Hardine Del-Rey: Gateway to Paradise

Those who are planning a trip to Cuba should be ready for truly fabulous impressions. Tourists are waiting for the mysterious ruins of the former French coffee plants in Pinar del Rio and Santiago de Cuba, the inimitable magnificence of the former colonial cities of Old Havana, Trinidad, Camaguei and Sienfuegos, as well as the amazing contrasts of a variety of nature with valleys and mountains in the Granma, Pinar Del Rio and Sancti Spiritus. And more than four thousand islets with virgin beaches and stunning tropical landscapes amazing necklace of freedom.

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Islands and islands in the north of Cuba, called Spaniards in honor of the monarch Fernando Catholic "Hardine Del-Rey" (Royal gardens), have the full right to be considered the gate of this paradise. Cayo-Coco Islands, Kayo Guillermo, Kayo-Santa Maria, Kayo-Esenachos and Kayo-Las Bruchas is the fascinating beauty of the place with all the conditions for conducting an unforgettable rest. Visiting any of the islands will be a new unique adventure.

Cayo-Coco – one of the main islands of the archipelago. On the amazing beauty of the coast in the inimitable combination, not only beaches are located, but also covered with thickets, deep lagoons, palm and mangrove groves. Such a combination of landscape, location and deserted created the perfect refuge for corsars and pirates. The shores and the jungle of the island still reliably keep the legends about the inconspicuous treasures and treasures hidden here by the marine robber and hidden under the wreckage of the victims of the shipwreck of galleons.

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Winner of the Nobel Prize Ernest Hemingway on board his famous yacht "Pilar" I caught fish in these waters casting all the shades of blue, and during the Second World War in the maze of the Rocky Islands helped the military to search Nazi submarines.

Today, the wealth of Kayo-Coco is 22 km of sandy beaches of the light cream color of coral origin, which is washes crystal clear water. From nine beaches, flamenkos, Las Coloradas and La Haul. Their depths are considered the most comfortable for scuba diving from all the beaches of Cuba and the Caribbean coast and compare with a huge aquarium. Along more than 30 kilometer coral reefs, at a depth of 10-30 meters, in perfectly transparent water here is the most luxurious diving in Cuba.

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In the south-west of Cayo-Coco Island, in the protected area covered with thick vegetation, you can see the kingdom of pink flamingos. This impressive colony is considered one of the largest in the world.

Kayo-Guillermo ("Uninhabited island") – A small tropical island, located in the north-west of his neighbor Kayo-Koko, has the area of ​​only 13 square meters. KM. Nevertheless, he is rightly proud of its virgin beaches, stretching for more than 5 kilometers along the Eastern Shore. The most famous of them, the beach Pilar – the favorite place of the Ernest Hemingway parking lot – amazing the imagination with his mystical dunes, reaching heights up to 15 meters.

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This incredibly pure island has been home to several generation fishermen. In a small area, just a kilometer from the shore, here you can admire the beautiful lively underwater scenery of the unique coral reef. Many flamingos, chaps and pelicans elected the island of a permanent habitat. Almost 90% of the island’s territory is occupied by palm and mangrove groves surrounding luxury sandy beaches and hotels in Kayo Guillermo.

Hotel complexes of Cayo-Coco and Kayo-Guillermo look like small villages built around the pools. Beautiful buildings are made with impeccable taste and extraordinarily comfortable, and a unique view of the ocean opens from the terrace of each house. On the territory of hotel complexes work shops, restaurants, bars, fitness rooms and water sports centers. In the evenings are bright entertainment shows.

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Islands are connected to Cuba and each other road laid by the dam across the sea. Jardines Del Rey International Airport is Cayo Coco. From the islands you can always easily reach any place of Cuba in any way, as well as make a yacht cruise in the Caribbean Sea. Unusual silence and transparent water gives the guests of this paradise truly unforgettable impressions.

Cayo Santa Maria – Today, one of the most actively developing and fashionable tourist destinations "Royal Gardens". There is an opportunity to realize the biblical miracle of walking in the water. The sea looks like a bluish mirror, over which the road extends with more than 2,000 bridges connecting the island with Cuba.

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Visit Kayo-Santa Maria means discovering amazing snow-white beaches with a length of 11 km, protected by coral reefs and abundant rainforests. Failure rocky cliffs of the most unimaginable forms and crystal clear water, where you can see the amazingly preserved sea world. The island is rich in history and especially attractive for archeology lovers.

Kayo-Esenachos – Calm and quiet island, as if created in order to only swim, sunbathe and admire beautiful landscapes. It is only one building – the Royal Hideaway Hotel, which provides its best conditions for privacy and relaxing.

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For Kayo-Esenachos Two beautiful beach – Enshenachos and El Megano – and two water sports centers. The nature of the resort island is of particular interest here. Some representatives of the flora and fauna are no longer found anywhere in the world.

Cayo-Las Bruhas – one of the most beautiful islands of Cuba. Beach, Flora, Fauna and Pure Air of this Isolated Promotional Corner are protected from the outside world by majestic rocks and coral reefs. Like all Islands Hardine-del Rey, island ideal for sailing, fishing and diving.

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On the island of Las Bruhas there is an airport where local airlines from Havana arrive. A modern hotel chain hotel chain 4 and 5 stars operating on the system is available "all inclusive". One of these hotels is located on board the relics of shipbuilding, the ship "San Pascual". He is anchored at Cape Punta Perikillo. Ship’s cabins serve the numbers, from the windows of which the gaze appear fantastic landscapes with almost no touched man of nature. The first deck has a restaurant.

On the mass of the tiny uninhabited islets of the archipelago, open only for short-term visits, are maritime excursions, each of which is a fascinating adventure on board the catamaran, sailing yacht or sports boats. Sea walk includes a mandatory landing on a paradise island with a green heart palm grove. On the shore – Turquoise waters of the coral beach, where guests are celebrated by songs, langustami on the grill and mojito.

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Hardine Del-Rey – Paradise for Recreation. Silence and peace will give special feelings from the presence of the sea: romantic evenings, gentle sun, the smallest white sand, warm azure sea, unforgettable adventures. Discover the gate of Paradise in Cuba!

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