Happy Valley Amusement Park in Shanghai

Amusement parks always attract our tourists abroad. This is not surprising, because in Russia with amusement parks, a real "trouble". In Moscow Park them. Gorky only four dozen attractions, and some of them got the park from the time of the USSR.

In this blog entry, the blog will be about the HAPPY Valley Park (happy valley) in Shanghai, in which more hundreds of new interesting attractions for all ages. But the main "highlight" is Happy Valley in prices.

What’s the cover charge

For an adult visitor, the entrance costs 230 Chinese yuan. For a child with an increase of 1.2 to 1.5 meters – 120 yuan, for children growth of up to 1.2 meters, entrance is free.

At first glance it seems that it is very expensive, but it is only the first impression.

What do you get for this money

The ability to ride 100 rides in the HAPPY VALLEY Park all day without restrictions. This approach can be called the phrase "Entertainment All Inclusive".

At the time of writing this record of the blog 230 yuan – it is 2640 rubles. For comparison, take the same Gorky Park, where to ride at all attractions one time will cost 6450 rubles!

Come to Happy Valley with children – one pleasure. No need to consider money in mind and worry about the fact that in your pocket does not have the right amount on a certain attraction. No need to constantly run in a ticket office. No need to convulously search for information about the price of a certain attraction.

Figures and facts

The area of ​​the park is 86 hectares, it is a big figure even by the standards of China. For comparison, the forbidden city in Beijing has an area of ​​72 hectares. Get ready to walk a lot.

The park is divided into 7 thematic zones, and the rides are equally divided between these zones. Shanghai Happy Valley is considered one of the best in China, because by the time of discovery on August 16, 2009, it has already become the fourth in the country, that is, the organizers have already been a rich experience. The first three Park Happy Valley in China opened in Shenzhen, Beijing and Chengdu.

In Shanghai, Happy Valley is surprisingly clean and pleasant that rarity for Chinese amusement and recreation parks. There are a lot of foreigners here, European persons are even more common than in the tourist market near the yuyuan garden or on the waterfront of Vaitan. The interest of foreigners is clear, such a cheap price for entertainment is not found in other countries of the world.

Surprisingly, foreigners will find out about him, because the official website of Happy Valley exists only on Chinese hieroglyphs, and there is no English version now. We hope that soon the English version will appear.

This situation with the site depresses for another reason – in Happy Valley constantly arrange thematic events, concerts and holidays, and without the English version of the site it is very difficult to get information about them. Many tourists are even difficult to learn how to get here, about this and talk.

How to get

The easiest way to do this at the Shanghai subway. You need to get to Shemhan Station ("Seshan Station") on the 9th branch. From the station to the park near a kilometer of the road. You can walk on foot, but it’s easier to take a free bus.

Opening hours

Weekdays: from 9-30 to 17-30.

Weekends: from 9-00 to 18-00.

How to move in the park

If you do not want to walk on foot, you can ride on an electric car or electric train. Fare – 30 yuan.

How much time plan to visit

Since the ticket includes riding any attractions without restrictions, I recommend to come directly to the opening and spend here all day. In one day it is very difficult to ride on each attraction even one time.

Happy Valley Amusement Park in Shanghai

The most interesting attractions

The Gyro Swing

This attraction is the pride of Shanghai Happy Valley. He cost more than 100 million Chinese yuan. It is difficult to describe in words, but I will try.

These are big swings, at the base they are round, and visitors sit down in this circle. Swing start to swing, the circle at the base rotates around its axis.

Roller coaster

They are more than a dozen.

The biggest is called Diving Coaster, they are 65 meters high. Their interesting feature is that visitors are sitting not in trolleys each other, but in wide gondolas in 8 rows. That is, 8 people in a row, and only 3 rows. When there are all shouting, it becomes even worse, but adrenaline more.

The second interesting American slides are called Wooden Coaster – Fireball. This is the first in China. American slides with wooden design. This is the longest American hill total length 1 164 meters.

The rest are called: Mega-Lite, Mine Train Coaster, Spinning Coaster, Lele’s Chariot and Family Inverted Coaster. Each has its own features, and now I will not stop in detail them.


In Shanghai not so much interesting for children. Create only the Shanghai Aquarium and the Pearl of the East with a transparent glass floor on its observation site. It is unlikely that your children will be interested in jade Buddha or a collection of ancient ceramics in the Shanghai Museum.

Switch to children one day and bring them to Happy Valley, you will not regret.

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Happy Valley Amusement Park in Shanghai

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