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Chalkidiki – The most popular tourist destination in Northern Greece, which is a large peninsula with three small "fingers": Cassandra, Sitonia and Athone. According to mythological gifts, Halkidiki appeared at the place where Sea God Poseidon threw his trident in anger in Titans of Afona and Siton. Three towns of this trident became three small peninsula – Athos, Sitonia and Cassandra.

On the Halkidiki Peninsula, many tourist facilities: beautiful resorts, sandy beaches, small bays and bays. Each rest can choose a resting place in his soul — There are many hotel complexes and comfortable five-star hotels, as well as cozy inexpensive apartments. There are opportunities for outdoor activities and types of entertainment as golf, surfing, nightlife, casino and discos. Attractive on P-ve Chalkidiki Landscapes: quiet calm corners of untouched nature, endless sea expanses with emerald greens of wild beaches, smell of needle and salts.

Chalkidiki – The largest tourist center where tourists from around the world flock to conduct an unforgettable summer holiday. The resorts of Chalkidiki retained environmental purity and are rightfully considered the best resorts of all Greece. The geographical position of the Halkidika Peninsula allows you to get to its resorts without unnecessary trouble, because the peninsula is bordered by the city of Thessaloniki, in which the international airport is located, where thousands of aircraft are launched daily.

On the Halkidiki, hot summer and warm winter, allowing the peninsula almost all year round remain green. Mountains arrays protect the peninsula from the cool northern winds, so the sea on the Halkidiki is warm and calm for a long period of time.

The best cities and resorts of Chalkidikov

What is interesting to see in Chalkidiki?

Climate in Chalkidiki

Climate in Halkidiki soft with a small amount of precipitation. On the peninsula more solar 300 days a year. The lowest temperatures in the chalkidiki are held during December to February in the range from +3.5 degrees to +19 degrees, while high temperatures are marked in the summer months – from +23 to +34 degrees.

The beach season on the Halkidiki Peninsula begins in May and lasts until September inclusive. The average air temperature in this time is here +28..+30 degrees. The climate of Chalkidiki is sufficiently dry, so the heat is postponed on the peninsula very easily. The peninsula is protected by mountain arrays from the cool Northern wind, so the climate in Chalkidiki is pleasant and is useful for recreation.

Sea on the Halkidiki Peninsula in the summer warms up to +23..+25 degrees.

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Excursions and events in Chalkidiki

One of the most popular excursions on P-ve Chalkidiki is a cruise tour around Mount Athos. Eastern Chalkidika Peninsula is the only monastic republic in the world, access to the territory of which is limited. Only men can step onto the Holy Earth and only if there is a special permission, so the cruise is the best way to see the legendary holy mountain.

Cruise tour – this is a fascinating opportunity to look into the secret world of the monks and make unique pictures of these mysterious monasteries. Excursion takes the whole day and costs 46 euros / people. Another popular excursion is a small journey to thessaloniki – the cultural capital of Greece. During the excursion, tourists visit the most famous city attractions and museums, then they are given free time for shopping and restaurants, and in the evening they have the opportunity to watch theatrical performance.

The most exciting excursion is to visit Waterland Water Park. Numerous slides, several pools, saunas and restaurants will provide an unforgettable vacation in the walls of this wonderful place. Everyone can relax here: both children and adults, and it will cost such an event from 36 euro / person. Excursions on P-ve Chalkidiki a huge set that includes visiting museums and churches, ancient excavations and artiterate monuments, and everyone can choose what it is interesting to him.

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Activities in Chalkidiki

Halkidiki Peninsula, Greece - Recreation, Excursions, Reviews, Attractions of Chalkidikov

As for the active recreation and sports on P-ve Chalkidiki, here, first of all, various water sports are popular: diving, surfs and windsurfing, swimming and fishing, as well as a yatnny sport. Athos Diving Center is located in the northern part of Chalkidiki on the Majestic Beach Eagles Palace & SPA Resort and open all year round.

In the diving center, newcomers can take the lessons of immersion, for the first time to see the amazing underwater world and enjoy its magnificence. Not far from Chalkidika is located Kalamitsi Dolphin Dive Center – a place where you can see the show with the participation of marine inhabitants and swim in the closed pool with dolphins. Triton Dive Club prepared the best places for diving in Greece and is a popular tourist center with a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities. Also in Chalkidiki Popular Sports, such as volleyball and basketball, tennis, cycling, mountaineering and other.

Transport features Chalkidikov

The Chalkidiki Peninsula begins with the geographical border from the southeast from the city of Thessaloniki, which is located 18 km from the major international airport «Macedonia». In thessaloniki there is its own railway assembly and the marine message is developed. Thessaloniki is closely connected with the resorts of the Halkidiki resorts by bus service and taxi.

Transport features of Chalkidiki are no different from other cities and resorts of Northern Greece: there are public transport provided mainly by buses and private – taxis and cars for hire. The most convenient vehicle is undoubtedly the car, in this case, rented. Its presence allows not only to reduce the time for moving according to P-Wu Chalkidiki, but also make a trip as comfortable as possible. Regular buses run between the resorts of the peninsula, so it will not be much difficult to get from one place to another. As for the taxi, this type of transport in Halkidiki is not the cheapest. As a rule, cash accrual is on the meter, taxis can be called on the phone and "vote" on the road.

Peninsula Chalkidiki: how to get?

You can get to P-Va Halkidika by plane, which will land in the capital of Northern Greece – Thessaloniki. Direct flights to Thessalonika are from Moscow and St. Petersburg, as a rule, during the summer period, the rest of the same time most flights from Rosy in Thessaloniki are carried out with a transplant.

You can take advantage of Aegean Airlines airline flights with transfer to Athens. Charter flights fly to Thessaloniki from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Rostov, Voronezh, Kazan, Perm, Krasnodar, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Orenburg, Tyumen, Saratov, Kiev and Minsk. Airlines, regularly sending your aircraft in Thessaloniki: Aeroflot, Aegean Airlines, Vim-Avia, Astra, Russia, Ural Airlines, etc.

Getting from Thessalonik to P-Va Halkildiki by bus, taxi or rented car. Regular buses run between the resorts of Northern Greece, including on P-in Chalkidiki. Bus tickets should be purchased in specialized cash desks, which are at bus stations. Rent a car or order a taxi right at the airport. Taxi will cost much more than a bus ticket, and the rented car will become the most profitable option in terms of convenience and finance.

Halkidiki Peninsula, Greece - Recreation, Excursions, Reviews, Attractions of Chalkidikov

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