Harz: rest in the enchanted forest

Harz is a fabulous region in the very center of Germany. His story is rich in silver, mines and witch. Today – hotels, tourist routes and cultural events.

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin – the main symbol of the post-war section and the union of Germany. But in the capital passed although one of the hottest, but still a very short section of the German-German border of times "Cold War". And here is a green border for several decades divided Harz – Owned Legends Mountain Array in the very center of Germany.

Berlin was united in his laws – the laws of urban life: the impasses turned into the streets, having enveloped halfway the subway line became passive … Harz remained formally "Divided": One part of it is in the West German Lower Saxony, the other – in Eastern Saxony-Anhalt. And yet, from the point of view of infrastructure, it has now become a single region – popular among tourists, vacationers and other lovers of nature.

Immediately after the unification of Germany, Harz accepted the streams of Western Germans, who are on weekends, for example, from Hanover, headed "learn" East. One of the poles that attracted tourists from "old" federal lands, then began and still remains a small town of Wernigerode, not affected during World War II.

Facrifice fairy tale

Walking through his streets, it is difficult to get rid of the feeling that you wander somewhere in a fairy tale or, at least, according to a huge cinema scenery with cozy half-timbered houses, a century-old blocking, mysterious cellars … and above all this miracle – a fully preserved old castle.

The uniqueness of natural wealth, a variety of landscapes, the pristine nature and the mass of cultural and historical monuments have played not a last role in the adoption of private investment decisions and in the allocation of funds from state and European infrastructure funds.

In Garza in time "Sidelled" General European Health Industry Trend. Hundreds of hotels offer here not only a shelter for traveler tourists, but also numerous programs for the soul and body. Those who want "experience" Harz for the first time, hotels provide trial rates, for example, on the weekend ("SchnuppeRangebote").

The one who massage, the sauna and other relaxing procedures prefers hiking on museums, theaters, exhibitions, is also unlikely to be bored in Harz. For example, in the city of Goslar, one of the world’s most important Museums in the world of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

Harz – a fabulous array, witch and sorcerers. Those who wish to walk on their tracks are offered a 97-kilometer Harzer-Hexen-Stieg walking route, which last year has enjoyed great popularity.

Tourist sites are literally knocking off avalanche of information about the upcoming events and other promotions. Many of them are held in the framework of the long-term program "Tourist offensive: GARTS 21st century" (TourismusOFFENSIVE HARZ 21). To help guests of the region orient, the tourist association assigns a separate place, towns, villages of a kind of profile quality marks: Harz Mining, Harz Health, Harz Youth, Harz Culture, Winter Harz, Children’s Harz, Natural Harz.

Portal by "five"

Harz rest in a enchanted forest

By the way about sites. Praphrazing the winted phrase, we note: "Show me your site and i will tell who you are". Even against the background of remarkably made portals of other German tourist regions, the virtual gate in the Harz is distinguished by the thoughtfulness of parts, convenient navigation and understandable structure.

Many sections of the site of the tourist association GARTSA WWW.harzinfo.de available, unfortunately, only in German, which is not strange, as the majority of holidaymakers here are the Germans. This, by the way, the second trend, from which Harz extracts benefits: Germans in recent years have become more and more likely to give preference to Made in Germany, and Harz suggests this in the heart of the country. Description of individual towns and villages in the section "ORTSWECHSEL" can be read in English.

In 2004, more than 10 million overnight stays were noted in the hotels of the region, and the average vacation duration in Harza was four days for each vacationer.

In the garment from abroad

50 tours of Garza included in its international summer catalog – with the possibility of booking abroad – the largest European tourist concern TUI. In the same Germany, a trip to Harz is offered 10 thousand turbule.

Also, hotels can be booked directly. If you are traveling in Germany by car, then Garza can be reached by one of the automotivers passing from his borders.

If you are going to go to Garz by train, we recommend looking into the special section of the German railway site Deutsche Bahn, designed for those who go to nature. There are not only specially selected excerpts from the schedule, but also information about special tariffs.

Harz rest in a enchanted forest

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