Harem and its secrets

"Harem" in translation from Arabic means "forbidden, sacred place". This word was denoted by the female half of the house in Muslim families, where men were banned – an exception was made only for the owner of the house and Eneunuh. Harem as a phenomenon arose from Abassidov – Dynasty of the Arab Caliphs, rules in the Middle East from 750 to 1258. Later, on the same model, other Eastern rulers and just rich people created their female hostels. One of the most famous and numerous haremov existed in the Ottoman Empire for five centuries. Each of the Sultans held up to 1,000 women in the so-called house of bliss, constantly updating and raging the collection of foreign concubines to the palace in Istanbul. Details about the life of these women reached the Europeans in the form of rumors and testimonies from missionaries and their wives, travelers and ENUUHOV, and in full, they became known after the overthrow of the last ruler of the Ottoman Empire Abdul Hamide II in 1909.

Harema in Russia

There were harem and rus. The most numerous state of wives and concubines had, oddly enough, Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich, revered as the Baptist of Russia. About his rich personal life is told in the "Tale of Bygone Years": "Vladimir was defeated by lust, and he had his wife … And his concubines were 300 in Vyshgorod, 300 in Belgorod and 200 on Berestov … and he was unsaturated in Berst, leading to married women and growing maidens ". A lot of evidence was preserved that other Russian rulers contained a harem – in closed termes, and they secretly existed almost until the XVIII century, while Peter I did not put an end to this custom.

One of the members of the Baghdad Embassy of Akhmed Ibn Fadlan, after his trip to the Volga in 921-922, wrote about some kind of dissolve king of Russia: "And his bed is huge and inlaid by precious gems. And with him sit on this bed forty girls for his bed. Sometimes he enjoys as a concubine of one of them in the presence of his associates … and he has no other way to combine (with girls), drink and indelout. He has a deputy who commands the troops, attacks the enemies and replaces it from his subjects ". However, it was recorded by the Arab traveler from the words of a certain husband from Rus – probably a merchant, and it is possible that it was just a bike for a foreigner. The king of Rusov Igor Rurikovich did not see the writer.


Currently, the harem is distributed in countries where Muslim religious traditions are strong. Polygamous families built on the principle of harem, and in states with the small Islamic population. For example, in Tanzania, where Muslims make up only 30%, and Christians are 60%, each fourth married woman consists in a polygamous marriage. And in Swaziland, where 82.7% of the population is Christians, a numerous harem contains the head of state King MSUTI III: he has 15 official women and 25 children. Every year during the holiday of Umkhlang, he chooses a new bride.

Hundreds of semi-nailed girls compete in a crowd dance of the cane, at the end of which the king makes a decision, what concubine will replenish his collection of beautiful women. 47-year-old MSATI has not yet overtaken by the number of wives of his father King Course II, who successfully got along with 70 spouses.

Recently, there is a personal harem and the leader of North Korea. According to the South Korean press, Kim Chen Yun dispersed the Harem of his father and stated a loyalty of the one-sole wife Li Solz Zhu, but changed his mind: after the birth of her daughter and treatment from gout, he spent casting beauties and acquired a "pleasure platoon".

By the way, as recently recently, British scientists, a polygamic marriage goes to everyone for advantage: In the harem, women are less and fast, children are less ill, in such families there are usually more livestock and prosperity higher than that of monogamous families.


The position of the woman in a traditional harem depended on the degree of its approach to the ruler. If she did not use attention, then, as a rule, he threw a pitiful existence, subjected to ridicule and humiliation, carried out heavy work. If the concubine was loved by the owner and gave birth to him the Son, then her status was rapidly raised to the level of the main wife, which was all the pleasure and gifts: from jewels to real estate.

Today, forming a harem, the Arab men are guided by the laws of the Quran, which permits to have at the same time no more than four wives, but with an important reservation: the husband is obliged to provide its women equally and pay them the same attention. That is, if he gives an apartment, then the other must provide the same housing, not to mention bouquets and boxes with candy. Every inhabitant of harem has its own, clearly outlined terms of responsibilities: Traditionally, the youngest wife brings up all the children of her husband, the eldest – leads the rest of their wives, two others – follow the order and work in the kitchen.

Open lyrics

The inhabitants of Oriental Haremov traditionally lead the life of a solitary and closed. Rare portraits of women from harem We can see thanks to painting and photos. For example, Iranian Shah Nasser Ad-Dean Shah Kajara, who ruled in the second half of the XIX century, was a passionate photographer and personally removed his wives, his assistant and court photographer was a leaving from Russia Anton Sevorgin. From the vintage photos of Shah on us, the magnifted Iranian women are watching with controversial eyebrows and mustache. Their short skirts resembling ballet packs were sewn under the impression of a Shah’s trip to St. Petersburg, where he visited in 1873 at the invitation of Alexander II and looked Russian ballet.


Researchers compare life in a harem with a school for english girls or women’s monastery. In addition to young concubines and wives of the ruler in the female half of the house, all his relatives of the female, as well as numerous mentors, maids, eunules attached to protect and help … Naturally, they boiled passions, we were wearing intrigue, there were their groupings, and every girl dreamed only about how to achieve the position of his beloved wife.

Modern harem holders are trying for their women to live separately and, if possible, rarely saw each other. Ideally, one wife should not see her husband enters the house to another spouse. However, the level of wealth of man does not always allow to ensure compliance with these rules. In less secured families, his wife lives near and lead joint economy.

How to get into harem?

