Hamsara (Khamsara)

I wonder who they were? Probably themselves were fishermen, a lot of time was spent with their fishing rods and other ancient gears on ancient reservoirs, so they lived for a very long time, as a result of which became wise.

So what happens? Whenever someone from us leaves with rods on weekends outside the city, and tries from a muddy river, littered with plastic bottles and old auto strokes, pull out at least one or two slender rams or Rotanov – He, by the will of the ancient gods, extends his life?

Unlikely. Most likely, the very wise men had in mind some other places and other fishing.

And it seems to us – We know where these are «Other places», Fishing in which, and just stay, able to extend your life. We are talking about the river basin with strange, as if the murder name of Hamsar, the influx of Yenisei.

River Hamsara – where is it?

It’s in Siberia in Eastern Sayanov. The river Hamsar (or Ham Cheese, In-Tuvinski) proceeds through the territory of Toginsky Kozhena of the Republic of Tyva. Stretched word «Keliun» means just a municipality, simply speaking, district. True, in the territory of this area it could well accommodate such a European state as the Netherlands.

And almost all of the territory of Toginsky Kozhen, more precisely, the Toginian basin flows Hamsara or her tributaries, the length of the river 325 kilometers.

Hamsara is full, like every mountain river has several thresholds and one amazingly beautiful waterfall, it is called – Hamsarinsky. However, lovers of extreme alloy and waterfalls can see them and more.

To do this, you need to climb the influx of Hamsary – The Dotot River, there you will find a whole cascade of waterfalls, thresholds and a two-kilometer stone canyon with a rock height of up to 70 meters. But back to Hamsara.

Get to the river usually through Abakan, where arrives by train or aircraft. From there by bus or taxi – In the capital of the Republic of Tyva, the city of Kyzyl. Further – depending on the route.

If you are planning to start a journey through Hamsara from its origin – You will need a helicopter to get to the mountain lake Usty-Dalerlig-Hol. But the fishermen usually start the route from the village of Torah Hem, on the river of the same name, and they get here from Kyzyl car, this is about 300 km.

Farther – Only on boats, to any of the large and small rivers of the swimming pool Hamsary.

Fishing paradise in Hamsar

Continuing the topic of the previous paragraph: if you forgot to bring drinking water with you, some «Aqua Mineral», The trouble is small, rather the opposite. Hamsara is rightfully considered one of the cleanest rivers of our planet.

In fact, the whole river and its tributaries – one source of perfectly clean and delicious water that can be drunk without any processing. Probably, therefore, the river fell in love with various fish, and, of course, fishermen. On the entire Internet, we could not find any feedback about unsuccessful fishing in the Hamsary Pool. But laudatory reports – a lot of.

Why we write all the time «Fishing in the Hamsary Pool», «In the tributaries of Hamsary», And not easy «Fishing on Hamsare»? Should warn you: Fishing in Hamsar himself is prohibited.

We are talking about catching in her tributaries and in general in the rivers of the Tajuzhian basin: Biy-Hem (or Big Yenisei, in which Hamsara flows), Dotot, Tora-Hem, Kadyr-OOS, Kizhi-Hem, Beds and some others, bedding, and Also lakes Neuon-Hol and Taja. Fishing there is allowed on the principle «Caught-released».

Hamsara (Khamsara)

But, of course, you can (and you need!) To take pictures with a huge handsome, timman or smoking, or even shoot an exciting story on the video with exclamations: «Turning it! U-U-WIT. »

Even a simple listing of fish species living in Hamsary’s tributaries, the real fisherman impressing a certain VIP list: Harius, Nalim, Sig, Perch, Elets, Pike, Sport.

And at the head of the list, of course, Tymen and Lenok, the most honorable in all Siberia fishing trophies, but – inviolable, T.To. listed in the Red Book.

By the way, due to the features of the structure of the DNA Hamsary, Harius here have different coloring, from a bluish-smoky to a silver-violet. As if specifically for shooting!

Interesting about Hamsare

You may ask: what’s there, on Hamsara, there is still an interesting, except for fishing? We answer: everything is interesting, and at the same time incredibly beautiful. Hamsara tourists are used mainly for alloy, but this – big taiga river, so, as they say, do not swim by!

Taiga are found bears, Razubra, Kabarga, Cord, Sable. Cedars and larchs in three clashes, season – Indecent number of berries (lingers, currant, blueberries), and if you are lucky, you can find an endemic plant in the taiga «Marali Root», academic leisure safflower, and prepare a tincture with a strong toning effect, something like «Viagra».

And local flavor: legends, legends? Well, no matter without it. In the upper reaches of a small influx of Hamsary, the Kadyr-Oos River, there is a sacred place for Tuvintsev – Kystarba. On the stones lying there, you can see some unread letters.

Scientists could not decipher them, maybe you will try? Although we guess that you have, after decryption, it may turn out – Those words from which this article begins: «Gods, giving us life and defining her term, do not count the time we spent on fishing».

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