Hand baggage FAQ. All popular questions in one place.

Judging by the comments in the post about manual sting, there are still many questions that we did not answer. Well, fix and present you a small FAQ with frequently asked questions about manual sting.

You can find brief information about the standards and requirements for manual bags by looking at our small presentation:

If your question is not here, we will be happy to answer it in the comments.

1. Is it possible to take cosmetics in manual?

Yes, it is possible, there are no restrictions on the volume or number of shadows, the ruven, powder, including the crumbly. But keep in mind that creamy shadows, mascara, tone cream, face cream and for hands and nail polish &# 8211; All this is liquid! And there are limitations on the fluid:

  • The volume of containers containing liquids should not exceed 100 ml. T.E. Even if the fluid itself is only 50 ml, the container in which it should hold no more than 100 ml. To prevent controversial security situations, it is recommended to use liquid containers (tubes, jars and t.D.) indicating their volume.
  • All containers should be stored in one closing transparent plastic packaging. Cumulative capacity should not exceed 1 l. (T.E. You can take 10 bottles of no more than 100 ml. each)
  • Each passenger has the right to carry only one such package.
  • Packaging with bodies containing liquid, it is necessary to separately show on the security control rack.

2. Is it possible to hand in hand to take hair styling agents?

Almost all hair styling &# 8211; gels, foam, wax and t.NS. &# 8211; These are fluids (read the requirements for them above). The volume of these funds should not exceed 100 ml.

In addition, many airlines are prohibited to carry on board aerosols, which is a hair lacquer, so, it is better to pass it into luggage, regardless of volume.

3. Is it possible to take a hairdryer to take a hairdryer, ironing iron or fluff?

Yes, hairdryer and other hair styling fixtures take into manual sting.

4. Can I put perfume or toilet water in manual?

Possible, but t.To. this is a liquid, then only in the capacity of up to 100 ml. Otherwise, you will have to part with your favorite perfume.

Note Also that the toilet water is usually in the form of an aerosol (cylinder with pressure fluid), and they are prohibited from the transportation in some airlines.

5. Is it possible to take a knife in manual?

The knife into manual sting to take is uniquely impossible, only in the luggage that you take when registering on the flight.

Exclusion only plastic knife. In the inspection, it is difficult to detect a ceramic knife, but if you notice (as a rule, it happens when manual inspection) will surely take. You are also deprived of such a gadget as a CardSharp knife card and T.NS

6. Is it possible to take pills and other medicines in manual?

Yes, you can. But if liquid medications, such as cream, ampoules or nose drops and t.NS., I remember that the volume of the container in which they contain should not exceed 100 ml. The exception is only one thing here, if you need medicines during the flight, then when granting a certificate from a doctor, you can easily take on board more than 100 ml.

Aerosol medicines, such as Panthenol Spray and T.NS. need to pass into baggage.

There is another restriction for medicines, if you need to take medicine regularly and therefore you carry them a lot or a tablet contains narcotic substances, then take a certificate from the doctor. This will avoid problems, both with the security service and the customs.

7. Is it possible to take a high-tech Depends on the airline. Some prohibit, others allow one mercury thermometer per person. For travel, it is better to buy an electronic thermometer, it is not included in the list of prohibited items in any airline.

eight. Is it possible to take a razor in manual?

Most airlines allow you to take Shaver, Including disposable, the blades of which are inserted into replaceable blocks. Dangerous razor to transport in hand bags is prohibited.

Electric Shaver take into manual sting you can also.

Please note that shaving foam &# 8211; This liquid and its volume should not exceed 100 ml. In addition, many airlines are not allowed to carry aerosols (cylinder with pressure fluid), which refers and shaving foam.

nine. Is it possible to take tools in manual?

The answer to this question depends on the specific tools. Most of them are prohibited to carry in hand clashes. For example, drills and their components, all kinds of saws, screwdrivers, scrap, hammers, pliers, wrench and wrench, soldering equipment &# 8211; All this will have to go to luggage.

ten. Is it possible to take a camera in manual?

Hand baggage FAQ. All popular questions in one place.

Yes, you can take a photo equipment, lenses and even a small tripod. As a rule, without problems can be transported a tripod in the folded state up to 60 cm., if it is more, then it is better to pass into baggage.

If the tripod does not fit into the suitcase, then carefully take it with a scotch tape for a suitcase and wrap the entire film with a film, so it is accustomed safe and safety.

eleven. Is it possible to take a baby carriage in the cabin?

It depends on the airline, some allow it to take with them, others ask for registration (but such a minority). As a rule, without problems you can take the folding stroller cane. It will be taken from the aircraft’s ladder and give you upon arrival.

12. Is it possible to knit or embroider on the plane?

Plastic and wooden knitting needles or crochet. Metal knitting needles will have to leave in baggage. With embroidery, as a rule, there are no problems.

13. Is it possible to carry utensils in hand?

Yes, you can easily take plates, cups, service or glass glasses, but devices (knives and forks) will have to be left in baggage.

fourteen. Is it possible to take an umbrella into manual?

Umbrella Umbrella Return 🙂 Ordinary folding, in order to hide from rain, of course you can. But with the umbrella cane and the beach umbrella from the Sun, problems may arise, as a rule, they are prohibited for transporting in hand clashes.

15. Is it possible to take a lighter on board the aircraft?

It depends on the airline airline and security service. Some allowed one lighter to the salon one lighter on a person, others. If you are the road your lighter, then better hand it out into baggage.

16. Is it possible to take a manicure set to manic?

Most of the components of any manicure set belong to the sharp and cutting subjects and they are prohibited to carry in hand clashes. These are scissors, pads, tweezers and even a metal sawmill with a sharp tip. You can bring with you on board only a glass, ceramic or sandy saw on a soft basis.

17. Is it possible to take into manual sting tape (adhesive tape)?

Airports All Different and Security Services too. Most of them are forbidden to join the scotch.

eighteen. Is it possible to carry household appliances in hand?

Yes, it is possible if it does not exceed the permitted sizes. For example, you can easily carry a multicooker in the plane.

19. Is it possible to carry a picture in hand?

It depends on its dimensions and airlines. Even if it exceeds the maximum dimensions installed by the airline, it can still be allowed to take on board.

That in this situation you need to do?

First, if you fly abroad, then you should have a document allowing the removal of paintings, or confirming that it does not represent artistic value.

Secondly, 72 hours before departure, contact the airline or agency in which you purchased a ticket and report that you are planning to transport oversized manual sting. That’s all &# 8211; It remains to wait for the decision of the airline. If the picture is not allowed to carry in the hand-made bag, you will have to pass it into luggage and pay extra for the transport of fragile things.

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