Haggis. Scottish cuisine

Haggis (Haggis) – The most famous National Scottish Dish from Baranjah Drops (Hearts, Liver and Lungs), chopped with onions, interpretation, lard, seasonings and salt and cooked in the raggy stomach. Externally, the dish looks like stuffed animals guts or homemade sausage. Haggis is served with a garnish "NIPS and Tattis" (trouser and potatoes) shredded to the state of puree. There are many recipes for making haggis, it can be both meat and vegetable, with the addition of spices, herbs, it can be sharp or soft, on the view – rough or smooth.

Haggis Traditionally prepare for dinner on January 25, during the celebration of the birthday of the famous Scottish poet Robert Berns. Although at the time of Burns, this dish was considered a meal of the poor, as it was prepared from the sheep-intended sheep. Burns even dedicated to this dish in 1786, the whole poem "Address to Haggis":

In you, I will give the commander
All pudding hot world,
Mighty Haggis, full fat
And the need.

Many believe that the term "haggis" comes from the verb haggen – chop. But the Scots assure that Haggis is an animal. The muzzle, they look like hedgehogs, covered with thick wool to the bird feathers, have underdeveloped wings, like in ostrich, and run on three paws, which are all different lengths for the convenience of moving along steep Scottish slopes. According to the legend, it dwells in the Scottish mountainous area, but died out due to the fact that the right legs at the creatures of the same sex shorter than the left leg, and the other floor – on the contrary. When they met, they were addressed to each other with faces and due to the difficulties of mating on the slopes extinct.

But the Scots are so accustomed to their delicious and juicy meat, which decided to come up with a replacement for them, began to manufacture Haggis from the stomach of a ram or sheep, stuffed with demand.

By the way, in 2003 a survey was conducted among the Americans who visited Scotland, one-third of the respondents on full seriously argued that Haggis was real creatures on three paws with wings and a muzzle.

For the preparation of Haggis, the following ingredients will be needed (for 4 servings):

One sheep or barracks stomach, one liver, one heart, little lungs, fat – 200 grams, oat groats – 3/4 cups, onion – 4 heads, broth – 1 cup, salt – 1 h.L., Black pepper – 1/2 h.L., nutmeg – 1/2 h.L., lemon juice, spices – 1 h.L. and single-barrel scotch whiskey – 1/3 cup.

Rinse a pretty stomach in cold water, remove all the films and put crying into cold salt water from 8 to 10 hours, then turn out inside out.

Liver, lungs, Heart, too, rinse with cold water, put in salted water and cook two hours, then cool and finely cut, and it is better to skip through a meat grinder with bow and lar. Obtained mince mix with oatmeal, spices, salt, pepper and add lemon juice.

Napharst the stomach for two thirds, leaving the space to swell oatmeal. Then sew, pre-squeezing the air, pierce in several places with a needle and put in a saucepan with broth and Scotch whiskey.

Cook for 3 hours, pouring water, after the end of the cooking, do not forget to remove the thread and cut into portions.

Haggis. Scottish cuisine

Haggis is usually served with a puree from the turnip or trousers and potato mashed potatoes. Puree from the turnip is made with the addition of milk and fragrant pepper, and potato mashed potatoes – with the addition of nutmeg.

When fresh-breeded Haggis is picked up, you can hear how it is styling, making the latest sounds. They say the invention of the Scottish boil served as the death sounds of Haggis.

Haggis can be prepared in the oven.

Preheat oven to 180 grams with. Remove the external packaging and pierce Haggis fork; Wrap in foil like potatoes, and bake 1 hour. Before serving, cut Huggis with a sharp knife and lay out Haggis on NIPS and Tattis or serve separately.

In the shops Scotland Haggis can be bought at any time of the year. The cheapest option is stuffed not in the sheep stomach, but in an artificial shell, or sold in banks, so it is easily able to warm it in a brass closet or microwave oven. In addition, Haggis is often done not from sheep, but from pork required.

I wonder what Russia has an analogue of Scottish Haggis, Gogol mentioned in the "dead souls": Sobesevich treats Chichikova "Nanny" – these are barracks stomach, stuffed with buckwheat porridge, brains, legs, fried onions and chopped eggs.

Haggis. Scottish cuisine

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