Harrods is a shopping center or a free museum?

It is worth continuing the topic of London shopping. Let’s talk about the most famous department store Harrods – a shopping center where the stars go shopping, oligarchs and other thick waists, which in the capital of Britain especially many.

Sometimes it seems that Russian millionaires are only therefore adorable to visit London, because there is a good department store.

But simple mortals in this kingdom of luxury are also allowed – even though. By the way, Harrods are perhaps the only store in the world where there is … Dress code. If the random passerby is dressed completely out of the hands, it is untidy, it will not be empty there.

But when you get inside, you understand what kind of occupation as "zyring" – no less interesting than shopping himself. For not every simple man in the street can be healthy to refresh the swirl in this place. Even though the signs with optimistic inscriptions "Sale" bang on every corner.

And in fact: is it difficult to live without vintage evening dresses? Really life can not be bright without elite designer shoes? In the end, and everyone knows, "do not go there with their money!". There are, you know, such a category of stores, the target audience of which – the contents of yes "Daddy’s daughters".

All these simple facts people have long worked and go to Harrod, as if in the museum. You will not believe, but there are even group excursions organize. Sellers have become accustomed to such an extent to the fact that the zooak is more than the finished buyers, that even the signs put "shooting forbidden". But if the control was really viteline, then the Internet would never see numerous photos … Gyuggygyg))))

Crossing the threshold of this sanctuary, you understand what the "art of trade" is, because there each product is filed and furnished with a particular chic and gloss. Beautiful, of course, but so it is necessary?

Therefore, I will continue the literary tradition and lay a couple of fragments from the book, as one girl was a little taken away, and lost her head because of shopping in Herrods … It’s good that there was a sober-minded girlfriend ..

"- Let’s go from here – the world rose from the banquet and grabbed my hand.
– But…
– Let’s go to! You did not notice anything?

She looked at me contemptuously and Grozno, shifting the eyebrows, and I suddenly became ashamed that I did not notice anything, except for divinely cute shoes and boots; I drove around, scanning space looking for a look, but I still didn’t understand what I should have noticed.

– No one buys shoes at your own expense, – I have stolen the world, – we came to one of the most expensive shops of the city, and you are going to leave half money here!

After viewing on the sides more carefully, I finally realized what my observant girlfriend means. Near the elegantly decorated stands with shoes, women were cured. In their eyes there was an impatient passion, in their hands there were diverse shoes, and behind their backs … The sleek men were impatiently flipped!

Here is a miniature blonde with sharp legs conveniently sitting in the chair, throws off their gold sandals and trying exactly the same, only silver. And next to her lover (or spouse?), While looks at the clock and hurries the lady:

Harrods is a shopping center or a free museum

– gold, buy what you want, just let’s go rather from here!

But the carbon black woman, obviously a mannequin, in a denim skirt sitting on the hips, almost sniffs a scarlet suede boot. Next to her there is a slight type with painted brown hair and loose nauseous abdomen. Type terrible, but in his hands a fatty purse, which he rhythmically tapping on a plump palm.

– Nastya, did all these clothes and the truth mean so much for you mean? We are young, free, we travel alone, we are in an unfamiliar city, London ..
If I am ashamed, then only one minute, and even that is not because I suddenly realized your own petty, but because of the indictment of the world.

– And you know how much I spent in today’s morning? – She squinted.
– Well … pounds five hundred, – I crashed uncertainly.
– Are you serious? – He got angry. – yes alone your boots cost more! I calculated. You spent four thousand!
– Yes? – I was a little confused.

– Yes, – Garking around the world – four thousand pounds sterling for our first European morning! If so go further, in a week we will be forced to go back back. And there will be no yacht, no beaches, no snow-covered mountains, hippodrols and secular rounds! But in your closet, thirty-three felt hats will appear, which you will still have no place to wear!!

– We could go to Brazil, in Cuba, in New York! We could see Mirages in the desert and ocean waves! We could dive for pearls and go to safaris. And instead … – She pulled out a velvet cap from the next package with two fingers, which in the light of myrine angry monolor seemed to me the monstrously tasteless.

Accompanied by her heavy glance, I reluctantly left the store without buying anything. ".

Harrods is a shopping center or a free museum

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