Traditionally, girls and girls fell into a harem in different ways. Some bought at slavery markets, others were presented to the rulers in the form of a gift from the visits and nobles, others voluntarily gave relatives, since staying in Harem Sultan or Shaha in the east was considered a prestigious and profitable career for women. Theoretically, even the last maid could become a concubine, and then the wife of the ruler. It happened, for example, with the Slavic girl Anastasia Lisovskaya, who was abducted by Tatars from the city of Rogatin on the territory of modern Ukraine and forcibly taken to the Ottoman Empire. According to the legend, she was presented to the young Sultan Suleiman magnificent in honor of the beginning of his rule, at that time she was only 15 years old.

A beautiful smart girl quickly pushed all the competitors and eventually became the most powerful sword in the history of the Ottoman Empire. She was allowed that he was not allowed to others: to sleep with Sultan without a queue, to give birth from him not one, and five children, called honorable Haseki title, introduced specifically in her honor. About a quarter of a century Anastasia, known under the names of Cherrem Sultan and Rocksolan, commanded the Sultan, Garem and the entire Ottoman Empire. She became the only official wife of Sultan – nor before her, nor after the rulers of the Ottoman Empire did not enter official marriage. And although her son Selim II was not the first son of Suleyman, she achieved that he came to power, eliminating her husband’s first. About the appearance of roxolants, we know thanks to the portrait of an unknown artist written in the middle of the XVI century.

Nowadays, many women seek to get into the harem of secured men, as this promises material wealth and, by concluding a contract for several years with some sheikh, you can get rich, or at any work. It attracts even European and American women to Eastern harem. Among the polygamy millionaires are considered prestigious to have Western Girl in the wives from among the models, celebrities, queens of beauty. For example, in the numerous harem of Sultan Brunei visited the title "Miss USA – 1992" Shannon McKech. After a three-month stay in a harem, she presented a lawsuit for using it as a prostitute. However, it was found that no sexual harassment was and with Miss McKech attacked more than good: for the work that consisted in the entertainment of the head of Brunei, she received $ 100,000 and a diamond necklace as a gift. By the way, in the palace of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiaha 1788 halls and rooms – this is an absolute record in the world, and in its harem, according to media reports, contains about 700 girls.

Selection and training

According to the Koran of Muslims should not keep Muslims as slaves. Therefore, harem, as a rule, consist of foreigners. The Slavic, Caucasian girls were used in demand, the Circassian slave was appreciated. Newcomers who arrived in Harem, the first thing was given new names, turned to Muslim and taught the language. The most beautiful and gifted girls were taught by diploma, singing, dance, etiquette, because over time they could become the mothers of the heirs of the throne. But the main science was the science of seduction and love: professional seductants raised from the modesty and quiet.

Harem and its secrets

At the same time, the girl should have remained modest and executive: after the owner threw a benevolent look at her, the concubine was to lead himself in full order with the help of a suite (bathroom, epilation, oil ripping, etc.) and sprinkle on all fours to bed, proving your humility, as well as kiss the edge of the sofa, on which Mr. After the act of love, she was intended for award and promotion on the Hierama hierarchical staircase.

In the XXI century, there is no training for wives, but there is selection and testing. The girl should be virgin, have pure AIDS tests, pass medical examination and interview.

Exams recruits Harem Situi – Maste. These people watch the behavior of concubines and specifically provoke quarrels to explore the characters of girls. Woman in a harem should be a downtown and be able to extinguish household conflicts. A man in order to avoid quarrels should be fair: sleeping with wives in order of a live queue, no one manifesting attention and gifts.

Framework and divorce

Europeans always sympathized with harem inhabitants, comparing their existence with a prison or life in a golden cage. Eastern women attitude to this style of life is different: they are glad to be in the care of a secured man and know that they and their children will not need anything.

In previous times in the harem there was a permanent texture of frames. Suite could leave the palace across nine years of service, if they were not demanded, after that they were given a diamond set, gold watches, fabrics, and all that was required to improve the house. They also paid regular benefits. These women were called palace and enjoyed great respect in society. At the personal request could be left harem and ahead of time.

Today, the divorce in Islam is a bad thing. A man or woman is enough to pronounce three times: "Talak, Talak, Talak", which means "divorce, divorce, divorce", and get freedom. If the wife is alone, you have to give her half of the property, if there are two of them – each receives one third. Children remain in the care of the father. But girls, as a rule, remain with the mother.

However, there is a way to stay without a penny after life in a harem – commit adultery. If four witnesses witness witness to betrayal, then the husband can not pay anything, but it is not possible to find so many eyewitnesses.

After the death of the owner of his woman’s house, they usually receive freedom. In the times of the Ottoman Empire, the harem of the former ruler was moved to the old slim palace, where the first ladies lived their age. Nowadays, it happens differently. So, Kim Jong Yun, having come to power in 2011, immediately dissolved the harem of his father and there was a certain time a monogamen.

A year earlier died 70-year-old President of Syria Hafez Al-Assad. New country leader, his son Bashar Assad ordered 40 Father’s concubines to leave Syria within 24 hours without taking anything from personal belongings and jewels. The German newspaper "Bilda" noted that among women there were Germans, Swedes and French women – and not a single Arab girl. Officially in Syria is allowed to have one wife, but no one forbids civil wives.

About female happiness

The inhabitants of the gaps of the rulers could not be called unfortunate halves. They had a safe life and saturated with entertainment: in the palaces there were own theaters, ballet troupes, orchestras. Sweet, surrounding every bride or wife, provided the wizen lady of complex care for appearance, like modern beauty salons: manicure, pedicure, hairstyle, makeup, new outfits, etc. Eunuchs, though they could not replace the male society, but still diluted the female team, artists, musicians, teachers came to visit the ladies, and life was not monotonous: Games, walks and other girls were allowed. In the current times, the inhabitants of the harem are not at the disposal of the army of the maid and ENUOV, the homework has to do, but the richer spouse, the better the standard of living of his harem. In many countries, due to emancipation, women no longer want to divide a man with others, Montogamia is in fashion.

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