Hanoi &# 8211; What to see and where to go to the capital of Vietnam?

Therefore, many tourists who are thinking about where to go to Asia, choose a trip to Vietnam.

Hanoi &# 8211; Attractions of the capital Vietnam

It should be noted that the country is happy to visit tourists from the United Kingdom, who want to make a stream of fresh air into their measured life in the UK, and are sent to cruises in Asia. While traveling on Vietnam tourists is waiting for many vivid impressions, because unique nature, animals of Asia and the bright vegetation of this region will not leave indifferent. Special attention of tourists deserves the capital of the country – Hanoi. This city, located on the banks of the Hongha River, is as colorful as other capital of Asia. In the first half of the last century, Hanoi was the capital of French Indochina, which imposed a noticeable imprint to the city. The main attractions of the capital are:

  • Presidential palace, considered the official residence of the head of state, pompous and majestic building. entrance &# 8211; 1.3 dollars;
  • Hanoic Citadel – under the protection of UNESCO a cultural complex, which includes the construction, the oldest of which are dated XV century. One of the most interesting parts of the complex is the first Royal Corps built during the Dynasty;
  • Mausoleum President Ho Shi Min, Based on a huge museum complex dedicated to the political figure, he is guarded by the military in the parade uniforms;
  • Temple of literature &# 8211; A unique complex of pagoda in Confucian style, the history of the temple has a little less than 1000 years, the entrance costs 1 dollar;
  • Lake TA, Located in the northwestern part of Hanoi, it is considered one of the most beautiful places in the city. On the shores of the reservoir, many interesting facilities were built, including palace structures and numerous temples;
  • Bridge Huk &# 8211; An interesting tourist place made of mahogany, which has become a business card of Hanoi;
  • Hanoi; What to see and where to go to the capital of Vietnam
  • Sky72 observation deck &# 8211; Located in a skyscraper with a review of 360 degrees, offering a view of the entire Hanoi. You can enter in 18-24 dollars, which is quite expensive.

Objectively, in Hano, there are not too many attractions, so I do not recommend stopping in the city for a long time. Perfect option &# 8211; Order Excursion immediately after arrival or before departure, highlighting the whole day to inspect the capital of Vietnam. Everyone, of course, will not see, but the most important attractions of Hanoi inspect.

Holidays in Hanoi &# 8211; Entertainment for every taste

Only excursions to Hanoi is not limited to, especially if the whole family arrived on vacation, the children crawl spectacles and outdoor activities. Entertainment in the capital of Vietnam abounding:

  • Amusement park and water park on West Lake;
  • Spa center with massage salon;
  • Romantic and sightseeing cruises around the surroundings, including Khalong Bay;
  • Puppet theater on water &# 8211; Beautiful view in traditional style;
  • CO LOA festival with colorful ceremonies and lush celebration.

Also in the bay there are unique caves, and in the city center &# 8211; Markets and shopping centers where you can buy souvenirs, decorations, fabrics and much more at an attractive price. If you want romance and beautiful pictures, go to Halong Bay, it is considered one of the most beautiful places not only Vietnam, but also of all Southeast Asia.

Restaurants and cafes of Vietnamese cuisine &# 8211; where to go to hanoe?

To visit in Asia without trying Vietnamese dishes &# 8211; the crime. However, such victims are not needed, there are a lot of restaurants and cafes in Hanoi, where they are ready to feed all those who want. Prices &# 8211; from modest, comparable to our tables, to truly restaurants, where in one lunch you can leave the entire salary of the average Russian. To the best catering establishments in Hano:

  • Restaurant Au Lac House &# 8211; Institution with colorful atmosphere and traditional Vietnamese cuisine, prices for dishes are on average amount to $ 30;
  • Cafe Dac Kim &# 8211; The price corresponds to the quality, in the menu a lot of baking, kebabs, rolls, soups, it is possible to order dishes. The price of most positions does not exceed 5 dollars;
  • Restaurant Club Opera &# 8211; will offer exotic delicacies, including dragon pies, honey roast beef, mousses with shrimps. The romantic atmosphere reigns inside;
  • Cafe FO 24 &# 8211; Classic Fast Food Vietnam with prices from 1 dollars. The institution is open from 7 am, so you can go for breakfast, which restaurants do not often offer;
  • Restaurant Bar 69 &# 8211; The menu includes Vietnamese dishes, adapted to the western taste, in the evenings there is live music, it’s worth it, if you want to drink and eat, but not supper.

In Hanoi, a lot of very expensive restaurants, where they are preparing delicious, but is it worth spending a lot of money to visit &# 8211; The question is doubtful. Better to find a golden middle &# 8211; Cafe with a decent choice of dishes and good food quality, but at affordable prices. Of the minuses there will be only an abundance of visitors and not so luxurious interiors, as in elite restaurants.

Popular and Best Vietnam Resorts

Speaking of Vietnam, it is impossible not to note the magnificent sandy beaches. The most popular resorts of Vietnam are considered Hoi An, Fukuok, Nha Trang and Muin. These city have a good tourist infrastructure and can offer travelers a comfortable rest and a good hotel service. In addition, discos and noisy parties will appreciate the nightlife of Vietnamese resorts, which does not quiet for a minute. Many Vietnamese cities still retained European Fleur, remaining with colonial times.

Lovers of scuba diving, no doubt, will like the Fukuok Island, where the modern diving center is functioning. It is worth emphasizing that the cost of tourist services in Vietnam, despite their high quality, is very affordable, which is more than compensates for tourists’ costs associated with expensive flight. To rest the rest, I advise you to combine sightseeing in Hanoi and other resorts with swimming in the sea and serene stay on the beaches. By the way, the beaches in Vietnam are amazing &# 8211; With a snow-white sand, transparent water, abundance of free space, beautiful landscapes around. Real Paradise!

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