Hajdúszoboszló (hajdúszoboszló)

Hajdusoboslo (hajdúszoboszló) – Resort town in East Hungary, located 16 km from Debrecen and 201 km from Budapest. Population – 23,295 people (2009).

Currently this is one of the most popular balneological resorts of the country. It is called back «Mecca for rheumatists and paradise for fans of bathing».

The attractiveness of Haydus Communication as a resort lies in local thermal springs and in a microclimate caused by a large number of sunny days a year (about 2000 hours per year) and the favorable effect of air saturated with the evaporation of iodine salts with a huge water surface of numerous reservoirs that feed on sources.

Hydrocarbon alkaline water is characterized by high salt, soda, iodine, bromine, fluorine, iron, manganese, there are even more than 20 dissolved minerals. Temperature reaches 73°WITH.

In the city center of more than 75 years ago, built the largest hydrian complex in Hungary. It consists of a healing bathing, aquapark, a beach, as well as from the covered water park "Aqua Palace" open in 2010.

In addition to the waterproof complex in Haydus Communication, many hotels, most of which have their own healing baths and specialist doctors.

The turning point in the life of Hydusobostlo as the resort was October 26, 1925, when in the northeast of the city, from a depth of 1090 m, natural gas was broken to the surface, brought with him the thermal water of brownish color, with a temperature of 73°With and unique composition.

Of course, the therapeutic properties of this water manifested later, when women, regularly kneaded clothes in the ditches and jamas, where hot water flowed, paid attention to the fact that painful pains for many years began to serve.

The water began to study balneologists, chemists, doctors, as a result of which the development of the resort known throughout Europe began. Studies also showed that water contains bitumen, as well as a significant amount of heavy elements, for example: titanium, vanadium, copper, zinc, barium, etc. Based on this, it was decided to build a bathing.

Chronic inflammation of the joints; Degenerative changes of the joints.

Various chronic, inflammatory, degenerative diseases of the spine.

Chronic neuralgia, inflammation of the nerves; Paralysis therapy, brain hemorrhage.

Muscle pain; Ears, rehabilitation after sports injuries, bad fractures.

Some forms of narrowing joints; chronic female diseases, infertility.

Chronic skin diseases.

Infectious diseases, high temperature.

Acute inflammatory diseases.

Acute phase of tumors; tuberculosis.

Waterpark is located in the beach. There are water slides (more than 12), three beach pools and a high-speed river for all age categories. Additionally, for entertainment of small children, mini slides are built, an attraction “Water storm”, as well as a wooden playground.

Hajdúszoboszló (hajdúszoboszló)

To visit the park you need to purchase a separate sleeve dressing. You can pay for a whole day or a few hours. This part of the bathing complex takes guests – children and adults – only from May to autumn.

Indoor water park "Aqua Palace" It works from March 2010 (year-round), «one» Square of 1600 kV. m, can take 1000 guests at the same time, and is connected directly with the thermal bathing of the resort and outdoor pools.

Here you can swim, ride water slides, play sports (including surfing – There is a special pool), as well as visit the saunas (Finnish, infrared and steam room). The sauna center has a pool for dipping and a pool of Knaip, massage rooms, a hairdresser, a pedicure and manicure salon.

Water park provides entertainment separately for adults and children. For children, a separate sector has been created, where a swimming pool, a hill, a playground, a room of mother and a child, a swimming pool for babies, trampoline, and a children’s living room are available for full satisfaction.

On the first floor "Aqua Palace" Established 8 thematic basins, which, by displaying symbols of various eras and cultures, provide guests with a kind of excursion to the world of bathing culture of various eras.

Part of the hydrotherapy complex Haidus Combus is a beach bathing bath, open to visit from May 1 to the end of September. She is an area of ​​30 hectares, there are 13 pools (including a wave pool and a jacuzzi pool).

Sports Center – Beach Volleyball, Table Tennis, Beach Football.

For children – pools (including educational pool) and slides.

A few kilometers from the city stretched the famous Hortobad Stay (National Park «Hortobad»), one of the most important tourist attractions of Hungary. This is the largest National Park of Hungary, where a unique animal and vegetable world has been preserved. In 1999, he was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

Also nearby are Debrecen, which is the cultural center of the region.

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