Republic of Haiti (FR. RéPUBLIQUE D’HAïTi) — State in the western part of Haiti Island (Caribbean Sea) and on the coastal islands. Eastern half of the island occupies the Dominican Republic. Capital — Port-O-Prince.
The name of the country from the ancient Indian language is translated as «Land Gor».
Republic of Haiti — One of the poorer, unstable and uncontrollable countries of the world, constantly suffering from hunger, natural disasters and government coups.
However, there are gorgeous conditions for snorkeling, snorkeling, as well as for yachtsmen and windsurfers.

  • language: Haitian Creole, French
  • population: 9 million
  • telephone code: +509
  • currency: Haitian Gourd
  • visa:A visa-free entrance
  • traffic: Right-hand
  • National domain: HT
  • voltage: 110V
  • current frequency: 50 Hz
  • Outlet Type:Forks and sockets type A, plugs and sockets type B
  • time: 09:21 (UTC-0400)

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Haiti Holidays in Haiti, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Travel Guide

The best regions, cities and resorts of Haiti

What is interesting to see in Haiti?

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How to get to Haiti?

You can use Lufthansa and Condor airlines and to fly Santo Domingo through Frankfurt, as well as Iberia airline through Madrid, then a 6 bus bus to Port O-Prince, the capital of Haiti.

How comfortable move around Haiti?

Road traffic: car rental: Taxi: Buses: hitch-hiking: Airports: International Airport named after Tusssen Louver— International Airport, Port-O-Prince, Haiti. Is the main air gate of the country.
Opened in 1965, called International Airport Francois Duvalie, was originally named after the Haitian president of Francois Duvalie, in 1986 he was renamed Port-O-Prince International Airport, since 2003 wears the current name received in honor of the leader of the Haitian revolution Francois Dominica Tusten Louvertura.

Airlines: Airlines perform direct flights from Russia to Haiti.

Railway: North American company «Khaitian American Shugar» From time to time, uses a small railway for transportation of sugarcane.

Ports: Port-O-Prince (FR. Port-au-prince) — Capital and chief foreign trade port of Haiti on the southern shore of Gonaiv Bay of the Caribbean. Political, Economic and Cultural Center of the country.

Where better to stop, traveling in Haiti?

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Climate in Haiti

Climate Haiti — Tropical trade machine. The country has the shape of the horseshoe, elongated in the eastern direction, and the internal areas are protected by mountains from the cooling effect of winds blowing from the ocean. The port-O-Prince is marked with average annual temperatures for West Indies (27° C), despite the fact that the average temperature of July is 29° WITH. Seasonal temperature fluctuations are very insignificant, and daily — 11-17° WITH. In mountainous areas, climate is cooler.

The amount of precipitation varies depending on the local conditions and exposure of the terrain in relation to the traffic winds. In some areas, up to 2500 mm of precipitation falls annually, while in the nearby valleys of only 500 mm. Due to the high evaporation and porosity of the soils, a significant part of Haiti gets less than 1250 mm of precipitation per year and refers to semi-diaride territories.

The negative impact on the Haiti climate was rendered long-term logging (especially intense after 1960). As a result, less precipitation began to fall out and the air temperature increase was recorded. Forest cutting promoted the strong development of soil erosion, especially on the mountain slopes. Wood is universally used as fuel for cooking and at easy industrial enterprises.


National Kitchen Haiti

Haitian cuisine — Total dishes of Haitian origin

Die — Red beans with rice.
Bird with bananas.
Grier — Pork dish. Meat marked in vinegar and lemon juice, boiled and roasted. Served from Dyubi.
Tasso — Grier from beef.
Smoked herring with a pear
John John — Mushrooms with rice and peas.
Rahar Salad — Beets, corn, onion and green onions.
Rum with Gazirovka.

Haiti Holidays in Haiti, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Travel Guide

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