Under the scoreboard in the departure hall. In the morning, one after another follows flights to Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Malaga. The crowd is grouped by posterchiks of its travel agencies. Immediately a hip look, a young man distributes advertising a firm trading in real estate in Spain. Hope "Euro-Asian line". In our group, Moscow Region Roads, which, at the expense of their company, travel to relax and chat with Spanish colleagues. In addition, in a couple of newlyweds, dreaming of a honeymoon in a 5-star hotel on Costa del Sol, and family "New Russians" Ivanovy with two children, the same blond and cute, like parents. Ivanov have already visited Turbo Tours in Paris and Rome. Now plan to rent a car and scold Andalusia.

In Malaga we are met and delivered by hotels. Newlyweds in 5-star "Don Carlos", Where they are waiting for champagne and flowers in the suite, Ivanovy to the hotel club with cottages on the green area and a private beach, and I am with a road – in a 4 star hotel with a literary name "Servantes" In the center of Torremolinos. V "Survantes", In addition to other amenities, two swimming pools, sauna and generous buffet in the morning and in the evening.

Morning and evening at the sea is the best time. Have it hot, the beach is deserted and belongs to you, well, maybe someone else, not sorry. After the beach, a walk is walking around the city. Pedestrian street – like a scene. At the tables are sitting as in the parter, bald. Spanish girls are noticeable, elegant and cute are relaxed. However, to shoot them risky. Notice the camera and gestures show that you have to pay for shooting. They look like fashion model, although still schoolgirls. Their young age is given by sluggish cavaliers, explicitly teenagers, in the caps of the visors ago. And at night on the street I see how schoolgirls dance Spanish dancing, lying with fingers. In the night bar, Alla Pugacheva’s voice insists: "Invite, invite the lady to dance!" And the lady of the host bar, by the way, ballerina from Syktyvkar. Bar is lucky!

Had in Andalusia options are possible

Communication of highways with Spanish colleagues included a visit to a major road-building firm "Sando", Inspection of the road under construction and friendly lunch. It turns out, in Spain, two types of motorways: autopist and avtovia. The first is the best, the second – just good. A 25-kilometer plot of Austvia Malaga – Granada was built for 18 months and cost 28 million dollars. State Commission, which usually takes ways, consists of only 4 (four) people. — And we have this whole feast, – we shared our experience with the Spaniards. Most interested in earnings and prices. It turned out that in the company "Sando" Unskilled worker gets 8oo dollars a month, excavator – 1.5OO, accountant – 2.Ltd., and Senior Accountant – 3.OOO. Roads so fascinated by clarifying these details, that the road car, which laid asphalt, I had to walk alone. The car slowly moved along the highway, and the working shovels, the same, as we have threw the black mass under the roller. Fresh Road Coating complied with specifications. Could not check.

In Spain, really wonderful roads, clear marking and signs, and the road policeman will not meet all the way from Malaga to Seville. I felt all these charms by contacting the car rental company "Outos Fortuna". It is located near the Malaga airport, so you can go there right from the ladder. The director of the company Juan Carlos Gielen said that they have about 5oo cars, of which only 5o is used daily. After the year of operation, cars are sold at a discount to 2 o percent and buy new. So they only have a new park. In addition, they are repaired, rent their premises for the garage, sell real estate. However, this business in Spain is engaged, everything seems to. Rental decoration takes a few minutes. Wanted "rights" (ordinary Russian) and passport. (I was told that a certain Russian citizen showed a police ticket instead of right, and passed). Russians may ask about ticket and departure date. The tariff is very flexible: for an hour, on the day, for a week, taking into account the mileage, excluding the run. I realized that it is more profitable to take the whole car for a week. Say, weekly rental "Ford Fiesta", Including insurance and mileage, cost dollars in 25th (gasoline, of course, your; liter – dollar). "Renault 19" will cost two times more expensive, and "Mercedes-23O" — 6 times more expensive. You can rent a 9-seater bus. It will cost 3 times more expensive than "Ford Fiesta", But for a large company there is a sense. As for emergency cases, which, as I was told, here are rare, then if the accident occurs due to the driver’s fault, he reimburses only the fifth of the damage. Moreover, if the amount of damage does not exceed 5oo-6oo dollars, the driver does not pay. Pleasant rule.

In Andalusia at every turn office for the sale of real estate. There are photos of houses and apartments in the shop windows, their description and prices. Other house by the sea is cheaper than a small Moscow apartment. But it should be borne in mind that the purchase of housing does not yet guarantee a residence permit. Real estate market spooles "Timershers", Great British. They intercept potential buyers, although what they offer is the possibility of one week a year to use some apartments – inadequately requested price. I have such an opinion after visiting time cheerful clubs and communications with real estate specialists.

Had in Andalusia options are possible

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