Hammamet Tunisia (word «Hammamet» Translated from Turkic languages ​​means «Place for bathing», The term is also classified with the name of the traditional Turkish bath – Hammam) – this is a luxurious resort town, famous all over the world with its excellent sandy beaches, delightful and well-preserved an old quarter – Medina, modern high-class thalassotherapy centers with healing mineral baths, as well as fashionable hotels. Hammamet is drowning in green blooming plantations of orange and olive trees, a dense ring of surrounding city.

Hammamet has long been known as a wonderful place to stay. However, in our days, Hammamet has already become a resort of the European class, and by one of their most respectable in the simplicity. The coast of Hammamet is a single turcomplex. Quiet rest here is harmoniously combined with the best in the country of active nightlife: there is a lot of cool discos, pleasant bars and high-quality restaurants in the resort. Most guests come here to combine measuring vacation with intense rejuvenating and wellness procedures. Here were preferred to rest the celebrities – from Bernano and to Shirley Macmene, from Paul Cleel and to Edmon de Rothschild, from Winston Churchil and to Andre Zhaida.

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What is interesting to see in Hammamet?

Top sights Hammamet

Water Park Flipper


Archaeological Zone Sidi Jedi

Hammamet: excursions and events

During walks in Hammamet, tourists must necessarily visit the old medina and ribat, as well as the magnificent Spanish fortress of the 16th century, which are located right on the seashore. Near the Medina, the Dar Hammamet Museum is open, representing visitors a curious collection of wedding dresses.

The port of Marina is the largest in North Africa: It is from here that the new part of the city of Yasmin-Hammamet began starting, in which the stylized cooked «Vintage quarter».

Tourist complex «Medina-Medrytersburg» — This is an open-air museum, which was originally conceived as a traditional Arab Medina, respectively, he was designed in Arab-Muslim style. Surrounded by a classic defensive wall that hides the entire inside of the city, this complex attracts tourists with its comfortable hotel, a lively baza carrier with elegant products of Tunisian artisans, as well as a well-thought-out area of ​​recreation and entertainment. Namely: there are 12 restaurants and approximately 10 different cafes.

The house of the famous Romanian millionaire Georg Sebastian, built in the 20s of the last century, surrounded by stunning cypress trees, with a wide pool, directed by columns, luxurious antique bedrooms and Roman baths, without a doubt, will help tourists to quench the thirst for beautiful. In the garden is located built in the 60s amphitheater with a modern system of light and sound, where an international art festival is held annually in July and in August. The program of events can be found on the festival website (it is usually highlighted at the end of June – early July).

Naturally, tourists from Hammamet are organized excursions to another fascinating city of the country – Tunisia, because it is here that the ruins of the famous Carthage are also interesting for visiting and the village of Sidi-bu-Said, the Sahara desert and many other attractions (see the full rating list of all attractions. Tunisia with tourist reviews).

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History Hammamet

Climate in Hammamete

Hammamet climate is extremely soft and very comfortable, with dry and hot summer. In total, in the summer months, the air temperature in Hammamet is heated to + 27 + 30°C.

The best time to rest tourists in Hammamet is the period from May to July and from September to October.

Hammamet: entertainment and active rest

  • Thalassotherapy in Hammamete
    In Hammamete Thalasso, there is a hotels in Royal Azur 5 *, Sol Azur 4 * and Bel Azur 3 * with a unique thalassotherapy complex «Bio Azur» With 54 procedural offices, also at the Nahrawess 4 * Hotel (this is one of the largest hotels in Africa, there is a complex of pools with sea water and over 90 massage rooms), in the hotels of Riu Park El Kebir 4 *, Aziza 4 * and Mediterranee Thalasso Golf 3 *. In addition, almost every hotel Hammamet has its own spa and balneotherapy center. Procedures there are very similar, however, unlike Thalasso, while not sea, but simple fresh water.
    Thalassotherapy programs in these wonderful centers Great many: it is «General recovery», Healing pre- and postpartum programs, treatment of arthrosis, program «Antistress», Diverse programs for leg health, program «antipersism», Program for tourists who want to quit smoking, postoperative courses, post-traumatic courses, course, stimulating blood circulation, course «sophisticated silhouette», Courses from pain in the back of various origin, cosmetic course. Middle age of patients in any center – about 40 years. True, it is found among them and a few category – these are young girls who come here to fight cellulite, fuse, put in order to the skin and strongly tune.
    We also note that freshly used fresh marine dirt is widely used in Tunisia, and this is a big rarity: as a rule, in thalassotherapy centers used «Packaged» Dirt of the famous cosmetic brands, which can be purchased in Moscow. But in Tunisia, healing dirt is written — Here it comes directly by the pipe, derived many kilometers in the sea. By the way, usually 3-4 procedures are held a day, and a weekly course for general recovery is enough.
  • Golf in Hammamete
    The famous Hammamet Golf Club called Yasmine was designed by the talented architect Ronald Frime. Playgrounds Here are located in a natural environment in the middle of the valleys and hills of Hammamet, in close proximity to the magnificent beaches. There are 3 tracks in the golf club that are designed for both professionals and newcomers and lovers of this sport. Open school for beginner golfers.
  • Ice rink in Hammamet
    Laico Hotel works Blue Ice — In general, nothing particularly outstanding, but the ice here is the most real.

Transport features Hammamet

Hammamet geographically stretched along the coast, it has 2 centers: old wears a name «Medina Hammamet», And the new, built in the 1990s, is called «Medina Yasmin» (i.e. jasmine). Therefore, tourists have the need to take advantage of transport for free movement by Hammamet.

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