Halong Bay

Halong Bay – a real miracle of nature, one of the most beautiful plates of the planet. About 3000 limestone and dolomite islands are scattered on an area of ​​1.5 thousand.kv. kilometers forming exciting karst landscapes. Halong Bay-Avchebed, mystical place, especially beautiful in sunrise and sunset hours.

Beach, caves and grots, which created nature near the islands, inspire seekers of vivid impressions on a more careful study of the beauties of Halong Bay – Kayaking and sea walks towards the islands are among the most popular activities of active recreation in this region.

Do not miss Halong in the bay

  • Pass under the sails of traditional Dzhanka at the most beautiful places of Halong Bay.
  • Explore the kayake Little Islands and Bay.
  • Climb on the highest top of the island of Katba and admire Karsh’s karst scenery.
  • Visit the incredible caves of Halong Bay.
  • Look at how the sun sits down for karst cliffs.

Cruises by Halong Bay

Cruise by Halong Bay on traditional sailing jank ; The most popular and easy way to get acquainted with the beauties of Halong Bay. Cruises in Halong sell almost all tourist offices, hotels and guest house Hanoi. Cruises can also be booked online.

Cruises differ in the class of janks and the proposed programs. Vietnamese tour operators class djanka like hotels ; 3, 4 and 5 stars. 3-star janks are usually small and simple. 4 and 5 ; star ; Effer ; And more.

Cruises in Halong Bay are offered for one day, with early departure and evening return in Hanoi, for two days with nights in Janka and for three days with two overnight stays on Dzhanka or one overnight stay on Dzhanka and the second on one of the islands (most often on the island Rib).

Halong Bay. Photo Credit: Valery Ryasnyansky, 35photo.Ru

Online Book Cruises in Halong Bay

Cruises in Halong Bay can be booked online. Advantages of booking online ; You have a fairly large selection of prices and Dzhanks, you can read reviews, plus booking in advance in high season ; You book the best options, not buy, what is available at the time of your arrival in Hanoi.

You can book online cruises through specialized resources where you see a completely description of the tour, number of days and additional options.

Second booking option ; through hotel booking sites. Immediately put the desired dates so that the system gives you options for the desired number of days. In some booking systems, you can put a filter ; boat accommodation ;, in others ; just have to not pay attention to the hotels issued by the system along with cruise ships.

Choosing a cruise, see for kayaking program. Also pay attention to the presence of transfer from / in Hanoi, some cruise companies do not include the Trasfer in the price (see the cruise ship policy in the booking system). Booking a cruise, specify the name of your hotel and specify the possibility of peak-ampane from the hotel (cruise ship usually take your guests directly from hotels). Going to Halong Bay with Overnight, you can leave things at the reception of Hotels in Hanoi (ordinary practice in the Khanyan hotel).

In order to book a cruise in Halong Bay at an optimal price, we recommend checking and compare options in the most popular Agoda booking systems.COM and Booking.COM with prices of a powerful search system and comparison of the best prices.

Agoda.Com Booking.COM Different booking systems

City Halong

The main port city of Halong Bay, from which many cruises are sent by bay. In the port and through reception, Halong hotels can also rent a boat or buy a cruise. Self-journey to Halong usually choose travelers who plan to continue traveling to the islands of Halong Bay or want to combine visiting Halong Bay and Ningbin Province. In Halong, as in most tourist cities in Vietnam, a pretty good choice of housing ; Starting with simple guest-khauzov, ending with chic hotels.

If you decide to stay in Halong, try climbing the top of Poem Mountain for a completely beautiful view of Halong.

Hotels are better looking for on the map, as the booking systems usually show the entire bay.

Tuancha (Tuan Chau)

A tiny island, located 8 kilometers from Halong and connecting with him a bridge, quite recently turned into a resort area, with hotels, villas, an artificial snow-white beach and all sorts of beach entertainment. From the port of Tuan Chau also leave a lot of cruise ships. To the island of Tuan Chau from the city of Halong can be reached on a tourist bus, taxi or ferry (in high season).

Tuancha (Tuan Chau), Vietnam. Photo (Photo Credit): Tuan Chau Island Holiday Villa, Flickr

Islands of the Bay Halong

Traveling to the islands of Halong Bay allows you to get closer to the nature and everyday life of this incredible region of Vietnam. Planning traveling to the islands, keep in mind that in Halong Bay Rest on the islands ; This is tracking, cycling, kayaking and sea walks by bay. Not everyone will swim in Halonge, since, unfortunately, the water in the bay is very polluted.

Kabba Island

Kitba Island – the biggest island of Halong Bay. The big half of the island occupies a national park with its picturesque hills, mangrove forests, tiny lakes, deserted beaches and coral reefs. Unlike most Islands of Halong Bay, Khalba Island – inhabit, there are several small fishing villages.

Kitba Island (Halong Bay). Photo (Photo Credit): Gumississy, Flickr

Katba ; peculiar center of adventure youth tourism. Here you can experience yourself in the climbing climbing cliffs of the Halong Bay, to drag the island on the motorbike, go to the trekking on the National Park and climb the highest peak of the island, which offers a magnificent view of the bay, rent a kayak and look for remote beaches and grottoes.

