Hamburg ranked second in terms of population in Germany. The city is located in the northern part of the country. If you believe historians, the first settlements on this earth arose in the 8th century. The city is very green, since most of it is covered with parks, squares, lawns and reservoirs. By the way, on the territory of Hamburg there is a great Lake Alster, the area of ​​the Principality of Monaco is superior. There are more than two thousand bridges in the city. It is much more than the number of Venetian and London bridges combined.

The symbol of the city personifies the town hall, which is located in the city center, as well as the Cathedral of St. Michael with a tower reaching almost 140 meters. Hamburg is ready to please their tourists in many variety of museums. Take at least «Kunsthalla», where artworks dated 15 are stored – 20th century, Museum of Ethnography or Famous Erotic Museum.

If you find yourself in Hamburg on Sunday, you just do not avail travel to the local fish market. Story says that at this place began to trade from the very beginning of the 18th century.

Local residents consider their city seaside, despite the fact that it is not a lot of 100 kilometers to the sea. Every year by the River Elbe in the sea takes up to 10,000 ships. By the way, it is in this city that the warehouse complex in the world, stretching for kilometers and a warehouse complex and is a museum under heaven.

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What is interesting to see in Hamburg?

Top attractions of Hamburg

Park Miniature in Hamburg

Brewer Holstered

Museum of erotic art

Berghedorf Castle

Street "Red Lights" Reperban

Museum Kunsthalle

Hamburg Town Hall

U-434 submarine

Museum of Art and Crafts

Museum of ships in Hamburg

Hamburg: excursions and events

Since Hamburg is an international center, many excursions are held here every day, and sometimes tourists themselves pierce routes for themselves.

What excursions did not come up with the agency. The most complete impression of the city you will receive from the combined automobile and pedestrian excursion. Here you can see the main attractions, and the guide will tell you about the old town and its surroundings. Perhaps it will be interesting to look at the city from the channels, driving past the streets on the walking ship. Channels are plenty here, because the city was founded on water. Be sure to see the Hamburg port. A similar journey on the water will not exceed two hours. You can always organize a pedestrian tour. Such an excursion is best suited for a thorough examination of the old city: Rutuch, stock exchanges, fountains, churches of St. Jacob.

A separate excursion is to devote to the Repeerbana, the most famous quarter of Germany, known for its entertainment and nightlife. How guides advise, it’s better to go here on foot so that the guide does not rush to demonstrate all the little things of this sinful area. On these streets, great musicians once started their career. Each tourist will find a tour of the soul, choose from what.

Hamburg, Germany Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Hamburg Tourprom Travel

History Hamburg

Climate in Hamburg

If you do not like heat, and opposite moderate cool weather, your road is lying in Humburg, which is located in the northern part of Europe.

In the summer months there is never hot. River Elba, flowing into the North Sea, as well as channels and reservoirs carry coolness and fresh air. Moderate climate of Hamburg is distinguished by its softness. Just imagine, even at such months as January or February in some corners of the city, trees remain dressed in foliage, and green grass makes his way in the glades. Such a warm summer comes to shift. Cool winter. The average monthly summer temperature does not exceed 16 degrees, and in winter the temperature does not fall below zero.

Hamburg: Entertainment and Activities

Hamburg – Interesting city with many places of attractions and rich history. As an entertainment in the first place are excursions: on boats, heights, hiking or vehicles by car. And then you can take yourself something else.

For example, fashionably go shopping. Hamburg – Paradise for shopping. From the set of shopping centers allocated «Hanse-Viertel». Here, and still on the next street there are the most luxurious and expensive shops from famous designers. What is here just not to find porcelain products, decorations, accessories, clothes and shoes. You can go on a small journey to the Hamburg Botanical Garden or Museum «Miniature Wonderland». Stunning luggage reduced rates of railways, houses, people, airports will not leave you indifferent. It is worth a visit and a local zoo, which animals here are only no yes and the local landscape is quite impressive. Separate attention deserves the local port, where you can ride on the boat and do not have a bad time in the fresh air.

Many tourists come to Gamurg and cannot refuse to visit the Chocolate Museum. Stunning and magical place where you clearly succeed to taste delicious chocolate different types. Children will be delighted. In the city there are many more serious, historical museums. In Hamburg, it will not be boring.

Transport features Hamburg

Hamburg public transport is a great popularity of both local residents and tourists. Immediately it is worth noting that all urban transport is in managing a unified state company.

The basis of the transport system is the network of metro, ferries and buses. All transport works starting from five in the morning and ending in the night. And some buses ride and at no time, passengers and the center in popular outskirts of the city. Of course, most of all people prefer to ride the subway, from which 4 branches. Ground trains have 6 branches. Regional trains are sent to nearby regions and suburb.

Hamburg, Germany Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Hamburg Tourprom Travel

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