Harrisonburg, Virginia. Where to stay?

To spend a wonderful vacation, you do not need anything else, except for a trip to Harrisonburg, Virginia. Hotel Harrisonburg Located in the beautiful Schenanda Valley and offers a unique combination of urban events and tour excursions. Friendly city can offer something for any kind of recreation: Family vacation, anniversary trip, honeymoon and t. D. Everyone will find something for themselves.

Where to stay

The most important, and therefore the first step in vacation planning &# 8211; This hotel booking. Harrisonburg offers a wide range of accommodation options. For those who prefer hotels in historic type, Suit of Joshua Wilton. It is ideal for romantic leave or family holidays.
If you like a network hotel more, then in Harrisonburg too There is a wide choice. Best hotel in the city &# 8211; This, of course, Double Tree by Hilton, conveniently located near East Market Street. In Harrisonburg, there is also a beautiful Courtyard by Marriott and a few hotels with pets, if necessary.

Where to eat

Friendly City offers Wide selection of restaurants, Foreign dishes from southern kitchen dishes offered in squat restaurants and fires with food, and in many restaurants there is a delivery service.
For romantic dates in the city Recommend Bella Luna Dinner, Unique Italian restaurant in Harrisonburg with the best pizza in the city and with participation in the Courthouse Theater.

For those who are more like a picnic, Cafe Green and Ziarna offers wide choose delicious local sandwiches, salads, soups and pastes (they also offer delivery). For those who have dietary constraints, many restaurants in the city offer dishes without gluten, as well as a varied menu for allergy.

Family holiday

Harrisonburg offers a wide choice family entertainment. For walks in the fresh air, in Harrisonburg there are twelve public parks within the city, as well as not far from the Shenando National Forest. Besides, there are many Pedestrian trails, Picnic sites and game playgrounds to choose. In Harrisonburg is Museum of discovery, And here you can try to make and paint your clay dishes.

You can go with the whole family in the wonderful "cat cradle" to play with kittens during day rest. Walk through the beautiful and spacious campus of the University of James Madison.
If you like Small distance, You can visit beautiful laurea caves, Shenandoa National Park, Reddish-Knob or American Shakespearean Theater in Stonton to give his family a genuine Shakespeare experience.

Entertainment for adults

Harrisonburg has four amazing brewery, and they are part of the wine route of the Shenandoa Valley, close to Old Hill Cidery, Located in Timberville, Virginia State, Orel Shouwter.

In the local bar and restaurant Golden Pony Almost always on weekends shows show programs for merry literary topics. Harrisonburg is also a house for a variety of dishes of foreign cuisine, including several Thai restaurants, Korean, Vietnamese, Cuban and T. D.

In the Harrisonburg area also There are several bars, Theaters and Art Gallery, as well as concerts in several restaurants and show Drag. on artful dodger.

Local entertainment and purchases

You can breakfast or dine in amazing unique Bakery Heritage, where baking is also offered without gluten.

There is an opportunity to go through a wonderful local shopping, including Lady Jane, Downtown Books, Midtowne Bottle Shop, Larkin Arts Store and visit the gallery, where there is a comic shop, Blue Ridge Dog to buy a delicious homemade Pets for pets and much more. At the end of the walk, you can enjoy a delicious sweet treat Bella.

Harrisonburg, Virginia. Where to stay

For those who like to shop during vacation, in Harrisonburg There is something to offer. In addition to hundreds of shops, in the center of Harrisonburg, there is also a Shenandoa market, where there are several enterprises belonging to Mennonites.

Can be purchased Exclusive souvenirs In Harrisonburg in stores like Lady Jane, costumes in Glen, explore the book world in Book Downtown or buy a treat for dogs in Blue Ridge Dog.

Culture objects

In Harrisonburg there is a pretty big and beautiful cinema as well Cort-Square Theater. Surprisingly, the American Shakespeare Theater offers unique Shakespeare.

Harrisonburg &# 8211; this is Not only Discovery More Museum, But also the Museum of Quilting Virginia, the Museum of the Terentpike-Valley, the Museum of American Jewelry Design, the Museum of Natural History in Hostel, Museum of Fire Larry. Schiffletta, Museum of Civil War, Heritage Museum, Museum Minerals University of James Madison and John Planetarium. Wells in Jmu. They are also located near the house of Daniel Harrison, Miller’s air coils, the Plains Memorial Museum, the Republican Museum and the Border Culture Museum.

And also in Harrisonburg work Four brewery: Brothers, Wolf Street, Pale Fire and Three Notch&# 8217; D. Each of these brewers offers a delicious and unique beer, as well as often shows and festivals. In Pale Fire, there is a cozy fireplace, a few board games and free library. All brewery holds a variety of events.

Farm Lawendowa in Harrisonburg offers a wide selection of wines and gifts, as well as excursions on the farm.
Bluestone vineyards located in Bridgewater, just 20 minutes from Harriasburg, offer an extensive map of wines, beautiful landscapes and types for walking.

For Family Vacation or the second honeymoon Harrisonburg &# 8211; Perfect place. Due to the wide selection of urban events, excursions in nature, entertainment for the whole family and adults and many other things in Harrisonburg everyone will find something for themselves.

Harrisonburg, Virginia. Where to stay

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