Haifa. Love and harmony

The city of Haifa, stretching on the slopes of Mount Karmel, is very interesting – in several tiers. Lower city by the sea and port, by the way, the largest port of Israel is business and office areas. Along the sea sparkle in the sun Modern buildings from glass and concrete, adjacent to these slums. Old, shabby, abandoned houses with empty dark winds of windows very close. This area looks so not at all due to mismanagement. He originated at the very beginning of the 20th century, while Turks. Arabs Muslims lived here, who left their homes after the war of independence of 1948. In Israel, there is a law on which the owners of the owned property have the right to return it no later than in 50 years. Of course, none of the former tenants are going to return, and it does not have such an opportunity. But the law is the law, and the abandoned houses are. However, 50 years have already expired, and the area is gradually starting to demolish.

Above Mount Average part of the city – ADAR HA Carmel, Haifa Shopping Center. Well, and all the beauty and prestige – on the tops of Mount Karmel, where luxury residential areas are located, the best hotels, entertainment centers and expensive shops. From anywhere in the Carmel Center opens a majestic and beautiful view of the whole city.

To admire leisurely descending to the sea, the city was also from the panoramic windows of the hotel Holiday Inn, in which the press group stopped.

One of the main attractions of Haifa, where we so sought – the Bahai Temple and the hanging gardens around him, who permeate the doniz of Polihorod from above. It is for this that most tourists come here truly a truly unique place.

  • View of the city from Caramel Center
  • View of the city
  • Bahai Temple
  • Haifa. Love and harmony
  • Flowers in the temple

Haifa is the world center of the Bahai Religion. On the slope of Mountain Carmel in the city center is the tomb of Baba, the Bahai Prophet. In 1909, in 1909, the Mausoleum was erected – the Bahaky Temple, which was completed before its current species with a golden dome only in 1953. True, today the temple is on the restoration and temporarily closed.

On the territory of the Bahai Complex is also the building of the World House of Justice – the Higher Judicial Instant of Bahaev, Community News, and the building of the Bahaky archive, where the manuscripts of the founder of religion and his followers are kept.

Unique decoration of the entire complex – hanging gardens with fountains, where collected extraordinary beauty trees, shrubs and plants. Gardens by semicircular well-groomed blooming terraces descend from Mount Karmel to the Bahaky temple and further to the lower gate of the complex.

Bahai religion is very interesting, it is monotheistic and is not a separate course of Judaism, Christianity, Islam or Buddhism. Its main principles – the whole world is one, all people are equal. God in the face of the prophets raises people and defines their fate. The most recent of the prophets was El-Bach, he was persecuted by Muslims and was executed in Iran in 1850. His remains and rest in the Bahai Temple.

The surrounding temple hanging gardens is also a reflection of the essence of the Bahai religion, which comes down to universal love and harmony in everything. After a walk on perfectly well-groomed alleys among flowering shrubs and emerald lawns, it was very wanted to become a bauchakoy and find this very inner harmony.

By the way, anyone, among believers, residents of different countries, representatives of different nationalities and social layers can be a Bahaian. Helping to care for plants Bahoe gardens builds a queue from volunteers.

In Haifa a lot and other decent admirational sights. For example, the carmelite monastery of Stela Maris, who has its own interesting and difficult story. Residents of the city and the funicular carmelit. The trailers are sent from the shores of the sea to the very top of the mountain, from where, having loved from the observation deck with a viewing view, you can go down the famous staircase from a thousand steps. The road will pass by the gardens and the German colony to the seaside part of the city.

In Haifa, over a dozen museums, such as the National Museum of Eats, the Museum of Bread, Museum of the Railway and others. And we were waiting for the city of AKKO – one of the most ancient cities of Israel.

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