"Harrods" – no longer royal king sales

"Only twice a year, they say Londoners, you will not see in "Harrodse" No lady, nor gentlemen – it is during the winter and summer sales". Yes, twice a year immediately after Christmas and in the middle of summer, along the largest, most expensive and most prestigious department store London and, perhaps, the most famous department store of the world "Harrodsu" Bewish traditional big "Sales". Winter Sale – the most famous. It usually starts either at the end of December (as, for example, last year – from the 28th), either begins on January 1 and lasts a good half of the month.

Although to say that the sale in "Harrodse" "Starts" – So it’s great to sneak against truth. It is like transferring the words of our brave Cossack atamans or generals from not so far antiquity: "Take the city from the go and for three days he is yours. then you will start selling". First day "Harrods" Take literally by storm. Even three days before the desired date on the sidewalks from the department store begins to occupy places and spend the night here in tents and sleeping bags. Sometimes the number of such suffering "Serve" In the aristocracy store by 9 am, the sale of the sale reached 6 thousand people! As soon as the red ribbon starts the sale cuts some celebrity (this year it was a star of the British television series "Desperate wives" Eva Longoria, and before it was opened by the purchase marathon and Victoria Beckham, and Kelly Brooke), bodyguards and the police barely manage to take the stars from the doors in which avalanche bursts the crowd. For the goods here are fighting, cut out of the hands and at the same time scandaling as it is not scandaling even in the cheapest markets.

Experts "Kharrods" calculated that on the first day the sale shop is usually "Take on Abordzh" A total of about 250 thousand people! On the first day, from the counters, almost in the literal sense of the word, all – after all, it was on the first day the prices of goods here are reduced in two, and even three times. According to estimates, in the hour of the first day (for one hour!) The store sells goods by more than a million pounds sterling (about $ 1.8 million dollars!).

In general, we must say that sales in "Harrodse" – This is almost a disease. The disease of the poor people who want to feel primarily to wealth. People who have flown from that "Promotion" To get the opportunity to get "on cheap" What is usually buying only aristocrats are sometimes enough things that in life will never need – the type of sets from the subtlest Chinese porcelain for 26 persons from 370 items! Well, why tell me, such a service poor housewife-asian from the outskirts of London? Or Cashmere coat Grier from a poor London East End? But they take. Take because in "common days" The service costs 1500 pounds and the same coat, and on the first day the sale of them can "grasp" for 300 or 500 pounds! But the main thing is that you bought even a completely unnecessary thing to you in His Majesty "Harrodse".

Such a vakhanalia continues about the three first days and gradually comes on no, because the store is already beginning to set goods reduced not at times, and percentage – 50, 40, 30. And they also leave what is called "to bang".

Harrods - no longer royal king sales

Here you have to remind about the very "Harrodse". It is really an aristocrat department store. Have a house of a thing on which yellow letters are written on a green background "Harrods" – Prestigious. Even in London, many are not away to shoe cellophane green packages "Harrods" – No matter, there is a set for a pin or expensive tweed jacket.

"Harrods" Today, of course, not the fact that was at the beginning of the 50s or in the 70s or even in the mid-80s. The department store itself (now he is on Brompton Road in the fashionable area of ​​Knightsbridge near the Kensington Palace – the residence of Prince Charles and his former late spouse Princess Diana) founded back in 1849 London merchant Charles Henry Harrod. The department store has been selling not such a fashionable clothing (although it is), but also other goods, including products – from meat to lobster and oysters, but in English is good and "eternal" things. Yes, you can get here and fashionable things. But to dress B "Harrodse" Today it is possible that you won’t be ashamed to appear on "Royal Raute" 20 or 50s or in the current century. Generally B "Harrodse", As they say, you can buy everything that is not prohibited by the sale of English laws – from the elder to the elephant. "Harrods" Today it is not only, by the way, say, the department store is also "Harrods Bank" (Releases credit cards), "Harrods Casino", "Harrods Avayishn and Eyre Harrods" (Private park of aircraft that can deliver you to any country in the world).

But what is no longer in "Harrodse", So it is a small, but very important assignment to the title and department store logo – "Her Royal Court supplier". Official supplier of the royal court "Harrods" Made in 1956, the Duke of Edinburgh Philip – the current spouse of Queen Elizabeth II. But in December 2001 he "Royal Powers for Supplies" And canceled. The reason was simple – "Detection of trade relations and reduction of supplies" Purchasing yard "Kharrods". But the point here is in the other. The fact is that in 1985 "Harrods" Bought two Egyptian Al-Faed Brothers. The main owner – Mohammed al-Faid was the father of Dodi Al-Failed – a friend of the princess of Wales Diana, the former wife of the Crown Prince Charles, deceiving in 1997 in a car accident in Paris. Diana allegedly was going to marry a dog. Mohammed al-Faid still believes that the royal family who arranged a catastrophe is involved in death so that the wedding does not take place. V "Harrodse", By the way, his "Egyptian hall" He installed Diana sculptures and yes full growth. Since 1997, no member of the current British royal family buys anything and does not order "Harrodse". So "Harrods" the royal line lost a lot. But as the main and most expensive department store London still flourishes. Although the Londonians themselves are already saying that "Harrods" more foreigners go more. Traditionally.

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