Haifa: Welcome to God’s Vineyards

How rapidly changing the landscape behind the window of the bus – Missed "Moon crater" Negev desert, Hills and valleys of Galilee, Mediterranean beaches, Caves, Gorges, Mountain Surpants. The feeling is that someone scrolls the film with such a different kind of Israel in front of you. Only lonely cacti came across – and here, at the entrance to Haifa (along the way from Tel Aviv), along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, mighty eucalyptus lined up. They persistently invite to look into the northern capital of Israel – Haifa. Well, why not?

Back in biblical times, this land was famous for vineyards. Hence the name of the city. Haifa on Hebrew – "Vineyards of Most High". Here, on Mount Karmel, there was once Elijah-prophet, here he prayed to God for the cessation of a three-year drought, and hence, according to legend, ascended to the sky. In one of the caves of Carmel, Virgo Maria stayed along the way from Egypt to the native Nazareth. With the flourishing of Christianity on Mount there was a whole network of monasteries, however, the largest of them is considered the Catholic monastery of the Order of Carmelites (it was founded in the XII century, since then more than once collapsed and restored). The monastery is also famous for the fact that in 1799., During the siege by Napoleon AKKO, he was organized hospital for wounded soldiers.

But the most curious thing is that Mount Karmel is considered to be the world center of the Bahai Faith – her adherents dream of connecting all religions into one. Over one of the picturesque hills of carmel rises the Golden Dome of the Bahai Temple. The temple is surrounded by eighteen terraces, the architecture of each of which is unique. Fountains, Hanging Gardens, Floral Carpets, Decorative Statues, Stone Fences, Fancy Water and Light Game – All this reminds of beautiful Persian fairy tales. These terraces together with the restored possessions of the German Templars and the Louis gallery form a walking cascade of 3 km long – one of the most ambitious architectural complexes of the Mediterranean region. According to Faribrate Sakhba, the architect of this project, "The main idea was to create wonderful beautiful gardens; gardens that affect the soul so that the visitor can stop and think. This is a completely unique place, it has something special".

Work on the creation of the Bahai Gardens was carried out for more than 10 years, $ 250 million was collected for voluntary donations of Bahaitov. The official opening of the gardens for which Bahaite from 181 countries and VIP-Persons of Israel took place on May 22nd this year. This majestic action has collected more than 3,500 guests from around the world. At sunset at the foot of the mountain, a grand concert was held, which was broadcast in a direct television fleece on all five continents. Famous musicians performed the works of modern authors of the world. The concert was accompanied by theatrical light. The searchlights illuminated the magnificent terraces of the Bahaky gardens, spread on the slopes of Mount Karmel.

According to experts, the completion of work on this key for the city will increase the number of tourists in Haifa to 1.2 million. annually.

Haifa Welcome to God's Vineyards

Modern Haifa – the third largest city in the country, the northern capital of Israel. This is a major seaport, a scientific and cultural center (at the Institute "Technone" The best minds of Israel are collected, and the annual film festival, jazz and blues festivals are widely known outside the country). What, however, does not prevent Haifa to remain an excellent Mediterranean resort with equipped beaches and a developed entertainment industry.

Comfortable hotels are located and high in the mountains, and right on the coast, at the foot of the carmel. Many stop their choice on a specialized resort, where the health of guests are engaged in qualified doctors, cosmetologists and massages. Shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, numerous museums, art galleries and the zoo of the pretty tourist will not be surprised. But in Haifa, many of these institutions work on Saturday, which in most other cities of Israel is considered invalid (there is even a saying – "At the time when Jerusalem prays, Tel Aviv walks, Haifa – works"). But that’s why Hyfu loves tourists so much. By the way, public transport in Haifa also works on Saturdays.

Those who wish to see the panorama of all Haifa, we advise you to go to the viewing platforms, which are equipped on the street "Yaf Nof", Translated from Hebrew – "beautiful view". Types from here open really great. You can even see the spaces of neighboring Galilee. On the other hand, why look from afar to where you can get only per hour? And to visit Galilee, if you were in Haifa, it certainly stands – after all, it was there, in Nazaret, a large part of the earthly path of Jesus Christ took place. Not far from Nazareth, in the town of Kana, Christ made his first miracle – turned water to wine. Here Jesus went on the sea Galilee (modern Lake Kinetere) as if by land. Now, by this very much, you can ride on a small boat, recreated by ancient drawings. Sometime exactly on such a fishing apostle Peter. And in one of the Galilee restaurants you can enjoy the fish of St. Peter – the one whose Savior fed the people. Is it not a miracle? Another one that gives us an amazing country, a country of wonders – Israel.

Haifa Welcome to God's Vineyards

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