Hard Rock Cafe in El Cantaui

The first and while the only Hard Rock Cafe in Tunisia opened in the resort area of ​​Port El Cantaui on December 27, 2015. It would seem that to open a restaurant right in the center of the resort with all inclusive hotels – the case is a glible, but not in the case of Hard Rock Cafe.

Even tourists with all inclusive bracelets are happy to go here. For many Russians, this is a "corner of civilization" – familiar burgers, furnishings, menu with pictures. The Hard Rock Cafe bar spills imported alcohol, which is not in all inclusive hotels, and you can only buy MG stores.

At the moment (March 2020) Hard Rock Cafe in El Cantaui is the only one not only in Tunisia, but in all Magrib. In North Africa, only two, the second is located in Cairo (Egypt).

Where is

Hard Rock Cafe is located on the territory of the El Mouradi Club Kantaoui in the resort area of ​​Port El Cantaui near the city of Sousse.

Important moment! It is not in the port of El Cantaui, but at the hotel about 2 kilometers.

How to get from El Cantaui

Some hotels of the resort of El Kantaui can be reached on foot, see Google Maps.Maps Distance between El Mouradi Club Kantaoui and your hotel.

Of the majority of hotels El Cantaui, it is convenient to reach taxi, the trip will be within 5 dinars. For the course of the Tunisian dinar, see our article "Currency Tunisia", and read about Taxi Tariffs in our article "Taxi prices in Tunisia".

You can save a little and drive on a minibus for 1 dinar per person. All local minibuses pass by Hard Rock Cafe, sit down to any. About Tunisian minibuses Read our article "Minibuses in Tunisia".

Driving or pass by Hard Rock Cafe is difficult. Near the entrance is an neon sign in the form of an Arch Top guitar with a height of about 6 meters. At night, it is already visible for 500 meters. Photos of this signboard look at the beginning of this article.

How to get from Sousse

From the soussic hotels is the easiest way to take a taxi, the trip will cost from 7 to 14 dinars (depends on the location of the hotel).

How to get from other resorts

From the hotels of other resorts of Tunisia only by taxi, but we do not see much sense. Go long, expensive and tedious, and Hard Rock Cafe is clearly not a top attraction.

Interesting fact that some tour operators and excursion agencies are arranged at Hard Rock Cafe Excursions.

Important moment

Hard Rock Cafe is located on the territory of the El Mouradi Club Kantaoui, but is not part of it. Cafe rents the territory of the hotel, no more.

Naturally, All Mouradi Club All Inclusive Hotel does not apply here. No discounts or preferences for guests El Mouradi Club.

The only advantage of the guests El Mouradi Club Kantaoui – they can come here and reserve a table for the evening. The advantage of doubtful, as the table can be reserved by phone.

Opening hours

From 12:00 (noon) to late night.

Under the phrase "Late Night" in Hard Rock Cafe, you understand the following: you can close the institution at 2:00 in the morning, if there are few guests. If guests are still a lot, and they actively spend money, they work until 3:00 or 4:00.

Burgers, steaks, chicken wings, salads, branded cocktails. The range almost completely coincides with Hard Rock Cafe in Russia. Tunisian dishes are not at all. Menu can be viewed on the HTTP: // WWW page.Hardrock.COM / CAFES / PORT-EL-KANTAOUI / MENU.ASPX

Burgers and other dishes are from 20 to 40 dinars, cocktails – 10-15 dinars, coffee – 3-5 dinars, ice cream – from 5 dinars. Set in the photo near, click to enlarge (American, cappuccino, chocolate ice cream) cost 12 dinars.

Russian tourists love to order ice cream, because in Tunisian hotels ice cream is not the best quality, if there is at all. Hard Rock Cafe Ice Cream is not bad. There are even Brauni with ice cream.

A variety of drinks in the bar is pleased (see photo). Not in vain above the rack motto "I love everything, give everything".

Live music

Hard Rock Cafe in El Cantaui

Every evening there are concerts or promotions. For example, here is "Lady`s Night", when from 22:00 to 0:00 drinks for girls for free. After concerts before the closure plays DJ.

Actual schedule of events can be viewed at: https: // www.Facebook.COM / PG / HRCPEK / EVENTS /?REF = PAGE_INTERNAL

Schedule Please note that concerts can begin at different times – from 22:00 to 0:00.

Entourage and other features

In the peak of the tourist season (about the season, read in the article "Beach season in Tunisia") all tables can be occupied. Get ready to wait from 5 to 30 minutes until the table is free.

If you know English, French or Arabic, you can reserve a table by phone + 216 73 347 300. Call can with the hotel’s reception, or easier to buy a Tunisian SIM card.

As in any Hard Rock Cafe in the world, the hunter at the highest level. On the walls of a whole museum of celebrity things. Here you can watch leather pants James Hatfield from Metallica (see photo), scenic costume Janet Jackson (see photo) and much more.

At the entrance there is a shop with T-shirts and other souvenirs with a symbolism Hard Rock Cafe. Nearby is the throne for photographing (see photo next, click on the photo to enlarge).

In Tunisian Hard Rock Cafe, Russians are most surprised by slow service. Ice cream or coffee can carry 10 minutes or even longer. It’s not worthwhile to be surprised, Tunisians do not like to hurry at all.

Useful advice

– Although the restaurant and international, but only Tunisian dinars take here, so require the laws of the country. The hotel has an exchanger, but in the evening it will be closed. Money change in advance, read our review "How and where to change money in Tunisia";

– restaurant staff knows in Russian only a couple of phrases. But if we own English, then there will be no problems. If you own french, you can discuss anything. This situation is not only here, but in the whole country. Read our review "In which language is spoken in Tunisia";

– on weekends and holidays people a lot. We recommend choose to visit weekly and not a festive day. Schedule Watch our article "Holidays in Tunisia".

Have a nice time at Hard Rock Cafe in El Cantaui, and read useful information about Tunisia in our articles (Links below).

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