Hainan Island in China

Hainan is a small island in the Pacific Ocean, belonging to China and is one of his full-fledged provinces. Now this is a popular tourist destination, but he has a lot of features that we will tell in this article.

general information

Hainan Island has an oval shape with an average diameter of about 170 kilometers. Its total area is 33,000 square kilometers. For comparison, the area of ​​the Moscow region is 44,000 square kilometers, that is, Hainan Island on a quarter is less.

About 8 million people live here, and in this respect he overtakes the Moscow region, where 7 million people live. However, more people live in Moscow than Hainan’s island.

According to Chinese standards, such a population looks very modest. Hainan – the smallest province of China and in Square, and in the population.

Hainan is a real tropical paradise with all the attributes laid in this case. Here and beaches with snow-white sand, and palm trees with coconut nuts, and wild monkeys, and coral reefs.

This is the most southern territory of China, in addition, with a tropical climate. It is not surprising that the island has become one large resort area. But there are other reasons for such a state of affairs, they lick in the history of the island of Hainan.


From ancient times to the island of Hainan, no one has been. There was no mineral or arable land, it never had an important strategic value. For about 100 years BC, the Chinese Empire Han decided to conquer the island and even built several fortresses on the shore. But, in the end, it was decided that the "Sheepbank is not worth it", and the Chinese retreated.

From that moment on, Hainan became a refuge for runaway Chinese who hid from political repression or justice. There was no authorities, and there was never looking for anyone.

Initially, Hainan was populated by the people of Lee, but the Chinese are gradually the island – this is the people of Han. This colonization took place in 2000, and was very peaceful. Even now, representatives of the people of Li are 15% of the local population.

Tourists love to show the elements of the culture of Lee, it attaches an additional flavor. Their culture resembles a mix of Chinese and Polynesian (see. photo on the left).

Compare this with what the Spaniards and the British did during the colonization of America, and you will realize that the Chinese are traditionally a peaceful nation.

The first shock here happened in 1939, when the Japanese seized this territory. Residents of the island conducted a guerrilla struggle, and the Japanese killed everyone in response to whom they could get. In the period from 1939 to 1945 a third of the population died here. The Japanese used the island as a support base for the invasion of Thailand and the Malay Peninsula. Japan expected success, Thailand and Singapore were captured by them.

After World War II, the island was under the control of the Chinese party of the team, but in 1950 the Communists of Mao Zedun took him. It is believed that this was the main rehearsal of the assault of the Mother of the Gomintang Party – Islands of Taiwan, but the conquest of Taiwan did not take place.

Until the 80s, in Hainan, everything was quiet, until they founded a special economic zone, and the rapid development of tourism began. Now there are actively building automotive highways, railway branches and other infrastructure facilities.

It is thanks to the lack of useful resources Hainan and remained "Ram on Earth", where everyone can come and spend an unforgettable vacation. Here and did not build factories and factories, did not have time to destroy nature.

However, minerals in this land are present, iron ore, copper, gold and silver. But these resources have become available for development recently.

Tourism on the island Hainan

Feels like most Russians, Hainan Island is a small and unpopular resort. In fact, everything is completely the opposite. We will give statistical data to show what the volume of this tourist market.

For comparison, take the resorts of Egypt. According to official statistics, about 10 million foreign tourists arrive in Egypt every year. Of course, there are also local tourism, and it is difficult to evaluate. Take a very optimistic figure of 5 million. Total we have 15 million tourists in Egypt every year.

On the island of Hainan every year there are 30 million tourists, that is, twice as much as in all Egypt. Consider Hainan with a small resort completely incorrect.

Of the people’s popular Russians with Hainan can be compared only Turkey, which in 2014 visited record 37 million tourists.

Of 30 million visitors Hainan only 750,000 foreigners. Moreover, if the number of holidaymakers here, the Chinese only increases by 10% per year, the number of foreign guests is reduced by 7-10% per year.

In 2015, the statistics of visits to foreign tourists will be even worse. 25% of all holidaymakers foreigners were tourists from Russia. Now the economic situation in Russia will not allow many Russians to rest at this resort, as ruble prices for flights and hotels increased greatly.

Hainan is popular for residents of the Siberian regions of Russia. No wonder. For example, the distance from Novosibirsk to the Egyptian resort Charm El Sheikh is 4910 kilometers, and to Hainan 4650. From Irkutsk to Charm El Sheikh 6250 kilometers, and to Hainan Island only 3700 kilometers. Siberians fly here closer here than in Egypt, Tunisia or Rimini.

Simplified visa mode

China’s authorities do not really like to meet tourists in visa issues. However, on the island of Hainan, they introduced a visa-free regime, but not without special conditions.

Hainan Island in China

Not all tourists can get away to the land of Hainan Islands without a visa to China. This is allowed only to organized groups, and only travel companies can arrange permission and only in advance.

A simple tourist can place a visa at the airport immediately after arrival. Of course, the price is quite high, which is cheaper to make a visa in Russia in advance.

"Hainan stamp" on its principle of action is very similar to the "Sinai stamp" in Egypt. With him you can not leave the island. If you have a valid Visa of the PRC, then after the prostation of this stamp, it is canceled. Be careful, remember these rules.

Main features

Now 97.5% of holidaymakers on the island of Hainan – this is the Chinese themselves. Local hotels are not at all oriented on Europeans. Do not think that you will find Russian-speaking staff here, as in Turkey or Egypt. In English in hotels they say many employees, and this saves the situation a little. We have already written separate articles on how to overcome the linguistic barrier in China and the most necessary tourists of Chinese hieroglyphs.

In addition, the whole tourist infrastructure is focused on the Chinese. Do not forget to take a plug with you. In many restaurants there are only chopsticks. It is also difficult to find restaurants with European cuisine, and the prices in them are "biting". Start boldly love all the sizes of Chinese cuisine. We recommend our article about the meal market in Beijing, there we have shown all the wealth of China’s culinary culture.

With excursions in Russian on Hainan difficult. Russian-speaking guides are not so much. Fortunately, prices they "are not climbing", but get ready for an uncomfortable schedule and limited range of excursions to the sights of the island.

The mentality of the Chinese also makes itself felt. Do not think badly, they are good people and good, but very noisy.

The All Inclusive systems in China are not, do not even know what it is. However, there are always dozens of restaurants and a cafe around hotels where you can cheap and eat and delicious.

If you like to drink, then in China you will be waiting for difficulties. Chinese alcohol is extremely specific, and imported alcohol is worth it.

But if you only need a magnificent beach, chaise lounge, sun and good weather, then Hainan Island will please you.

Resorts of Hainan Island

The most important and large resort here is the city of Sanya and its surroundings. The rest of the resorts are small, and their names are rarely known outside of China. Total in the area of ​​Sanya more than 200 hotels.

The capital of the island – the city of Haikou can also be called the resort, but the hotels here are much less. This place is more suitable for combining beach holidays with shopping and entertainment.

Have a fortucking holiday in China, and read our articles about this country (Links below).

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