Karst cliffs of Halong Bay, Vietnam. Photo (Photo Credit): Stef Nitert, Flickr

On the island of Karba, you can also rent a tiny private jank and go to the most remote non-unistricted corners of Halong Bay.

Kayaking, Katba Island, Vietnam. Photo (Photo Credit): HUONG HAI HA LONG, FLICKR

In the harbor of the island Katba, you can find decent housing and quite a lot of excellent restaurants with amazing views of the bay. Inspect the island of Kitu best on the motorbike.

You can get to the island of Katba on Dzhanka from the city of Halong or at the high-speed boat from the port of Haiphong (Haiphong). The second option is much faster and more convenient.

Cat Ba Sandy Beach

This amazing beauty beach is located in the island of Nam Cat next to the island of Katba, the perfect option for those who spend the day or two sunbathing on the beach, admiring the views of Halong and rushing on Kayak. To the beach can only be reached by boat. Here is the Cat Ba Sandy Beach Resort, which offers simple inexpensive beach bungalows, free notimited access to kayaks and transfer with the main marina.

Beach Cat Ba Sandy Beach, Vietnam. Photo (Photo Credit): Catba Sandy Beach Resort, Flickr

Monkey island

Tiny very picturesque island, spreading 10 minutes by boat from the island of Katba. Monkey Island Resort is located here ; The only accommodation option on the island, which also offers its guests a bungalow on the beach, kayaks and free transfers from the island of Katba and the pier Hải Phòng.

Monkey Island Resort, Vietnam. PHOTO (Photo Credit): Leon Berlotti, Flickr

Quan Lan Island

Pretty distant from the main tourist zone, which travelers are choosing, seeking to experience authentic experience in the Halong Bay. On the island of Quan Lan picturesque beaches, simple, but pretty cute little hotels, a few villages and an absolutely pleasant friendly atmosphere. You can get to the island of Quan LAN on the ferry from the city of Halong (Hon Gai port).

Cuanlan Island (Halong Bay). Photo (Photo Credit): Duncan Jefferies, Flickr

Where to live in Halong Bay

You have quite a lot of Oktskaya accommodation in Halong Bay: Cruise vessel of varying degrees of luxury, Small Hotels Halong, Kutba and Islands Cuanlan, Fashion Hotels in Tuan Chau Island and Simple Bungalow Monkey Island and Cat Ba Sandy Beach.


Hotels in Halong

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Tuan Chau

Hotels on Tuan Chau Island

Halong Bay

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Hotels on Karba Island
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Cat Ba Sandy Beach

Cat Ba Sandy Beach

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Monkey Island Resort

Monkey Island Resort

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Hotels on the island of Kuanlan

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We recommend

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Marguerite Junk ; A small traditional jank of 9 cabins is relatively different from their gigantic ; Luxury ; Complete pleasant informal atmosphere. On janka ; Small clean cabins with all the necessary amenities, delicious food and a pretty deck, in the program ; Kayaking in Halong Bay, visiting the caves, evening catching of squid and culinary lessons. Two-day cruise on small jank ; Great way to get acquainted with the Halong Bay. The package is also a transfer from Hanoi and back, specify when booking the name of the hotel in Hanoe.

Our choice of guest house in Halong

The Bay ; Ha Long Homestay ; Cute Budget Guest with Cozy and Pure Small Rooms. Good location ; v ; Becpecker ; Khalong district, near ; Cafes and restaurants. The hosts are very friendly, can you with a barbecue, the organization of a cruise or tickets to the island of Halong.

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How to get to Halong Bay

Halong City and Port Haiphong (Haiphong) are two main transport hlounge transport hubs.

The city of Halong from Hanoi can be reached on a local long-distance bus station to Bai Chay (Halong) or tourist express. Local buses leave from My Dinh Bus Station and Gia Lam Terminal stations. Buses to Haiphong (Haiphong, Kbab Island) depart from Luong Yen Terminal Station. All bus terminals lie far from the center, you need to get to them by taxi, tickets can be bought in place.

Tourist buses to the island of Tuan Chau (where cruises from Halong Cruises come from) ; More simple and convenient alternative to local buses. Tourist expresses go to Halong from the SINH Tourist office, located in the old quarters of Hanoi, at a pedestrian distance from any hotels located in the city center. In addition, the company performs peak-up passengers from the hotel. Tickets can be bought online or in any tour office Hanoi. Electronic vouchers will most likely be changed by a ticket to the office of the company.

See schedules and prices:

Connect tickets to the island of Katba include buses to Hayphong (Haiphong) and boat to Kbba. If you are planning to stay on Katbe, but you want to see part of the Halong Bay, it is advisable to go to the Tuan Chau Tuan Chau Island in Halong Bay, and from there on the local ferry to the island of Katba (Port Gia Luang).

If you for some reason do not want to buy online tickets and do not trust tourist offices, seek help in organizing transport to the reception of your hotel. In Vietnam, all hotels and guest houses practice help their guests in organizing transport and local tours.

Where to go

From the bay of Halong Travelers are usually returning to Hanoi and already from Hanoi continue their journey into the Sap, Ninbin, Fong Caves, Hue or fly on the coast in Danang or Nha Trang.

Halong Bay

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