Haifa Located on the gentle slopes of Mount Karmel, it is the major Economic Center of Israel. Phrase «Haifa works, Jerusalem prays, and Tel Aviv has fun» Immediately determines the reputation of this city as the largest industrial center in the whole country. All the lower part of Haifa, where the second largest port of Israel is located, occupy offices, representation of a variety of firms and the largest business centers. Prestigious residential neighborhoods, elite hotels and numerous entertainment facilities are on top of the mountain, they are from the business part of the city, the ADAR HA-Carmel.

Haifa is also called the northern capital of Israel. Haifa is located in an amazing and picturesque place, which, in combination with modern unique architecture and ancient monuments, turns it into one of the most beautiful cities of the whole Mediterranean.

Indeed, this seemingly fully industrial city enters the overwhelming majority of routes of excursion tours of Israel, since only in the city of Haifa, you can simultaneously admire a few curious sights — both natural and historical. Home of them — This is the actual Mount Karmel, because, according to legend, in one of her caves there lived the great prophet Elijah.

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What is interesting to see in Haifa?

Top attractions of Haifa

Temple Baba

Cave of Eliji

Bahai Gardens

Cathedral of the Holy Prophet Elijah

Montor’s Castle

Hill Megiddo

World House Justice

Cave Tabun

Monastery Carmelites "Stella Maris"

Fortress Jehiham

Haifa: excursions and events

Acquaintance with Haifa Tourists is better to start with an excursion in the evergreen Bahai gardens and the German colony. Further, guests of the resort are offered a pedestrian tour of the four main routes:

  1. Panoramic excursions by bus or hiking.
  2. Excursion "Panoramic road Haifa", Pedestrian walk "Bahai Temple".
  3. Visit to the Park of Sculptures Ursula Malbin.
  4. Inspection of the terraces of the Gardens of Bahai and Rolly Enter the sanctuary of Baba.
Haifa, Israel Recreation, reviews, hotels in Haifa Tour Profit Guide

Exciting walking tours of the Eastern Resort of Wadi Nicesnas are extremely popular: Inspection of the Eastern Bazaar (Shuka) and Gallery in the Open Sky.

As well as the attention of tourists are offered the following sights and excursions: Accounts, inspection of fortifications and cities, erected in the 21st century, walk along the carved fortress walls, entering the fishing port, inspection of the brand of the prophet.

In 2013, the authorities of the city of Haifa developed and with the help of local travel agencies introduced the following new excursions:

  1. «Magic settlement». Tour called «Magic settlement», dedicated to the German colony in Haifa, is carried out by magic and psychics Yoni Aladini. The tour includes familiarization of tourists with the most important historical milestones Haifa, as well as a story about the Templars. Mage demonstrates his abilities by tying his rooms with the life of settlers.
    • The tour begins in the house of the plaster (the building where the Haifa Tourist Association is located) and leads to Ben-Gurion Boulevard, where there were huge brass wagons. Then tourists go to the boutique hotel «Appinger», To the house with ghosts, the plant for the production of soap, the maslobyne, the Templary can, the house of the community of the temples, local mail and the fruit garden and follows to the exit to Ha-Gephen’s street – ancient «wine» Path of the Templar.
    • Tour cost: $ 13 (50 shekels), the duration of the tour – about two hours.
    • Theatrical tour: the life of the Templars in the settlement. Tourists will be able to get acquainted with the history of the German colony in the course of the theatrical presentation, as well as learn what Boulevard Carmel was in 1882, to get acquainted with the work of Naftali Hertz Imber, the author of the Anthem of Israel «Ha-Tikva», Schumacher, famous architect of the settlement, the family of Oliphant, which will dance Waltz in the Templary style.
      • Tour cost: $ 15.7 (60 shekels), the duration of the tour is 1.5 hours.
      • «Urban tour». Visit the most picturesque and important sights of the city, including – The viewing platform on the Lewis Promenade, the upper terrace of the Bahaky Gardens, Stella Churches Maris Carmelites, as well as a walking tour of the German colony and visiting the Wadi Nisnas.
        • Tour cost: $ 6.5 (25 shekels), the duration of the tour is about four hours.

        History Haifa

        Climate in Haifer

        In Haifa, a soft pleasant climate with hot summer and comfortable soft winter. The hottest month is August, its average temperature is + 30C°. The average temperature of the water during this period ranges from + 21c° up to + 24c°, allowing tourists to swim in the sea up to the end of October.

        The best time for visiting the city of Haifa is the interval from May to October, when sunny favorable weather is installed at the resort, and the precipitation is greatly rare.

        Haifa: entertainment and active rest

        Each without exception to the municipal beach Haifa has spacious playgrounds with various rides and swimming pools for the youngest tourists. Many of them are equipped with water attractions and special sports «zones», Where young visitors will be able to spend time, for example, for a cheerful game in volleyball or badminton. Extreme water entertainment in Haifa is also a mass of fans among tourists, and the beaches are literally created for recreation of this kind: surfrs and divers adore the beaches «Bat Galim» and «Carmel», Especially since here you can always rent a necessary sports equipment. On the beaches of Haifa there is everything for water skiing, sailing or driving on hydrocycles.

        Transport features Haifa

        Taxi: Taxis in the city work according to a special counter, which is programmed strictly into two tariffs. The driver, according to the law, must include the counter.

        Buses: Bus transport is carried out by the cooperative «Dan», Also in Haifa there are city lines of companies «EGED» and «Kavim», They connect Tel Aviv with nearby suburbs. Intercity transport is carried out by the company «EGED» With 2 bus terminals — Arraloorozov stations located in the northern part of the city (near the railway station Tel Aviv-Center) and the central bus station, which is located in the southern part of the city (and today is the largest bus station in the world).

        Car rental: Automobile transport — Through Tel Aviv passes most of the roads, the most important of which — This is a motorway «Ayalon» (i.e. Highway number 20), this road flew through the whole eastern part of the city from north to south along the riverbed of the same name. It has 7 junctions located in the city. The largest trunk streets — This is Namir’s highway (it goes to the north to the Highway number 2 leading to Haifa), Highway Menachem Begin (follows east to Ramat Ghana, Petah Tikve and Bnei Marriah), as well as some others. Daily experiencing almost half a million cars, Tel Aviv inevitably suffers from oversaturation by transport.

        Underground funicular «Carmelite»: This is the oldest underground system on the Middle East, which is called the metro in Israel «Carmelite», In fact, is the only underground funicular in the country named by the name of the bottom station «Carmelite». This funicular was built in 1959, earlier than in Cairo built the subway, and after a break, tightened by 12 years, he began his work only in 1992. Funicular «Carmelite» entered into the Guinness Book of Records, because this is the shortest metro worldwide.

        The funicular allows tourists without any effort to move up and down the slope of Mount Karmel and easily reach the three most important areas of the city — Quarter Hadar, Karmel Center and Lower City Part. 2 orange two dual trains run with a short interval not exceeding 10 minutes. The movement starts exactly at 6:00, and ends at 22:00 according to a weekly schedule, and on Friday and Saturday it is carried out according to the usual schedule for Israeli transport, which all the tour operators working on Israel are reminded of without tired: to dwells somewhere extremely problematic From the evening of Friday to Saturday evening inclusive due to absolutely inactive transport.

        On the underground metro line 6 stations are located: 2 end stops — this is «Paris Square» (Paris Square Kaemeki) and stop «Mother’s park» (Mother Garden Karmelit), between which are still intermediate. The cost of tickets varies from 6.6 shekels and above, for children, travel is paid in half. There are also tariffs for pensioners and students, for military personnel, in addition, weekly and monthly travel and integrated tickets have been introduced — Metro + bus, tickets for 2 or 10 trips.

        The overall length of the underground road, which is cut in the rock Carmel — 1.75 km. Stations here are posted a multi-colored, pleasing eye tile, and names are duplicated in 3 languages — Hebrew, Arabic and Russian — Thanks to the influx of Russian-speaking residents and numerous tourists. Train tickets are distributed through machine guns near station platforms. Unfortunately, the inscriptions in the automata are made exclusively in English and Hebrew.

        Haifa, Israel Recreation, reviews, hotels in Haifa Tour Profit Guide

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